and on that note, i'm out of here. 

according to gawker,
this ad was posted on craigslist just for shits and giggles:

"Republican Blond Wants to be Hate Fucked - w4m - 24
I'm just in town for the week, and New Yorkers haven't been all that friendly yet, so I figure I better make the most of it. Let's keep it simple, I'm hot, you're fit, and you're gonna take it all out on me."

but i'm guessing these responses it received were not.

enjoy the rest of the RNC,
and all the bush.
jac and i are off to italia tomorrow.

more hahahas 


let's not do this 

i'm still at work.


Attention Bloggers! Open Call for Opinions! 

and I know you have some!!!

here's your chance to rant and rave (and actually have people listen and not think you're a lunatic) about the RNC and surrounding events.

Tonight and tomorrow at 7:00pm, on Manhattan's community access channel, MNN (Time Warner 34 or 78, RCN Channel 110 and digital cable channel 107) is the premiere of "Konscious Convention" (the brainchild of the collaboration between my hubby, Shawn, and the folks at Konscious Media - along with volunteers like myself)

It's a live, interactive show covering the convention and protests. You can watch on tv (if you live in Manhattan) or online at konscious.tv

AND, here's the exciting part. You can chat and post questions to other viewers or the person being interviewed (and the tele-journalist sees all posts REAL-TIME). So, basically, YOU direct the show!

More information can be found at konscious.tv

Get excited people! The GOP is here. What do you have to say about it?!?


days of our freelance lives (a weekly update for the 9-5ish folk) 


so many opportunities to be maced... 

...so little time.

when i worked in texas my co-workers talked about how the dixie chicks were seditious and traitorous. Now they send me protest schedules and talk about taking their kids on marches. anyhoo.


Washington Square Park noon-6pm sponsored by Green Party
Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn 11 am
Interfaith vigils through the week
See www.peacefultomorrows.org
or call 212-598-0970
March begins at 7th Ave & 14th St.
march to Madison Square Garden then to Union Square
Noon (this is the big one)
Theatre District
Protest the eight Broadway shows that have
distributed special tickets to Republicans
March from Union Square to Madison Square
Mostly AIDS advocates
45th St & First Ave
Coalition of 100 anti-poverty organizations
Begins 3pm
Church & Cortlandt Sts
or Union Square at 5:30
(this is an unsanctioned event)
Starts at corner of Wall St & Broadway
8 am
An unemployment line stretching from
Wall St . to midtown




I am cool.

body chemistry changes in nyc 

watch what you say, watch what you watch- cause theyre watching you
watch in the patriot war
help. o jesus dry my jellified tears of horror
have a nice convention.

ever dreamt of being in a marching band? 

here's your chance: (not really)

NYC March for Women's Lives & Rally at City Hall Park

August 28th, 2004
Be a part of the New York City's biggest, strongest march for
reproductive freedom ever. March for global family planning, real
sex education, safe, legal and accessible abortion birth control
options, privacy regarding sexuality and equal access to health

12 NOON Step off to march across Brooklyn Bridge
1:00 PM Rally at City Hall Park, Manhattan

-ok, we're meeting at Starbucks (corner of Court & Joralemon - close to Bourough Hall stop) around 11:30 and heading over to Cadman Plaza.

batons and brass instruments optional

here's a link, email someone who cares. 

see that little envelope with an arrow underneath each post? it's new. so now you can spread the blog-love by emailing a post to everyone on your spam list. or anyone at all. or... not.

all bloggers must wash hands.

the management.




dirty hook and the beach blanket breakage. 

this is a little story about what happens when you finally get one nice, sunshiney day in the city.
you leave.
by hook or by crook. or by ferry boat in this case.

check out my first fully narrated photo diary - from our day at sandy hook beach.

what did you do??


just for funs. and nightmares. where should we all move if E-day turns D-day and the dubya takes home the gold?

(think of it as an apocalyptic fire drill. my brain actually starts to fry every time i attempt to imagine this scenario, and i need to formulate an escape plan...)


new york is SO cool 


i promise it will be worth your while if you download this song and smoke some crack. you know how we do.


Bowling, but not for Columbine 

Get ready for some bad jukebox music, old women with puffy hair, and germ infested shoes, because we're going bowling!

If we get enough people together, we're planning on going Saturday (8/21) evening. Since it's short notice, replying to the blog probably won't be the best way to say you're going. Give me (347-423-4444) or Nick (917-749-5073) a call and let one of us know.

Drinking at a bar will surely follow. And don't forget your socks.


Olympians i have loved 

swimming. who knew?


B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y P-A-R-T-Y 

Sure, burning for eternity and choking on cactus thorns while getting cigarettes put out on your eyeballs might SOUND bad, but hey...at least all my friends will be there! Right....? Guys?

Who: Bring whoever you want.
What: Nathan Manske's 24th birthday
When: Thursday, August 19th. 9:00pm.
Where: Hell. 55 Gansevoort St. Click HERE for directions, subways, etc.
Why: It's my birthday. Duh.
How: Uh...the condom broke?

If anyone has any questions, e-mail me or call me. 347-423-4444.

Ready for another cliche? If I don't see you before then...I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!

((**Blogger exclusive! Every comment/RSVP must include a Hell cliche**))




i present to you, the museum of bad art. so without further ado...http://www.museumofbadart.org/collection/index.html


fuck new york 

get out the prosthetic buttocks because you're about to
laugh your ass off.


down low... too slow. 

yay pixies.

the original 4 nights (dec. 11, 12, 13, 14) went on sale today at noon and i think they were completely sold out by 12:05. (but not before i scored mine for saturday december 11 - with tv on the radio opening)

howevah. it's your lucky friday the 13th.
they just added 2 more shows to their new york hammerstein run...
and so dec. 15, 16 are on sale. right now.

what are you still doing on the blog?

