stages Show 

Lance Armstrong and Nike unite to launch STAGES, a global art exhibition to raise funds and awareness for the fight against cancer. opening at deitch projects on halloween.

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We Were Once Final 

This is why I no longer do drugs, ok hallucinogenics. A new short film by Spike Jonze called "We Were Once Final," featuring Kanye West drugging it, slutting it and killing it er mean himself. It's my weird video clip of the week.

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no that's not just the euro porn title 


a crowdsourced version of star wars: a new hope
choose your 15 second scene(s), recreate your own way, and once they have the whole film covered... they'll piece them together.

143 scenes left.
manskes jump on this.

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oh ny... 

for anyone not headed to DC:

let's OpenHouseNewYork weekend!

i know it's no national equality march. but maybe we can still make posters and bring 'em to:

*brooklyn navy yards bike tour?
(sat/sun 2pm reservations required)

*the abandoned ellis island hospital?
(sat/sun 9:30, 11, 12:30, 2, 3:30, free reservations required, ferry $12)

*private mausoleums at woodlawn cemetary?
(open sat/sun 8:30-5, tours at 2pm reservations required)

*writers & religion in old brooklyn heights?
(sun 12:30pm reservations required)

*tom otterness' studio, carroll gardens?
(talks with artist sat/sun 10:30, 1, 3 - reservations required)

*grand lodge of the masons, chelsea?
(sat/sun 10am-4pm)

*the push-button house, gansevoort plaza?
(sat 10am-11pm, sun 10am-7pm)

lemme know if you wanna go check anything out with me. i'm open(house)!


check out newyorkology's list of reservation required events that are still open (unfortunately lots of the cool ones are already booked up.)

view a full list of the sites by borough, or by day.

download a PDF guide to weekend events

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this weekend 

inspiring. really.

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