hot chip are gonna move you like you stood in something nasty.
and that's all i'm sayin. cause lord knows i've posted enough today. so let's get to business.

download tracks from new album the warning, out this may -

hot chip :: over and over ::
hot chip :: arrest yourself ::
hot chip :: the warning ::

and bonus DFA remix -
hot chip :: just like we breakdown ::

i have/love their previous album coming on strong, so email if you want it. and if you don't at least already have "keep fallin'" well shit. i'll need to remedy that immediately.

watch -
hot chip :: over and over video :: (dope. but really glitchy for me. trying to find a better link.)
hot chip :: live BBC session :: (if you just pick one to watch, go down with prince.)

& come see -
hot chip with me @ bowery ballroom, saturday, march 11.
backing tracks, no. kazoo, yes!

with opening band the presets
it's a match made in synth heaven.

the presets :: girl and the sea ::
the presets :: mia's mouse ::

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"i'll send my android twin" 

and other stories that blow my tiny little mind at
the new scientist technology blog.

camo. like no other. 

this is the best video game trailer ever.

(big love for boing boing)

- colour: this is beautiful
- mp3some: jose gonzalez


show us your teats 

happy mardi gras y'all.

calling all geeks, freaks and nerd wannabees 

dorkbot is a monthly meeting of artists (sound/image/movement/whatever) who are involved in the creative use of electricity. last dorkbot i went to a dude spoke about how he implanted a chip in his hand so he didn't need keys to get in his house, he would just swipe his hand to gain access. then he taught us how to do the same. it was all very DIY gattaca style. this month isn't as sci-fi, there is an tapping egg machine that creates music and a few little robots will put on a play. all free.
26 Greene Street between Canal and Grand
Wednesday, March 1st @ 7pm

too much rock for one hand 

anyone see the scrubs episode a couple weeks ago about the air band? genius.
well perhaps this will refresh your memory / make you wanna dust off the ole bell biv devoe CD:
WATCH turk audition for "air singer"
with only the best, most dixie-requested song ever. now ya know.

u.s. regional championship

@ knitting factory this THURSDAY
$10 advance / $15 at the door

you know you wanna. more details from flavorpill: Dust off your air axe and find yourself some hairspray. Tonight's 2006 Air Guitar Regional champ will get the chance to challenge other regional winners in June and, perhaps, topple their international competitors in Oulu, Finland in late August. Aireoke contestants faux-shred for 60 righteous seconds over a song of their choosing, with the top performers advancing to perform a "surprise compulsory song."

also, air guitar nation, a feature-length documentary about "america's unofficial pastime" will premiere at this year's sxsw film festival march 12.

and in full air guitar disclosure, when i was a kid we used to go to the local mall to watch all the contests. loved it. i believe at least once my brother competed as nikki six. in full costume and makeup. get a mental picture. he will probably deny it if you ask him. i can't remember what motley crue gem he "played" - i only remember the kid who did angus from AC/DC. he was hot.

i wish i was a pony 

gosh darn it

well loi krathong is the superbowl of thailand 

proving people are the same everywhere you go...
just some squirrels trying get their nuts.

march madness 

just, you know, a quick rundown.
there's one, two, a few coupla bands coming this way.

my music calendar:

#1 yes i'm a huge nerd. and #2 i only get my life organized for music. if you asked to see a calendar for anything else, like, say, work, you'd be out of luck. as will my tax guy.

march is an especially insane month for concerts here thanks to bands stopping off on their way to or from austin. and see those days that are just full of orange dots... that's sxsw.

so, here goes:

man man @ merc lounge
ted leo / the duke spirit @ the hook
belle & sebastian / the new pornographers @ nokia theater
dangerous muse @ the delancey
miguel mendez @ tonic
UPDATE: looks like foreign islands will be surprise guest(whoops) @ the annex, stolen transmission party which just moved days and locations

the killing fields / aero wave @ otto's shrunken head
the strokes @ hammerstein
belle & sebastian / the new pornographers @ nokia theater

metal hearts @ knitting factory
mixel pixel / foreign islands @ cake shop

serena maneesh @ bowery
mogwai @ avalon

the subways @ bowery

nada surf / rogue wave @ webster hall
FRICTION - say hi to your mom / the head set @ rothko

illinois @ merc lounge
rogers sisters / celebration @ north six

metric / islands @ webster hall
battle / five o'clock heroes @ mercury lounge
the presets @ annex, FIXED party
the boy least likely to @ R&R

the cloud room / film school @ merc lounge
hot chip / the presets @ bowery

soft @ north six
tarts of pleasure PEP RALLY - battle / hot club de paris @ rothko




the rakes / towers of london @ bowery
mc lars @ merc lounge
FRICTION - rahim / amusement parks on fire / the diggs @ rothko
matt pond PA / youth group @ north six

the go! team @ north six (bowery show is already sold out)
jose gonzalez @ joe's pub

controller.controller / forward russia /amusement parks on fire @ mercury lounge

the books / jose gonzalez @ bowery ballroom, SOLD OUT
love is all @ knitting factory

arctic monkeys @ webster hall, SOLD OUT
love is all @ warsaw
the joggers @ rothko
mystery jets @ mercury lounge
ray davies @ irving plaza

forward russia @ merc lounge
stellastarr @ bowery ballroom

white rose movement @ mercury
stellastarr @ bowery

editors / stellastarr @ warsaw
snow patrol @ bowery
the magic numbers @ webster hall
magnolia electric co. / destroyer @ avalon

what made milwaukee famous @ mercury
dangerdoom @ warsaw

i love you but i've chosen darkness @ mercury
editors @ webster hall

i love you but i've chosen darkness @ north six
UPDATE: the flaming lips @ webster hall



or iSoft.

