"free=hella sexy" - jaco 

Anarchy to Affluence
66 Fifth Ave. Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries

This exhibition examines interiors, furniture, graphics, fashion & illustration produced in NYC between 1974 -1984, a period in which downtown artists, musicians, playwrights & designers created some of the most avant-garde work produced in America during the last century. This period was a time of anxiety & uncertainty in NYC. It was also a time of unprecedented creativity, marked by the birth of Punk, both as a style & a fm of music; the rise of fashion designers such as Patricia Field, Stephen Sprouse, & Betsy Johnson; & a movement toward industrial austerity in interior & graphic design, as practiced by designers such as Massimo & Lella Vignelli

These 2 are at ICP and are not free

Che! Revolution and Commerce
Alberto Korda's 1960 photograph of Che Guevara is claimed to be the most widely reproduced image in the history of photography. The portrait has shed many of the details of its subject and maker in its endless reproduction on posters, T-shirts, and kitsch objects, but has remained remarkably durable as a symbol of revolution and youthful rebellion. Through a presentation of contact sheets, original magazines, posters, photographs, and more, this exhibition examines the power of the image and the history of its circulation.

The Body at Risk
explores ten significant photographic projects from the last one hundred years that depict the vulnerabilities of the human condition. The exhibition shows how individual lives are shaped by a range of challenging circumstances, including war, disease, poverty, pollution, domestic violence, age, and labor. It provides insight into the social context in which the photographs were taken by integrating perspectives from anthropology, sociology, political history, photographic history, and news coverage along with writings and interviews by and with the photographers. Among the sixteen renowned photographers represented are Donna Ferrato, Lori Grinker, Lewis Hine, Dorothea Lange, Russell Lee, Gideon Mendel, SebastiĆ£o Salgado, and W. Eugene Smith.

some of us (who shall remain nameless) don't have a job. this = plenty of time and no paycheck. these are a few shows i want to check out that are puurfect for those who fit the above description, and interestingly enough, those that don't.

sans job = more postings so i'm on it now and will try to have something a bit more hollywood next time, maybe tara reed falling down or dr. phil caught getting in a car w/ hooker or better yet, dr. phil getting in a car w/ tara reed. stay tuned...

this little piggy went to The Market 

I really don't mean to feed the gay stereotype by posting this, but...

"Young, contemporary fashion & accessory designers at Nolita market, every Saturday & Sunday."


mi mailbox es su mailbox 

and guess what mr. mailman
brought me this weekend:

arctic monkeys whatever people say i am, that's what i'm not
released in the UK on january 24 to a flurry of hype and hoo-hah.
just email me if you want it.

my week. 

wednesday, eve and i went to see bodies: the exhibition. they don't allow any photography, so this is the only pic we took. the exhibit was very educational. it was like walking around in a human anatomy book. very cool stuff. some of it was arranged very beautifully. i'd recommend it. oh, and jacque, there is a real-life teratoma, complete with teeth and hair.

the exhibition is in the fulton street seaport museum, so while there, i caught a beautiful view of the brooklyn bridge.

on friday, kathleen had her big going away/finally getting a life party. the kat kave will never be the same. good luck K-rat!

later that night, my friend jon lundbom played in a tom waits cover band at the soho playhouse. he also doubles as the invisible man. bad photo, but i thought it looked cool.

then eve took a break from lightsaber fighting to snack on a cheesy poof.

saturday was matt manske's 27th birthday. happy birthday boo boo!

mia and a friend are standing in some long shadows (l-r: eve, nick, nate).

this is randy's cousin, nate. he's trying crest whitestrips, which promise visible whitening in just 14 days. this is a before pic. check back next week for an update, and then again in two weeks for the final results!


sundance 2006 

the winners have been announced.

Quinceanera (drama) and God Grew Tired Of Us (doc) took top honors in both grand jury and audience awards this year. Little Miss Sunshine (ensemble comedy) was the big bidding war success story, but didn't make the winner's list.

in that respect, it's interesting to look at last year's winners for a little exercise in "where are they now?"

lots more park city coverage on indiewire.

and then there's the important news.

because ritalin isn't as easy to score as it used to be. 

npr story of the day
they run about 5 minutes each. i usually let them build up for about a week and then make a nice little playlist out of them on my ipod.

current tv
even if you don't get channel 103, you can still watch most of the pods on your computer.

give me your eyes 

wolf parade apologies to the queen mary was probably my favorite album of 2005. it didn't just get stuck in my head, it cozied up in there and built a little haunted shantytown. it's too bad my old computer crapped out because i would love to see what the itunes playcount on "i'll believe in anything" was for october...

anyway, big news:

@ webster hall
april 9/10

not sure when tickets will go on sale. probably soon. so keep your eyes open. it won't sell out at quite the clap-your-hands-say-yeah-yeah-yeah-monkey pace, but they'll go pretty fast. they didn't play a lot of shows in new york last year, just CMJ and a couple others (jac and i saw them at north six). so a lot of people will be jumping on those tickets in spite of it being at the webster. you feelin lucky nat?

