I'm proud to say I've held myself back by only posting 2 posts about Spider-Man 3, swinging into theaters May 4. And this one is New York and music related.

First, watch the new, amazing trailer. (click on "trailers and trivia").

Also, even though New York City is featured in tons of films, it rarely takes part in promoting them, especially big Hollywood ones. But NYC has agreed to take part in Spider-Man Week (hold laughter, please). I mean, c'mon, like some LDTers aren't Scavenger Hunt junkies? *coughJACQUIEANDREWcough* From USA Today:

The city's American Museum of Natural History is installing a spider exhibit shortly before the film opens. New York's Botanical Garden will host workshops on baby spider plants. The Children's Museum of Manhattan will honor the villain Green Goblin with a display of the original Goblin outfit and a mask-making workshop. The Central Park Zoo will host a Spider-Man scavenger hunt and a "Bugmania" show.

And lastly, a superhero movie junkie I might be, I rarely buy into the whole movie Soundtrack bit. But with a lineup including Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Flaming Lips (with a hilariously named track, "The Supreme Being Teaches Spider-Man How To Be In Love"), Jason Schwartzman (featuring Kirsten Dunst) (wtf?), Wolfmother, The Oohlas, and more, I might at least check the Spidey 3 Soundtrack out.

I'll see you at the theaters, or the IMAX, on May 4.

EDIT: The official Spider-Man Week website is - wait for it - in full swing.

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demitri martin promoting windows vista 

this is an obvious "new generation in advertising" scheme but fuckin hell i could listen to this guy ramble for hours. hilarious!


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my week *this is MY town edition* 

here is my bridge, the williamsburg. this is the view from a park on grand street. i know i've posted pics of this before, but she's quite photogenic. especially when spring is tryin' to bust out all over.

last tuesday, jacquie and i went to see fujiya + miyagi at my mercury. this singer is from the opening band. his style and crotch positioning are unmatched.

this is my favorite cat to visit on the weekends. his name is carlos. he's a british short hair, and one of the coolest looking cats i've ever seen. he looks like a stuffed animal! look at those eyes!

my corner is blowin' up.

this was my first sunrise to see in quite some time.

this is my friend/nurse, jacque, taking out my stitches yesterday. the gloves and curlers are for sanitation purposes. you can never be too careful, kids. and remember, always watch your step when going down stairs.

yesterday evening i went to a taping of the colbert report, one of my favorite television shows, with some of my favorite people, jacquie osman and the schillers. afterwards i got to meet mr. colbert, and actually sit on the stage. awesome. one of the many benefits of hanging out with tom.

then late last night, after a wonderful day, i shut down my favorite bar in which to whip up a hangover, the max fish. here i am with my coloring book designer, josh webman.



john waters as groom reaper - love it! 

I totally forgot to post about this before it started airing. Court TV has a new show called til Death Do Us Part with J.W. as host. Each week he introduces a newly wed couple who apparently don't live happily ever after.

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mutiny on the bowery 

ok - who wants go see a newly restored print of oscar nominated docu-drama:
on the bowery (1957)

and then, you know, hit the grand opening of whole foods.

photo cred: broadcast blog

= on the bowery plays at anthology film archives this week. read more here.
(gotta love a film where the only plot keyword is: alcohol.)

= whole foods on the bowery opens march 29, 8am. sans alcohol, for now. read more about the opening/controversy here.
(o.m.g. - it's a fromagerie!)

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Discovery's Planet Earth series begins tonight.

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murder at canal street 

"Forget transit cops: A new installation lets you play private eye in the subway. This diabolical interactive artwork by 31 Down Radio Theater puts participants in the middle of a murder mystery unfolding in the Canal Street stop. The piece, titled Canal Street Station, has a toll-free number you can dial from any of the pay phones there. A voice says that she’s just committed a murder, and that you need to find her somewhere in the platforms connecting the J, M, Z, N, Q, R, W and 6 trains. You’ll be asked a specific question about that location, you hang up, snoop, then call back with your answer. If correct, you’ll be told where to go for your next call."

This game runs indefinitely and can be played anytime. Free.
Check the website for more details.

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yo brooklyn 

it's your restaurant week.

go dine, fine.

3 courses for $21.12
or if you've got a hot (cheap) date - scroll down for the 2 fers.

gothamist and brooklyn record have some recommendations.

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sxsw 07 | the pissing match 

i was all set to deep throat my own piece of investigative journalism about why nearly every afterparty that wasn't officially sanctioned by sxsw got shut down this year. (total bullshit. except vice. fine, the balcony collapsing counts as legit.)

i'd been collecting rumors, stories, conspiracy theories, redbull cans, interviews and news articles. but then... factory people went ahead and blew the.. uh, whistle on the whole shebang with an open letter on austinist. and i'm so glad. i just hope this ripples its way out like the swampy floor at the iheartcomix kick off party - and actually hits home with some of the city officials and festival organizers.

it was a bad move all around on their part. and i hope this incites lots more dialogue and protest. there's so much more to be said and sorted. but good for FP for speaking up without coming off like crybabies. (and for referencing LCD soundsystem in the letter title.) rock on.

here are two excerpts:

We Love You Austin and SXSW, But You’re Freaking Us Out
As life-long independent music lovers and long-time Austinites (at least one of has lived here since 1989), we have come to love mid-March when the SXSW Music Festival brings Austin to life. After the events of this year's fest, it’s unlikely we’ll ever feel the same affection for SXSW. On Thursday, March 15th, an inspector of the City of Austin’s Fire Marshal’s Office shut down the FactoryPeople after-party within an hour of the doors opening. He held in his hand a list of 19 other events he would visit that night. Friday night saw a rumoured 26 parties targeted while Saturday saw even more confusion.

