Some of you received an email from me, but here is for the rest of you that read this.
Please go see the movie Astronaut Farmer. A friend of ours wrote it, directed it and
stars in it with his daughter. We would go see it if it were your friend. It's good.

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my cat reveals his secret pirate fetish 

see, even mitten cats are totally gay for johnny depp.

= there are no wrong answers

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Arcade Fire on SNL TONIGHT 

Alert! Alert!

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Important SXSW Update 

My sister is going to be soooooo famous. Now you can say you knew her when.

Gabe works at a plant nursery. Heather does too. The only thing between them is the man in the green jumpsuit.

Jessie did a short (15 minutes that will change your life!) film this past fall, and it was picked up for the SXSW Film Festival. More info, including showtimes, is here. If you're going to be around, go check it out at the Dobie. Jessie will be answering questions after the film...in the Dobie food court. Or maybe the Schlotsky's around the corner, depends on how snacky she's feeling. And, you know, if anyone has questions for her.

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what are YOU doing this weekend? 

your friday night plans better include kneesocks.

also, there are all sorts of art shows this weekend, which we should go to. Whether or not the Manskes quote Reno 911!: Miami at said art shows is entirely up to them. NO PRESSURE.

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bad movie postings are fun! 

you thought factory girl looked bad? well how about napoleon dynamite. gob. and the anchorman. all in one movie? i'll see you in the front row!

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the powerful new film from acclaimed editor aaron curran
(and acclaimed doc director rory kennedy)

Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
Premieres on HBO. Thursday, February 22 at 9:30pm.

The familiar and disturbing pictures of torture at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison raise many troubling questions: How did torture become an accepted practice at Abu Ghraib? Did U.S. government policies make it possible? How much damage has the aftermath of Abu Ghraib had on America's credibility as a defender of freedom and human rights around the world? Acclaimed filmmaker Rory Kennedy looks beyond the headlines to investigate the psychological and political context in which torture occurred.

read this compelling review from sundance.

"get ready for the feel good movie of the year"
- me

it's just like "animal house on the night shift"
- several army higher-ups (referring to the abu ghraib photos)

if you don't have HBO, don't worry.
"i’m sure most sports bars will be playing it..."
- aaron curran

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as long as it doesn't conflict with spain...
the sasquatch festival
may 26-27
memorial day weekend

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tuesdays are for... 

...frozen tidal waves.

also? down comforters, homemade cupcakes, and netflix. yaaaawn.

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camo on my beans. camo on my jeans. 

for part 1(ish) of my extended birthday weekend... a bunch of us braved the wesside winds and orange fur trappers to be part of a tim fite video (aka tim fitty viddy) for his new single - CAMOUFLAGE.

and it just came out today.

so don't blink or you might miss us, as we all rock fatigues:

then go here
to download the entire new album, over the counter culture. for FREE. cause that's how tim rolls. well, like that, and also in a camo-foamcore-hummer.

check out lots more of tim fite's bloodless brilliance on his official website and myspace page. and read more about tim's "impetus" over at brooklyn vegan.

= mp3some *bonus part 1*
(aw, that was almost exactly a year ago. happy fitty-versary kids.)

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Matta-Clark at the Whitney 

* deconstructionist architecture
* opened the legendary 70s soho restaurant run by artists, food
* helped found 112
* cut up (illegally) a notorious (s&m) hudson pier to resemble a basilica
* split houses in two
* bought small abandoned plots of land around nyc and conducted "tiny estate" tours

All before he died of cancer. At age 35.

Opens Thursday

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elliott smith 

elliott's family and kill rock stars sent out a press release about the upcoming record and a previously unreleased photo of elliott to share:

On May 8, 2007, Kill Rock Stars will release a double CD of music by Elliott Smith entitled New Moon. The album contains 24 songs recorded 1994-1997, a prolific time in Smith's career, when he recorded his self-titled album and Either/Or (both also released by Kill Rock Stars).

Arguably the most gifted song-writer of his generation, Elliott Smith produced a large body of work that includes five solo albums, as well as From a Basement on the Hill (2004), a collection of songs completed before his death in 2003. Like his other work, New Moon reflects the power of Smith's ability to integrate rich, melodic music with poetic, multi-layered lyrics.

The final mixing for the double cd was done by Larry Crane, who is the archivist for the estate of Elliott Smith A significant portion of proceeds from the album sales will go directly to Outside In***, a Portland-based social service organization dedicated to providing diverse services for homeless youth and low-income adults.

***Outside in is one of the organizations in pdx that hosts the program Street Yoga***

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Choe nuf (part 2) 

After the success of the travel DVD, Vice has a new web channel/tv station thingie. Some shows are better than others but my fav is the always entertaining upperplayground alumni david choe's show about hitchhiking. peep it here.