UPDATE: tickets on sale now. got em for sunday.

(via brooklyn vegan of course)


time's a wastin' 

just a couple of my favorites from an afternoon spent at pictures of walls

i love you tube. 

for those of you who missed oprah's feeding frenzy on the carcass of james frey's literary career...

part 1

part 2

Time to kiss the natterator's ass 

So, turns out, my rent didn't go up this year: it went down BECAUSE I CAN GET INTO WEBSTER SHOWS FOR FREE.


It's some kind of good-neighbor policy that the ticket man told me about tonight, when he asked me, Jac and Matt why we didn't have coats on (in this cold) and I said bc. I live across the street.

That's when my favorite man ever said that I CAN GET INTO WEBSTER SHOWS FOR FREE.

I'm assuming this means me +1. Let's give it a shot soon, right?

But, please, love me for me.



such great heists 

i remember when i first moved here and started looking for a job, there was a big, initial-worthy agency that required you to sign a form before you could drop off your portfolio. that form basically said, "i understand that different people often get the exact same ideas at the same time. so if i happen to see an ad produced by this agency that strongly resembles something in my book, i'm sure it's just a completely random coincidence."

stealing ideas is nothing new to the world of advertising. in fact, a few of us also had a "creative director" who photocopied an ad directly out of a student book and put it in our agency portfolio.

but somehow, i never thought things went down like that at my beloved apple:

watch this incriminating side by side video comparison of the new apple/intel commercial and the postal service video for "such great heights"

then read the rest of the evidence here.

maybe they really didn't know? maybe it's the directors who are more at fault? but come on. i just don't believe for a second that any self-respecting apple employee hasn't listened to the postal service on occasion.

here's the official statement from the about-to-go postal service website:

It has recently come to our attention that Apple Computers' new television commercial for the Intel chip features a shot-for-shot recreation of our video for 'Such Great Heights' made by the same filmmakers responsible for the original. We did not approve this commercialization and are extremely disappointed with both parties that this was executed without our consultation or consent." -Ben Gibbard, The Postal Service

via the modern age

let's hear it for the boy 

RIP chris penn.
brother of sean penn and michael penn. found dead in his home on tuesday.

you may remember him from reservoir dogs, true romance, short cuts, the funeral, mulholland drive, or grand theft auto: san andreas. but i'll always remember him as two-left feet willard, the man who learns to do the robot in a corn field.

Ren: You like Men At Work?
Willard: what men?
Ren: Men at work.
Willard: well where do they work?
Ren: No, they're a music group.
Willard: well what do they call themselves?
Ren: Oh no! What about the Police?
Willard: What about 'em?
Ren: You ever heard them?
Willard: No, but I seen them.
Ren: Where, in concert?
Willard: No, behind you.

remember choplifter? and batting for seals? 

well this game is similar, but without going on sorties, bombing missile silos, or picking up refugees. and it's equally as addictive as clubbing the seal.


you IDIOT! 

here's what you're doing this saturday. The Idiotarod!

is anyone else missing a frontal lobe? i think i only have my lizard brain left.

this is a race!!!! but a warped one. it involves shopping carts, ca$h prizes, drinking during the day, costumes, and an awesome afterparty.

so these are the basics:
Jan. 28, 2006 (this saturday!!)
2 pm, so you can sleep in
$5 feels good
we have to find a cart, and call it the 'lets-do-this' blogcart (NYCk said this).


rainy days and window tapping 

In addition to pandora, nonesuch is also a nice little listen.

if they're going to start optioning blogs 

to make into sitcoms, let's spice this thing up, people. Lying sells books, so why not embellish a little from now on?

the scientific name... 

of the red fox is Vulpes vulpes.

my week. *ow oww! edition* 

as most of you remember, or don't remember, last year at jacquie's b-day party, the shocker/stinger reared its ugly head. i tried to bring it back this year, prosthetically.

can you feel it?

magnolia, they've got all the bomb frosting. and photos of O.

let's do this.

why hail a cab or take the subway when you can always ride the moustache.

rock on.

candle cleavage.

the classic. happy 3one jacquieO.