But I'm still bitter about their lame battery replacement policy.


my week. 

so saturday night was morgen's birthday party. happy birthday morgen!!
the schillers were there, and as ususual, a hit on the red carpet leading up to the event.

then jacquie, josh, lily and i had a date with karen o. good thing there were four of her.

we went back to the bar to meet up with everyone. josh had a cookie. geezus josh, you're always eating cookies.

on the way to the next bar, morgen needed a nap.

the color of money.

the color of laundry.


fair warning 

i'm gonna post my face off tonight.
(i think... maybe... after a nap...)

oldie but a jedie 

remember this kid? may the force be with you.


hipsters hollow? 

Here's the "scientific" proof.

Who knew?


We all hate our mice (except miss smith of course) but it looks like we'll be able to get rid of them soon enough.

Peep it here


Technical Virgin. 

Let's take a poll. Fur Real or Faux Real.

They're advocating, well, just check it out here.

Then Vote. Fur or Faux.


brokeback jokes are kinda played out 

but this video is pretty funny.


alright you noodle-armed sissies! this post ain't for the weaklings (kinda like 'guts'. anyway, it's best to read this post to yourself using a WWF voice)! saturday night was ladies arm wrestling night at a bar called soft spot! but that night, the only thing soft was the name!!!! it's about 4 blocks from eve's apartment, so after doing some warm-ups, and taking a pre-fight nap on the couch (nate), we headed over at 8 sharp for the MAIN EVENT!!!

'eve of destruction' and 'the social drinker' are seen here saying "WE'RE GONNA BREAK YOU!!"

the competition was fierce. and this is just the ref!!

the 'eve of destruction' went first. WHO'S NEXT, BITCHES!?!?

'la china loca' ANNIHILATED 'the specialist' in the next round!!!

the fans were thrilled, and couldn't wait to see who advanced!

she came, she saw, she succumbed to THE HYDRAULIC PRESS!!! um...who also happens to be a frickin' construction worker...

for the championship, it came down to 'la china loca', and 'the hydraulic press'. IT'S PAIN TIME!!

'la china loca' ended up winning a tough bout. but after some thought, i realized, that in the end, it doesn't really matter who won or lost, all that matters is....THE SHOCKER!!!! YEAH!!!


fluxus amongst us 

Jonas Mekas shows some love for George Maciunas. Let's This Do.

my week. *lovey dovey edition* 

tuesday was valentine's day. this prehistoric frog at the museum of natural history asked eve, "would you be my......lunch?"

this guy was lonely on valentine's day, so he was reduced to pearl diving. some of you may get that joke, some of you may not...

drrrty, i found someone that beat your high score in that seal clubbing game. ladies and gentelmen, the winner, and STILL champion...

yes dear...? my deer could kick your deer's ass.

on saturday, we went to the elton john fan club museum, otherwise known as the met.

and they've recently installed a gay porn exhibit. it made me blush, and i don't know how that little kid got in there. i think that one guys is looking for a towel...boy, my week is really trying to appeal to the masses today, huh?

um...moving on. saturday night things got heated up. eve entered in an all-female arm wrestling tournament. all eyes were on the prize. and nametags. there are some real winners. my personal faves: the cow puncher, sleazy bake oven, and home wrecker. but my very favorite? eve of destruction. you guys are in for a treat. a post dedicated entirely to the contest. stay tuned...

and no, nate. you can't play.



i will not make friends with my fast 

Frankly, it scares me.

you better lose yourself 

To add fuel to Matt's 'Lost' fervor, a found paradise and some puzzling pyramids.

time consumer #2,467 

Oh so amusing patents.


is the earth still round? 

the man the vice president shot, issues an apology to, the man who shot him:
"My family and I are deeply sorry for all that Vice President Cheney and his family have had to go through this week," Whittington said.


Penguins. Chopper. Dodge-the-squares.

We're all about the games here at lets-do-this.

Here's a timed maze. Ready...set...:


watch out 

mac virus on the loose. maybe.


This is beautiful.


Oh no. 

So the whitestrips didn't work but they did bring as entire minutes of happiness. Here is how we all wish they would have turned out.

(Click Pic for closer inspection)


the thrilling albeit yellowish conclusion. 

here you have it folks. the moment we've all been waiting for. the crest whitestrips challenge comes to it's sparkling conclusion!

2 weeks ago:

1 week ago:


i'm pretty disappointed myself. i thought it'd be more noticeable.

if you can't say it with a ninja turtle... 

happy VD y'all!


dear vice president cheney, 

a handy chart for future reference:

from needlenose
via boing boing

my week. 

we start off this week with a message: the messiah is here. i wonder if the skater shoe company could pick up on this? messiah vans...?

and the award for best smelling girl goes tooooo....CHRISTINE!
she won unanimously at her birthday party at peasant on wednesday.

you gonna eat that?

and then the bill came.

the blizzard didn't stop nate from having any fun.

same with mia.


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