Form of: A Vending Machine 

Muggings got you down?

Check out the Japanese alternative to mace: with a quick flick of the wrist, you turn yourself into a vending machine.

It's in the NYTimes, so it must be true.


Calling All Michael Cera Fans.... 

Via The Punk Guy

So as some of you may or may not know, I am currently working on the new Michael Cera movie called “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist.” The movie takes place in New York City and will take place in many real NYC locations and featuring real NYC indie rock bands. The film is being directed by Peter Sollett and it’s going to be a lot of fun to shoot.
There are a few performances in the movie and two of the bands that I am allowed to talk about, at the moment is BISHOP ALLEN and PROJECT JENNY / PROJECT JAN. We are looking from some great types. (see below.)

Anyway, we are doing an OPEN CALL for people to be extras in this movie THIS SATURDAY. BELOW IS THE OPEN CALL NOTICE:

Playlist, LLC is holding an open call for SAG & NON SAG background performers for “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” a feature film starring Michael Cera “Arrested Development, Superbad” and Kat Dennings “40 Year Old Virgin” also featuring many musicians and rock bands. This film is very detailed and there are many restaurant, concert, street scenes, etc. taking place in every part of Manhattan. We are seeking very specific types and are recommending that performers arrive at the open call in wardrobe with your hair & makeup reflecting the particular type you are submitting for (no wardrobe allowances will be paid for open calls). The following are the types we are seeking: young men and women (to play 18 – 30) to play punk rockers, rock n’ rollers, goth types, hipsters, indie rockers and any alternative music fan. (Mohawks, piercings, liberty spikes, tattoos are all plus!) The film will be shooting late October through early- December. The open call will be held on Saturday, October 20th, 2007. The Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew, 263 West 86th St. (between B’way and West End), NY NY 10024. SAG to be seen 10am-12:30pm; Non-SAG 1pm-4pm. If you are unable to attend the open call please email us a picture & your contact info to nickandnorah(at)gmail.com (SUBJECT LINE: THEPUNKGUY POSTING) or mail a hard copy and a current snapshot to “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist”c/o KAS Studios, 34-12 36th St. Astoria, NY 11106. Attn: THEPUNKGUY.


If you aren't interested in being in the film but still want to hang with Michael Cera then come to Galapagos tonight!


my week(s). *been a while edition* 

it's been a long time, huh? this posting will be more of a 'my month', or 'my weeks', or as jacquie suggested, 'my fortnight'. but i don't know how long a fortnight is, and i don't feel like googling it. so i'll just keep it as 'my week'. we start off on the weekend after labor day, and the art parade in soho. so aside from all that, jacquie, how was the parade?

a passerby took this family foto.

this was my last walk with my favorite dog, zeke. he is a 6-year old black lab, and was my best friend for the past year. he put a smile on my face every day i walked him, rain or blizzard, regardless of my mood. and he's *my week's* pet of the year. bye bye zeke. i'll miss you.

there was a chemical brothers concert at mccarren pool a few weeks ago, but shit pictures. and then there was the lcd soundsystem/arcade fire double billing on randall's island two weeks ago.

my friend reed moved up here from texas, and he got to celebrate his birthday new york style. he took this portrait himself, and he's going to use it as his next album cover. happy birthday, reed!

so that's it. i meant to get this done last week before i went to texas, but blogger was being a bitch and wouldn't let me upload pics, so now i'm back from my trip with nephew theo, and i'm going to post pics about that.



ohhh B.A.D. 

MattLow, Natalie, where u at? Today is Blog Action Day and we haven't heard a peep from our resident enviro-hippie, tree-hugging, pinko-commies.

In the words of Boing Boing:

Today is Blog Action Day, the day when bloggers all over the world post something about the environment, in a global effort to raise awareness about the most important issue facing humanity today. You can participate -- just post to your blog about the environmental issue that you're most passionate about.

So let's see some passionate posts or comments.


Kara Walker Retrospective 

It's amazing that someone just shy of 40 is already having a retrospective at the Whitney, but the show is a testament to how important and provocative Kara Walker's work is.

Ms. Walker first came to art world attention in 1994, when she was 24, with a mural she produced at the Drawing Center in SoHo....With its mock-antique form and Old South flavor, the piece had the airy, Valentine’s Day prettiness of a romantic ballet. But this was no love story. It was a danse infernal of sex, slavery and chitlin-circuit comedy.

If anyone is interested in checking out the exhibit I will probably be going before next weeks CMJ madness. If you want to learn more about Kara Walker check out this NY Times article.


Special Ferry to Randalls Island 

For more info go to http://www.nywaterway.com/event/af.shtml

See you on the dance floor, I mean, dance lawn.


tomorrow night get ready everyone 

Has it already been a month? Yes it has! Time for another round of drunken dancing at Botanica!

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how droll 

you tube link here


It's all about integrity... 

Ok, so it's impossible to follow up a post as cute as the new manske so I ain't going to try. BUT, it's officially October and my favorite holiday is almost upon us. So, does anyone have ideas for costumes yet? We've only got 30 days left people!

Also, I saw this news broadcast on youtube and found it to be fairly disturbing yet I couldn't help but chuckle. More people should really see this clip.

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