Run For Cover 

Owen Pallet of Final Fantasy and contributor to Arcade Fire(a lets do this fav!) rocks out in this cover of Bloc Party. Wow, i can't believe video works on this shit either.

i was sorta confused at first too-he's using a looping pedal to help him complete his sound.

Yeah Boss, Who's Hotter than ME? Nobody 

If you haven't already seen the site. This is quite funny and disturbing. I love fake tans and hair gel.

fun with appliances 

Apparently Bruce Haack, an electronic music pioneer, could fashion a synthesizer from just about anything. He invented the Dermatron, a heat sensitive device attached to the skin, which he once used to play 12 "chromatically pitched" young women. Best known for his children's music series Dance, Sing and Listen, he also composed a concept album called The Electric Lucifer. Wacky but so ahead of his time.

Eenie Meenie Records has released a tribute album (release party tonight in L.A.) featuring artists such as Beck and The Eels. Check the myspace page for The Apples in Stereo performing a trippy rendition of Liza Jane or click here for the man himself.


twist my arm 

look away, there's nothing to see here.
most everything's either sold out and/or conflicts with my birthday.

TONIGHT (1/18)
= miguel mendez @ knitting factory

= the comas / the a-sides @ piano's
= saints + lovers @ fat baby
= aberdeen city @ mercury lounge

FRIDAY (1/20)
= editors @ mercury lounge, SOLD OUT
= serena maneesh @ north six

= editors @ the annex (formerly eleven), SOLD OUT
= the cloud room @ scenic, rated X party
= serena maneesh @ mercury lounge

SUNDAY (1/22)
= bell orchestre / clogs @ bowery ballroom

TUESDAY (1/23)
= calexico @ joe's pub, SOLD OUT

= miguel mendez @ knitting factory
= shindig! party @ 60 gansevoort




no, not that jose gonzalez,
or this one.

the jose gonzalez i'm selling is the swedish-by-way-of-argentinian-parents guitar plucker responsible for the beautiful track that plays while 250,000 bouncy balls take over san francisco (in the amazing sony bravia commercial).

lots of comparisons to nick drake and tim buckley with a tropicalia twist. i also hear a little simon & garfunkel in there... but it's definitely hushed and lush and you'll probably need to silence your cell phone at the concert:

jose gonzalez (supporting the books) @ bowery ballroom, march 10
tickets on sale now

download these tracks from debut album jose gonzalez veneer

:: heartbeats ::
:: remain ::
:: slow moves ::

(since my flush site is still down, these are yousendit files. click on each one then follow download instructions.)



Oh Egon! 

i know this exhibit has been around for a while, but i just recently found out about it:

exhibit at the neue galerie (museum for german and austrian art)
through feb. 20th

i'm going sometime this week--so if anyone else would fancy the outing as well, let me know!

egon (b.1890-d.1918) was an austrian artist and a contemporary of klimt. thematically, he fussed over himself, sex, and young girls. aesthetically, he employed a manic, fervent style.

my week. *i have a dream edition* 

i went to the met twice this week. the robert rauschenberg show was great (see posts from last week), but you couldn't take photos of it. so i took some pics in the modern art section. really beautiful stuff...

from up close, chuck close is pretty good:

but his work is best viewed from not so close:

remember the last time josh and i led the way to parties? well thursday was it. then we stopped at fatbaby's, and had some drinks. josh and kathleen shared some delicious delicious panella.

on friday night, our 'special' cousin randy made the front page.

while the drunks stumbled all around her, lily caught up on some reading at 'zebloskys' in williamsburg:

jacquie prayed for rain.

thus it was raining when we left to go to supreme trading, and we dreamed about get-away cars. in yellow.



i'm just sayin. from eve. 


rivaling nate's kitty 

Meet Becky.

found on fecalface.com

Rollin' with the Homies 

Jacquie, Bday?

If not, you know Tom's gonna be all over that thing come April.



Everyones favorite art pimp Jeffrey Deitch hosts Bec Stupak + honeygun labs tonight at his spot on grand street from 6-9PM.

"Couched in an exotic harem-esque interior reminiscent of 1940's B movies, her installation uses video, sculpture, elaborate set design, body paint, and projected light to create a sense of euphoria."

