that's it, just yay.

(um no, the other kind)

does it hurt the first time you post on the blog? 

maybe i've posted before, but it feels like the first time.
i've been trying to think of what to post, a late bday present for jackie o. since i didn't arrange for the snow that night or anything, and so here's what i came up with. (eric and i actually found these when we were busy not working one day but he's not here so i'm taking the credit all for myself. 'cause that's how i roll. yo.)

spring is here and so i thought some cool t-shirt sites might be in order:

usa-t.com. you can choose your state or state bird. plus you get to pick the colors. (okay, there are only like 3 colors but i guarantee you'll fancy yourself a designer afterwards.) those of you from one of the square states might want to opt for the bird. but you good ole boys from texas need to be careful you don't get mistaken for bush supporters.

miltoncarter.com. this guy's an artist from brooklyn and all the shirts are hand-dyed. i was on this guy's tip before barney's and vice. hey, i'm just sayin'.

one more thing, non-clothing related, but i just read today that david lachapelle has a show aptly titled 'artists and prostitutes 1985-2005' at the deicht gallery (18 wooster) until april 16th if anyone's interested. i went to terry richardson's thing there, very similar theme. you can blow through the t&a in about 10 minutes (pun intended, it's late) and then we can get some iced coffee around the corner.
or we could just get iced coffee around the corner.


karen blogged 

so I better step up.

(this post is from jacque schiller via cyberspace and ESPn)

We're in Vancouver. Everytime I have been here (this is only my second trip) it rains or snows. This time no exception, but...today is gorgeous! So I walked to Stanley Park. So nice. Mountains in the background. Pine trees. I sat on a bench and ate a Babybel I swiped from the airplane and some Finn Crisps. Happiness. There are some good shops here too, such as Dream and dadabase. On the culture front, I'm gonna try and catch Stars and maybe check out this artist Damian Moppett. I wasn't impressed with the art scene here last time around, but this guy sounds like a character. Don't pay attention to the gallery-speak bio on the link. Who writes that shit?

*Bad segue alert*

Here's my two cents on The Office, US version. As some of you may know, I have a thing about watching shows in reverse. Not each episode but the entire series, finale then start at the beginning. Normally this is fun. I can study character development. I don't know if this thing is only slated for 12 shows or not, but knowing all the jokes beforehand thing ain't working for me here. I didn't laugh out loud once. Maybe if I had never seen Gervais in action, but I just can't do it. Part of what made the UK one work is the actors were unknowns. Steve Carrel is a funny guy, but I know he's playing a character. A character already played to perfection by someone else. I half expect him to go into his Champ character from Anchorman, " I will smash your face into a car windshield, and then take your mother Dorothy Mantooth out for a nice seafood dinner and never call her again." Sad thing is that probably garnered a chuckle at the time. Finally he comes off as kind of creepy. David Brent was ridiculous but you kind of felt sorry for him. Remember that Seinfeld episode where they all met up with their dopplegangers? Can you imagine if we had to accept that guy as Kramer? Whatever. At least I finally saw the special. Good god I must have been out of it as I made up a whole storyline that I insisted to Jacquie was how the series ended. Not so much. So, my opinion in a nutshell: downgrade.

Before heading north of the border, we were living yuppie style in the Penthouse of the Avalon hotel. We managed two lovely visits with Christa and Eric and hung out with Tom's friend John. Found out about Swink. I went by my lonesome to see The Futureheads and new Silverlake transplant Rebecca accompanied me to see Earlimart at Spaceland. Beards can be alright, even if they,"smell like a dog". Snuck down to the desert for our anniversary - #5 and later drove up the coastline to see the mudslide damage then on to pretend we were in Sideways. F.Y.I. - Solvang is a Danish town but no one speaks the language. Tom tried. He got ignored a lot.

That's a quick rundown. I've been a walking fool and have eaten at way to many chi-chi restaurants. I say all of this in the hopes that when we get back (on the 9th) all of us can go get some yummy normal food.

Any suggestions for Tom's bday (12th)? No steppin' on any Matt plans, of course.

