my week. *sunset edition...or is it sunrise?* 

when was the last time anyone played tiddly winks? it's been probably twenty years since i've played, and in my first game back since twiddly retirement, i scored the highest score possible: 345.

reed was housesitting for a friend and he had to take care of a couple of dogs. they're called king charles spaniels, and i forget their names. they're both boys, but they act like total bitches. they barked at me when i first walked in, and wouldn't let me pet them. unfortunately, these are our pets of the week.

yes, halloween has come and gone, but on saturday, reed and i went to a wig party. here's reed doing his best 'information society' impersonation. you don't remember 'information society'? i didn't either. they had a song called 'what's on your mind (pure energy)'. look 'em up, and you'll be caught on that song aaaaaaaaall fucking day.

as seen in previous posts, fellow LDTer, kathleen, is going to thailand for six-months. she had her going away party in wburg, at this cool little hole-in-the-wall across from atlas. best of luck to you, k-rat. we can't wait for stories.

i can't remember the last time i had a heaping bowl of good friends.

so we move on to thanksgiving night...

the swedes, victor and nanna, basically have a revolving door in their apartment, and there's always someone visiting from stockholme. if they don't learn a damn thing while in new york, at least they all go back knowing what jersey juice is.

too many sunrises were seen this past week. that needs to stop. immediately.



fat teens can't hunt 

A new reality TV series titled ‘Fat Teens Can’t Hunt’ is airing across the pond. The premise of the show? Exactly what it sounds like: fat teenagers are forced to survive in ‘middle-of-nowhere’ Australia with Aboriginal communities and hunt for their own food. I laughed out loud thinking that it was some kind of joke that somone thought up in response to how much weight people lose on ‘Survivor’. It sounds absolutely ridiculous (and it should), but the show is real!

Based on an existing popular reality series ‘Fat Men Can’t Hunt’ already airing in the UK, the show’s producer Endemol (the producers that brought us Big Brother) says that it is aimed at “helping overweight children tackle overeating”. Yeah, sure… by starving them! It’s true that Britain has the highest number of overweight and obese teenagers in Europe and maybe they think that by creating shows like this one they are ‘dealing’ with their obesity problem.

The British media clearly doesn’t understand that the obesity problem is not going to go away just like that; inevitably, these teenagers will likely go back to their old habits once the show’s over. And then what will they have learned, how to develop an eating disorder? Get the picture? Oh and if that isn't enough they recruited for the show via myspace.

Read more about the show Here.

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Drunch Saturday 

anyone interested in brunch at my new place this saturday? totally casual, lots of food and mimosas. (no marathoners will run by, but we can still shout "Texas! Sveden!" occasionally.)

some sort of cultural excursion to follow. maybe.


vote now! 

Another good friend and neighbor to Jacquie, Tim Saccenti, is up for a Plug Award for his Battles video!

Please go and vote for the video.

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Opening Soon 

Welcome Urban Rustic to the neighborhood! My friend Luis has been working on this project for months now. Urban Rustic is

"a place where we can bring suppliers and consumers together at the site and that our store will help fill in the storylines behind our meals that so much of modern food production has sought to obscure. It is our belief that food selection and preparation is one of the most fundamental ways we connect to the planet and that around food we have one of the best opportunities for gathering and community-building."

The store will be opening within the next three weeks and it is definitely an idea the community and the Let's Do This blog should support. Check their website for updates.

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get on santa's good list 

Between November 12 and November 26, OLPC is offering a Give One Get One program in the United States and Canada. During this time, you can donate the revolutionary XO laptop to a child in a developing nation, and also receive one for yourself, or a child you know.

2 for 1's are sweet!

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my week. 

last week, reed and karrie invited me to pianos to see their friends' band from austin called 'the black'. not to be confused with 'the blacks', from california, of recent LDT fame. anyway, upon arriving at pianos, i discovered that yamal, a guy that graduated with my brother matt, plays drums for them. small world. they're really good, and sound a little bit like frank black and the catholics. which is perhaps why i like 'em.

on wednesday, nate and josh invited me to their agency's ten-year anniversary party. they had a double dose of hangovers.

i didn't really know anyone, so i just tried to blend in as best i could.

thursday rolled around, and i had no business being out. but i had to go support the 'the black' at union pool. afterwards, we rolled over to clems, where jeff 'unwieldy' cox sipped from the skull.