Dubya Ferrell 

Hello fellows,


have fun mending the fences,



been a long time 

This morning I ate a cilantro chive biscuit. Quite tasty, though I found out as I was leaving the bakery also offers jalapeno cheddar muffins. Next time.

I also responded to a forwarded email (from mom, of course) saying to read the label on Heinz pickles. They're made in Mexico which means that everything Kerry says about overseas jobs blah, blah blah. I sent her and her Texas buddies to http://factcheck.org/article.aspx?docID=224 which will hopefully set the record straight. If you're pestered by silly emails about the NRA and other evil entities, that site is great for blowing holes in blowhards' stories.

My mom is a Dem by the way. Her friends just try to spook her.

Finally next time you're in the grocery go to the baby food aisle and pick up some sweet potato puffs. Yum!

That's my update. Latest concerns are food and saving the planet from whisper rumors. Different from other weeks how?


oh my golly! christmas comes early this year 

in case you haven't felt the wave of mutilation in the air, or seen the gigantic yellow and black postings everywhere down down down in this subbacultcha... the pixies are coming.

they've officially announced december 12, 13 at hammerstein. but rumor has it they will be adding a couple more shows (dec. 10, 11) since those will likely sell out faster than paris hilton can say "that's hot."

sticker shock warning: $42 plus fees. tickets go on sale friday at high noon. but the ticketmaster presale is tomorrow at 9. start revving your high-speed internet connections...

eric and christa 

are total cali bitches.


turn offs: people who hate tv
turn ons: channel 102 

i love TRIO. best channel. ever.

jac introduced me to the TRIO channel (pop. culture. tv.) sometime last year. and ever since then, not a week has gone by that one of us didn't call the other, forgo all hellos and small talk about the emergency alert level, and demand that the other turn on TRIO. immediately.

today. it was jacque calling me about a pixies documentary. including some amazing concert footage, as well as interviews with blackie and the rest of the debasers, thom yorke, blur, bono, badly drawn boy, david bowie, etc. etc.

all this month they're doing a special "texas: america supersized" theme. so every night at 9pm they're running texas-related programming. whether it's a documentary about "texas teenage virgins" or the coen brothers classic "blood simple."

you can almost always find a great film, doc or live music on there. last month they let amy sedaris host a film fanatics series. and the month before, quentin tarantino did their nightly programming. they also run a series called "brilliant. but cancelled." about shows that were, um, brilliant. but cancelled.

tomorrow alone, you can catch the clash, neil young or ray davies.
fucking. great. tv.

do you have CMJ? 

i caught it last year and it hurt real bad.
this year's outbreak looks milder: october 13-16

hi matt 

did you mind the gap
and enjoy the modest mouse?


Calling all macho men/women 

do any of you guys or girls like playing football? and by football, i mean american flag/two-below football. sean and i want to get a group together and play on the weekends. there's a park in williamsburg that's pretty close to our apartments and it's perfect for playing ball. it's not as big as central park, so it wouldn't be as crowded, and it's a little closer to all of us LES/wburgites. we talked about this yesterday, and i told labounty (when playing football, everyone is referred to by their last names, it's the rule) i'd post it on the blog. so here you go. we want to start playing this weekend, so if any of you creative, artistic nancys enjoy throwing a football and scoring touchdowns, let's do it.

let the non-comments begin...

manske, #30


last time i was there i saw a shark 

beulah is playing a FREE show at castle clinton tonight, 7pm**
part of the whole river2river thing.
the sound is good. the vibe is good. there's food and drink. and then there's all this darned sunshine. what more could you ask for with your shimmery shiny indie pop ?

**if you wanna go, you'll need to get there early. they start giving out tickets at 5pm, i think it's two per person in line. first come, first served. - more details here.

update: nick will be in line at 5. and i should be down there shortly thereafter. so look for him. or me. and/or call one of us if you want to come.

Eloquent Critique of Bush by Ron Reagan Jr. 


Drink the Vote...er...Rock the Drink...er...Vote the Drink... 

All you political alcoholics/activists should join Nate and I tomorrow night.

Bar Crawl for Williamsburg with Ron Clinton (candidate for NYS Senate17th District) North Brooklyn Democratic Club.
Tomorrow, Friday, August 6
7pm at YABBY, Bedford and N.1st
8pm at IONA, Grand and Bedford
10pm at THE ABBEY, Driggs and N. 8th
11pm at UNION POOL, Union and Skillman
late- at EAST RIVER BAR, S. 6th and Berry
Join insurgent candidate Ron Clinton as he pub crawls his way to win the Sept 14th Democratic primary election for New York State Senate. Meet others who like their bars open late, believe sleep is over-rated and that our elected officials need to support all aspects of our community...especially the fun part! Our opponent is supporting Mayor Bloomberg's future proposal to close certain establishments early. Here's yourchance to find out what's happening in the Williamsburg and Bushwick political scene, question the candidate on your issues and find out how to vote for your right to party.

it'll be fun, and it's right across the wburg bridge. let's do this.


you say beeta, i say beta 

beeta. beta. beeta. beta.
let's call the whole thing off.

say it ain't so. the beta band have left the building.


hoo boy 

feels good to be back on the blog wagon. it's hoppin in here.

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