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my week *say uncle, my love edition* 

it's been a busy couple of weeks for 'my week' since os-fest. not sure if everyone heard the news, but one of the manske boys is expecting. that's right, matt, the third manske boy is going to be a poppa. here are the proud parents to be. matthew and misket. pronounced missKET. junior is due sometime in september. congratulations!

we had pb&j's at the mercury for their 'first ever' live performance in the states. pb&j = peter, bjorn, and john. i was standing next to drew barrymore and her new lover for about thirty minutes. i just loved her in charlie's angels: full throttle. she's so great.

christine had a birthday party. happy b-day christine. SUPPLIES!

i went to the brooklyn museum to see the ron mueck exhibit. and look who i ran into!

margie and morgen were there too. but by the time i met up wtih them, photography was forbidden. here's a sample of ron mueck's work that i found on the 'intertubes'. thanks internets.

fashion week '07. my friend darrin took me to a show, which was really quite fun. the energy, the lights, the music, the applause from the crowd. it's like a sporting event or something, and everyone really gets into it. this isn't the best picture i have of the vanexiana vixens, but look at the crowd. the three guys three rows back were so super cheesy. and this picture really captures their queso quotient. and the big hair on the lady? work it, girl.

so nate finally got his xmas present from jacquie. now he's prepared to take over the world. starting with south america. jacquie threw a fine superbowl party. the food was amazing. and the game was not nearly as interesting as watching "I :::heart::: new york" on mtv.

as seen on previous LDT postings, natalie had a show of her photos from her volunteer trip to louisiana. the pics were beautiful, and the beer was icey cold. nice work, nat.

aaron has been hosting pre-game warmups at his apartment lately. here's mr. alden in his studio. in the most comfortable office chair known to man. and you can quote me on that.

aaRon has about fifty model airplanes suspended from his ceiling. it's a very cool idea, and it looks like WWIII going on in his studio every time i go down there.

on tuesday, we went to church, gave praise to the arcade fire, and listened to their stories from the good book. the neon bible. amazing show.

aaron and i had a lot of fun looking for love in all the wrong places on a snowy valentine's day. but as usual, it turned out pretty shitty in the end.



Precious Jules 

Join us for some up to no goodin'
Where: Supreme Trading 213 N. 8th (take the L to Bedford)
When: Saturday February 17th at about 10ish to whenever.
For: Jules' birthday or anything else that you wanna celebrate.
Here's a glimpse of the goods. See you there.

Happy Birthday Julia!
And Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Knock Knock 

99 Rooms

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!!! secret show 

myspace secret show on sat. chk chk chk at maxwell's 1039 Washington St.Hoboken, NJ 07030(201) 653-1703

maxwell's is really easy to get to, just take the path to the 1st stop in NJ and either walk over to washington or grab a cab, there are always cabs outside the station. no rsvp for this, 1st come 1st serve basis. doors at 6:00

more info

!!! myspace page

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Little Cakes has been running an International Flipbook Festival @ Secret Project Robot.

It ends this weekend, but there's a closing party / Valentines Double Organ Extravaganza on February 11th from 7-10pm

210 Kent Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211



TONIGHT: give it up for louisiana, y'all 

show your support for miss natalie and the drive-thru daiquiri state.

6-9 pm
@ kathryn markel fine arts
529 w. 20th street, suite 6W

$20 voluntary admission*

there will be cajun music, a keg generously donated by louisiana local - abita brewing company, and a coned grassroots representative there to help people switch their electricity use to the green grid (if you haven't already.) up with wind power! down with global-warming-strengthened hurricane wind! bring a con-ed bill to make the switch easier if you can...

pass it on.
hope to see you there.

*all proceeds benefit southern mutual help's rural recovery response program. which, in a place where the government has been totally ineffectual, has been instrumental in finding ways to funnel relief funds into the hands of those who need them most, and how they need them most. e.g. setting up direct accounts for families at the local lumber yard.

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LAISSEZ LES BONS TEMPS ROULE (and for a good cause) 

Come out and support Natalie's amazing effort to help out some of the families affected by Rita.

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ennio morricone 

you guys know ennio morricone? he's scored something like 500 films (like malena, the mission, once upon a time in america, the untouchables). some of the most amazing film music ever. he's conducting at radio city music hall tomorrow night. SURE to be a powerful night. i got tickets months ago. not sure if its sold out. anyway, film forum is showing a bunch of his films this month. i'm going to hit as many as i can. e-mail me if you want to check one out some night after work.

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factory girl 

hey, a new movie about bob dylan. ok, really it's about edie and andy, but it's kind of about him. anyway, i watched the trailer, and hayden can't act his way out of a paper bag, much less do justice as bob dylan. and it's not even exactly new. BUT, being the bob dylan fan, and because of this...i may have to go see this movie. i would love it to be good, but it couldn't be good...could it?

this guy:

as this guy:

and then her:

as her:

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has jacquie o written all over it.

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