SXSW has sustained a reputation for being imperial and difficult to deal with for years. Whether it’s delaying the 2007 band roster for several weeks or filing multi-million dollar lawsuits for copyright infringement against small companies or appearing to be involved in the shutting down of unofficial events, these are not the actions of people who claim “SXSW is what it is, and we do our best to stay out of its way.” SXSW has not kept secret their frustration with non-sanctioned events. Well-documented efforts on their behalf to shut down private parties and alternative SXSW events were carried out by the Fire Marshal as far back as 1994. Unfortunately, in lieu of open communication, conspiracy theories will abound.

read the full letter here

download lcd soundsystem :: new york i love you ::



sxsw 07 | what calvin saw 

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who's in? 

on april 14th step it up is organising a wall (or "sea") of people dressed in blue to form a line where the coastline of manhattan will be if a force 3 hurricane hit us (and we all know what causes those, don't we kids?). it's about the same place that the water would be up to in a few years if we weren't all being so diligent and committed about keeping the polar ice caps intact...

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(whoa, sorry about that title). anyway, i'm sure everyone's heard about Knut the polar bear in Germany. Abandoned by his momma, he's left all alone, and has to be cared for by a zoo. Some animal rights (k)nuts want the bear dead because that's what would happen naturally. just look at this face and tell me it should die.


Everybody Yatta 

Representing Japan


We don't drive cars, but we can do something 

This is a great, well-designed site. Click on "Take Action" for a simple list of things you can do, with their corresponding carbon efficiencies.

Nice way to kick off spring, I think.



my week. *spring? edition* 

just because i couldn't make it to sxsw this year, didn't mean that i couldn't see live music. we start off last thursday at lit, where my friends played a show. 'wolf and the wayside'. they're like weezeryish. this is from the green room.

art imitates life. this was calvin's last night in new york before he went on his sxsw adventure with jacquie and andrew (see the passing of the calvin in the video below).

nate's ears started popping.

on saturday night, we celebrated john mihaly's birthday. john is lily's beau. bullseye!

on sunday in carroll gardens, i saw this van. she's a fixer-upper.

last week i dogsat for olive and henry again. i'm everywhere:

on tuesday i went over to the black betty in wburg, and saw my friend james call and 'the missing teens' play a show. 'butcher slim' opened. he's a singer songwriter with very smart lyrics, and a voice that sounds not unlike frank black. so of course i dug it. the big box on which that man is sitting is called a 'cajon'. which means 'big box' in spanish. quite a unique name. my brother, pat, played one live in several shows when he was in the UK a few weeks ago.

this is a very special my week, because, HEY EVERYBODY LOOK WHO SHOWED UP AT ANNEX!!! IT'S RANDY!!!

on friday at some point during the day, i told nate that i was gonna get fucked up at annex. i was in that kinda mood. and how. i wish i had gotten escorted out of annex like jac a few weeks ago. instead i had to get carried out. i fell on the stairs and sliced my hand. five stitches. and my pants were wet from having a glass of water thrown in my face to wake me up from passing out because of so much blood. good times, good times.



armchair traveller 

More google genius. Or spying depending on how you look at it. Either way, got to admit it's pretty damn cool.

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Jason Schwartzman 

jason schwartzman of phantom planet and so many lovely movies has some new tunage out there. if this is old news for you sorry to make you yawn. anything older than 30 seconds is usually old news around here. it beats a petition though doesn't it?

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fare thee well, calvin. 

once again south-by-southwest is upon us. several of us LDTers are going, including calvin. last night we bid a proper farewell to calvin the cowboy. calvin, see many bands and be in many photos in my stead. and return swiftly with tales of music and drunken adventures. take care of jacquie and andrew. i'll miss you, and sxsw, terribly.



my week. *march on edition* 

since i last left you, barbara has been taking it relatively easy. calvin did some crowd surfing at annex.

shortly thereafter, jac was escorted from the annex.

aaron sampled a new sound for robot repair: anger.

john and lily made a rare appearance. a rare, but stunning appearance. they look just fabulous.

here are the two winners from jacquie's oscar party. but when it comes to the oscars, does anyone REALLY win?

aaron took me to first fridays at the guggenheim on...well...friday. because aaron is a 'dual member', we got to skip the line. i'm going to try to make 'dual member' a part of my daily vocabulary.

on friday, tom made a friend at piola.

my brother pat was in england for about a week. he was flown over to play some live shows with a band that he recorded. here he is at the smallest pub in england.


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