Check out Honeygun here

yeah! yeah! yeah! 

amidst all the rumors about spike and coco the cat, the yeah yeah yeahs have made some official announcements. their new album will be called show your bones. it will be released march 28. and they will be playing bowery ballroom (!) as part of a quick mini-tour on february 24 & 25. tickets onsale very very soon i'm sure. (via the devil's pitchfork)

and in other, commitment ring worthy concert news -

* islands will be opening for metric, march 10 @ webster hall. $20, tickets onsale now

* jose gonzalez is opening for the books, march 24 @ bowery ballroom. $15, tickets onsale now

* arctic monkeys, lyrical gangstas, will be back march 25 @ webster hall, march 25. tickets on sale january 18... (but probably only for about 30 minutes.)

(as soon as my flush site is up and running again, i'll post some mp3s of each. and, we'll have our let's do this logo back. sorry bout that.)


twist my arm 

in honor of MLK weekend, let's try to keep all our moshing non-violent. mmm (L) kay?

TONIGHT (1/11)
= miguel mendez @ knitting factory (tap bar)
= morningwood / army of me @ bowery ballroom

= five o'clock heroes / white rose movement @ mercury lounge
= tapes 'n tapes / group sounds @ rothko
= we are scientists @ bowery ballroom SOLD OUT

FRIDAY (1/13)
= onion party w/ the wrens, zach galiflanakis, mc chris @ bowery ballroom SOLD OUT
= white rose movement (cancelled) vitalic (cancelled) @ don hill's
= the diggs @ northsix
= bravo silva @ rare

= the juan maclean @ supreme trading
= alec ounsworth (solo) @ tonic
= sufjan stevens @ lincoln center (allen room)

SUNDAY (1/15)
= the wrens / nada surf @ knitting factory

TUESDAY (1/17)
= ?? secret strokes show @ hammerstein

= miguel mendez @ knitting factory (tap bar)


Too good to be true 

Go here now:

Ricky Gervais and Stephen (Office co-creator) have got a podcast going. Yey!

If only I'd had it last week. Would've helped me get through the 4 hours on the tarmac trauma (thanks American Airlines). Oh well, better late than never.

p.s. Does anybody want to join me and Jacque for Broken Social Scene, Webster, Jan. 26th? Comes with a free coat check and pre-show open bar (at my place). I have one extra ticket: $32.


one-eyed monster 

Poor kitty. It only lived for one day.


Free One One. 

Paying a dollar or more for 411 information calls? Hells NO!

When you need to use the 411 information option, simply dial 1-800-FREE-411 or 1-800-373-3411 without incurring a charge at all except for the minutes required to make the call. Enter this number and save it in your phone as "Information."

It's our little way of sticking it the man.

believe it here

o no he didn't 

"It" author James Frey goes from Oprah's reading list to the shit list.



droppin' some george 

or, where to find awesome stuff for $1:

* fried dumpling
99 allen st. just south of delancey
give the late night slice a break and try 5 tasty veggie or pork and chive dumplings for a buck. get extra vinegar sauce and don't be deceived by the name, they also do steamed.

* DFA holiday mix
on itunes
fair warning - they don't break the tracks up into separate files which is pretty annoying. but for a buck? c'mon.

* rauschenberg exhibit (et al)
at the met
in piggyback to jac's post below, don't get guilted into the "suggested donation" at the met. that's what corporate sponsors are for. pay what you wish. and if you wish to pay a buck, then this entry fits with the rest of my post.

anyone else have good ideas for how to teach an old buck new tricks...?

Rauschenberg @ The Met 

Anyone? Wednesday? Sometime before April 2nd?

my week. *holiday edition* 

this edition of 'my week' wraps up the year of '05. we start off in austin where i spent time with my family. in an attempt to get into the holiday spirit, my brother and i were entranced by a packed house showing of the 3-D imax movie, "the polar express".

on christmas day, our 'special' cousin, who goes by the name of "randy", hung the last ornament on the tree.

the day after christmas, my brothers and i went to visit my mom in wichita, kansas. this is her sweet little poodle, pepper.

this is a pedicurist's dream, or nightmare. not sure which. it belongs to my brother, matt.

on our way back from kansas, we stopped at a denny's. hey, they have coffee. and bathrooms...anyway, i took the dogs for a walk, and came across some train tracks.

on new year's eve, we got a game of football together. american football is a man's sport, and it's important to warm-up properly. make sure to do plenty of stretching.

then it was back to the usual when i got back to the NYC. going to see bands, and fun with vodka.

i've found that the wild animals in new york are similar to those in texas, except they're uglier up here.


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