my week. 

wednesday, eve and i went to see bodies: the exhibition. they don't allow any photography, so this is the only pic we took. the exhibit was very educational. it was like walking around in a human anatomy book. very cool stuff. some of it was arranged very beautifully. i'd recommend it. oh, and jacque, there is a real-life teratoma, complete with teeth and hair.

the exhibition is in the fulton street seaport museum, so while there, i caught a beautiful view of the brooklyn bridge.

on friday, kathleen had her big going away/finally getting a life party. the kat kave will never be the same. good luck K-rat!

later that night, my friend jon lundbom played in a tom waits cover band at the soho playhouse. he also doubles as the invisible man. bad photo, but i thought it looked cool.

then eve took a break from lightsaber fighting to snack on a cheesy poof.

saturday was matt manske's 27th birthday. happy birthday boo boo!

mia and a friend are standing in some long shadows (l-r: eve, nick, nate).

this is randy's cousin, nate. he's trying crest whitestrips, which promise visible whitening in just 14 days. this is a before pic. check back next week for an update, and then again in two weeks for the final results!


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