andrew and a few of his favorite things: jesus and little boys.

hey reed, your ear candle is on fire. no, really. you ever heard of q-tips, buddy?

brooklyn at dusk.

last night we had dinner with a well hungover birthday girl in the east village. cheer up, nanners. it's your birthday! happy birthday, brickman.

then it was on to webster, where broken social scene played and played and played and played and played and played and.....


say hello to my little friend 

Ever wonder what life would be like if we could trade music from ipod to ipod. Well, now you can with the mishare. It works on open source tools to basically open up all the databases on your ipod so you can send music, videos, pictures and files. Steve Jobs is not going to be happy about this one.

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I can't believe it: Chief doesn't work at Webster anymore.

What is the point of my apartment now?!
Stay tuned to see if I can connect with someone else there. But they won't be no Chief.


Everyone knows I love our darling baby Jesus or as the Mehicanos call him poquito Hezeus. I'm totally psyched on the new Creation Museum, no seriously. Anyone interested in taking a pilgrimage to this new mecca?

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back in the day... 

Before anyone knew me on this blog I used to be part of a group called Bootyology (with members from Fanny Pack). Anyways, we used to play shows with a guy called Mr. Move. Imagine to my surprise when last year I got on a 4/5 train and ran into Mr. Move making a little music video. Here it is.

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R.I.P. Norman Mailer 

You made me want to be a man's man.


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A New York Love Story 

Allan Tannenbaum captured the couple 10 days before Lennon's death in December 1980. He waited 27 years to release these photos, and now we can view the beauty here and read about why he waited so long to release them in his new book "John and Yoko: A New York Love Story".

The article breaks off into "Frustration over Lennon's Choice of Princess Ono" where he explains to Playboy that he likened Ono to Don Juan, the shaman that inspired Carlos Castenada's series of books, including the Art of Dreaming, which incidentally, I'm currently reading. Good stuff.


My Body Is A Cage 

I may not be the biggest Arcade Fire fan, but I do think that "My Body is a Cage" is in my top ten of favorite songs. Then I stumbled on this video and was blown away, this editor made the perfect music video, Arcade Fire could not have done better.

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domino effect 


i've been neglecting LDT 

and for that i am sorry. to make it up to you i'd like to invite you to my good bye jam on 11/17. ditching the states for SE Asia, come give me hug before i go. trip donations accepted. the spot - Larry Lawrence Bar, 295 Grand St. site for very simple directions (close to L and G and BQE)

and a little somethin somethin for your ears. the band is BEAT THE DEVIL, you can't even believe the sounds that emerge from the lead singer. they are playing tomorrow at the crown point festival - i can't go but you should!

The Crown Point Festival Film
Abrons Art Center, LES, New York City
466 Grand Street


my week. *halloweenthon edition* 

a few weeks ago, 'my week' was in austin, tx to visit nephew theo. here he is with pacifier.

same pacifier, different mouth.

see more pictures of precious theo and the proud parents, here:
Theodore Leaf Lee-Manske

so halloween rolled around. hey look, there's peter parker. and axl rose!

speaking of rockstars: tight pants, braids, aviators? who else could it be? it's LDT's/austin's most incessantly hyped band member, aaron from ghostland observatory! get that kid a mic!

a pig 'n a mexican blanket. and a crow that'll eat your fuckin' eye out, man.

told you.

on sunday, the marathon came into town, and right past our little apartment at south 8th and bedford. it started at just after ten in the morning, so you know what that means...DRUNK BY NOON!

our very own karen z ran the marathon in just over four hours. and as she said, she beat katie holmes by an hour! karen, this one's for you. congratulations! hope you could feel the cheers. both kinds.

twenty people can really trash a williamsburg apartment. good thing i wasn't around for clean up...thanks, nate.

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go z 



sleep well, kwitty. 

darwin, you and calvin take good care of each other. we'll miss you.

Darwin :( 

There was a cat
who thought he was a dog.

How else to explain
the meow-y friendly, cuddly, follow-y?

He also thought he was a kitten.
That explains the jumpy jumpy.

A goldfish, too.
How else to explain the obsession with the bathtub?

And a typist.

And a conversationalist.

He was an excellent conversationalist.
We miss your meow chats already, Darwin.

You were an awesome cat.

Hope the duck is to your liking up there.

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