Cai Guo-Qiang is the first Chinese solo exhibition at the Guggenheim. His show entitled
I WANT TO BELIEVE is a show of epic proportions. 7 blown up Chevy's suspended over the main atrium
and 99 wolves running into a wall should look pretty spectacular in the Frank Lloyd Wright building.


get thee to the moma 

or at least the website for the design and the elastic mind exhibit. I literally spent hours on there yesterday and now think quite flexibly. Wha?

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Mascot Roommate! 

Meet our roommate Chris. He’s a MASCOT! He dances around on the street all day in a ridiculous foam suit.

He dresses up as a giant coffee drink for Coffee Bean, and if you are anything like us, you probably thought those people were homeless. Apparently not, because he’s our roommate. And being good roommates, we decided it's our job to make Chris regret ever putting on that stupid suit.

We're filming everything we do to him - then posting it here... and we won’t stop until he quits or gets fired.

Of course this is all just a viral campaign for Coffee Bean (my favs coffee that we don't have in NY :( Check all the videos out here.

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my week. *valentine's daze edition* 

in williamsburg there's an art gallery crawl called 'every second' that takes place on the second friday of the each month. about 25 art galleries throughout the neighborhood keep their doors open until about ten, and most of them serve free drinks. sounds fun to me, and luckily liz invited me out to the last one. we saw some great stuff, so i'd recommend coming to the next one. i also tried pernod and orange juice. i don't recommend that, unless you like your orange juice tainted with black licorice. anyway, i found some potential places to sell 'animals of iraq' (stay-tuned for details on when that'll be available...), and i don't know what you call these, but i do know that you can't find them in iraq.

then on to savalas. and you know what grandpa always says, "what's better than one hot girl dancing on a bar? two, of course."

my pretty pretty bridge, but viewed from a friend's apartment.

on saturday, we surrounded ourselves in the soft comfy cozy glow of 'the blacks'.

after the show, elisa reminds us of what grandma always says, "what's better than one sparks? two, of course." and then she handed them to me to slam before we left...

then the following friday, we went to see 'something in spanish' at a bar in greenpoint. they were alright. they sounded a little like 'the knife', and maybe a little like 'stereolab'. the singer wrapped herself in christmas lights. neat-o.

last wednesday was the eclipse, and man i got shit pictures. see? at least it looks like it was in motion. that night was also the night of the untucked films screening. be sure to check out the 'untucked films' stuff. the shorts are hilarious and/or sweet, sometimes both, and the music videos are great.

before demonstrating just how white my legs get during the new york winter, i should've paid attention to what was going on in the world around me, so that no one had gotten kicked in the face.

meet zooe (i know i know, the name is misspelled, but it's still pronounced ZOH-ee). a tea-cup long-haired chihuahua. real sweet, and one of the tiniest dogs i've ever met. she's our pet of the week.


om nom nom nom 

If you're not saying 'Om Nom Nom Nom' out loud while looking at the pictures, you're doing it wrong.

barack obama posted a comment on your blog. 

because that's just the kind of guy he is.


Drink more Obama. 

My ex (wife, that is) is having a fundraiser at her apt tonight.
Mostly just drinks, but a guy from Generation Obama will be speaking and answering questions at 7.
Address is 505 Laguardia Place, Apartment 26-B, between Houston and Bleecker streets.
No fee, but the idea is that you contribute to the campaign.
Any takers?


Drink more Coke. 

Most of you know I don't really love my job, and most of the time it's pretty shitty, but occasionally, it does have some perks. In the past four months, I've been to Cape Town, Johannesburg, Casablanca & Shanghai for Sprite and Fanta. I just wanted to share some pics from my trips and urge you all to drink more Coke branded carbonated beverages, so they can keep sending me to places I'd never go to otherwise. Thank you.

...Cape Town.

...Johannesburg & Casablanca.

...Shanghai & Tokyo.

Also, here are some pics of my new year trip to Costa Rica, so you're fully caught up.

...Costa Rica.


total eclispse of the heart 

alright kids, tonight there will be a total lunar eclipse.

for those of you with swanky cameras (aaRon), please get out there and shoot. unless of course, we get a wintry mix...

and if you find yourself on an island tonight, surrounded by stubborn natives that won't fill your ships with provisions, i've got a foolproof plan for you.




tv party party 

Beep beep 


Randy's Pet 

hey guys, i think it'd be real nice if we all pitch in and get randy a nice gift for his birthday. i found the perfect pet for him:

but don't tell him. it's a surprise!


R.I.P., Polaroid 

Polaroid is no mas, at least the instant kind.

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isabella, i love you 


late breaking wind 

hallo flocke! 

meet the knew knut.
she's alllmost as cute as "my wee manskes"

and in a related story today, nate just sent me this:
"Polar bear arrested after cutest Washington, DC protest ever."

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kid's edition 

My friend Sascha is head writer on a new preschool show, Ni Hao, Kai-lan that premieres today on Nickelodeon. Ni Hao means 'Hi!' in Chinese and the program introduces the psychology of biculturalism. They've been working on it for the past year, so it's exciting to finally see it on television.

Tell a little one!

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my week. *vintage edition* 

something a little different this time. i didn't take many pictures this week because i worked so much, and then half the time, barbara was in boston with nate, so....last night i was browsing through a box of old photos of mine, and i got the weirdest idea of combining old photos with my current life. it goes something like this:

so we start off on friday in williamsburg at clem's, where this guy brought his kids in. hipsters got erections just from the apple hat. please notice the dallas cowboys belt buckle...

this warm weather has been so nice. especially while walking dogs. but on a day off, i went to mccarren park, where i found bruiser, the horse. let's put those ears up, bruiser. watch that attitude.

oh yeah, another halloween picture. this reminds me of about twelve pedophile jokes...

on saturday, we went to a white williams show. nice underoos banana hammock.

a cake never had so much meaning. ever.

band of horses was awesome. they have such good style. that t-shirt says, "i'm the baby bubba". unreal.

team freelance made it to an art show. that x-wing fighter won a prize, even though it's looking a little flacid...

it's saturday, and you know what that means...the misshapes wall!! man, this kid was really put together. notice how the earrings match the swatch. hottttt.

like i said in the last 'my week', reed loaded up a mini-van and moved back to texas. see ya later, dude.

and finally, yesterday was super tuesday...did everyone get out there and vote?



mother, can we? 

cordingley showed this to me today. happy voting.


small in sweden 

i bet even their kleptomaniac dwarves are hot.

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big in japan 

trends in japan

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no, hurry 

take your time: olafur eliasson
opens april 20 @ MoMA

i know it's a ways away but i'm pretty excited. almost sparked a side trip to SF when i thought it was only showing there. actually, just about everything coming up at moma looks great. especially the doc series (schiller shoutout!). definitely time to renew my card.

the last michel gondry installation at deitch was one of my favorite new york double features.

now, be kind rewind.
feb 16 - march 22
@ deitch projects

and man, if you haven't seen
the diving bell and the butterfly...

go, hurry.

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