I have nothing to say 

Jacquie made a plea. So here I am with not much on my mind.

Um, let's see...
What do you guys think about Jacko?
Guilty or not?

My daffodils are popping up and it's a beautiful spring day>




here's a bunch of random stuff i've been meaning to post about,

shindig! tomorrow night. (i was all set to make some jailbait jokes here, but then i saw the 21+ on the flyer. hmmm. then i looked at the party details on their site and it says to be sure to bring your fake IDs. so... yeah. let the playground taunting begin.)

- once you go google maps you never go back. adjust your bookmarks accordingly.

- basquiat at the brooklyn museum through june 5.

- whoa, must've missed this while i was busy stalking luke wilson at the new zipcode worthy whole foods flagship in austin.

- i just finished this book by (my new friend) will clarke. if you're looking for a book that reads like a sprawling short story written by chuck palahniuk after a six pack of sparks and a decemberists concert. you should definitely check it out. or borrow it from me.

- we saw the bravery at rothko for a special KROCK concert last week. it was sponsered by MGD (My God who Drinks this) and this photo should sum up the experience:

and in the continuing spirit of giving out awards nick went ahead and nominated the bravery for "best worst hair ever" - even before seeing hot look the singer was rocking in his last band called...

wait for it...
skabba the hut.

it seems our guesses of a recent frat boy past may have been too generous. even the killers have been dissing them.

- in recent travel news: u.s. airways sucks. (although unlike the way more evil delta, they did manage to refund half our ticket price when they failed to get us on a plane, any plane, out of syracuse.) so we had to rent a car and drive back in the thickest fog i've ever seen. it was more than movie fog, it was interpol at radio city music hall smoke machine fog. luckily, the sheer novelty of listening to FM radio helped to ease the 6 hour journey into what seemed like the abyss.

in addition to some great classic (doors, pink floyd) and 90s classic (GNR, STP, oasis, cranberries) rock i got to hear the new NIN track - dope as expected. the new weezer track (beverly hills)- eh, maybe it will grow on me. and a new sterephonics song (dakota). we spent the whole song trying to decipher if it was old or new and before the vocals started someone even thought that it could be a bowie track. in other words, i dug it. and i was surprised when i found out it was the stereophonics.

- tonight, i'm gonna give the (american) office another shot. i guess the whole bad lipsync routine was only for the first episode. this one will have to stand on its own two wingtipped feet. which reminds me of a joke i read in the YES!NO! invisible ink book in the car yesterday:

Q: when do horses have 16 legs?
(A: when there are four of them.)

make the neighbors complain 

as you play the drums in your apartment.

it works great when you have a song going, and you play along. use the keyboard. experiment. 'r, f, e, or u, i, j, m'. and don't forget about the spacebar for that rockin' bass drum. enjoy!



now you can listen to your favorite radio programs, later, after you get out of bed, on your ipod, on the subway.



Misshapes is the new saturday 

who says saturdays in manhattan belong to the bridge and tunnel crowd?

if you wanna hang with nate, lily and i on saturday nights, we'll be here

trust us, there's something for everyone.


and the award goes to: 

this is jacquie and nick's story of ow by southwest, told in the form of an awards show. and that's 'ow' as in jacquie's rockstar 'ow'. as in: "ow oooww!"


if you haven't already, don't go see... 

melinda & melinda. here's my breakdown.

concept: ehh, coulda been ok.
execution: bad
acting: bad
script: bad
times to be had: bad


(from up here you can't tell it's about to rain, sleet and snow) 



anyone still need an invite to gmail? i just found out that now i have like 50 to give out. i don't even know if you actually NEED an invite to get a gmail account. but whatever. i've got em. so email me if you want one.


too bad the audience was lame 

photos and videos coming soon...


if this blog were a soccer team, it would be manchester united. 

i have no idea what that means, but i had to clean up a little round here. cause nghia and his cracker crew started a blog this week and they've already been showing us up big time. we've got twice the number of people on the masthead, but only one quarter the enthusiasm. dammit we're a shell of a team without beckham.

No wonder Brits are so fucked up... 

as kids, this is what they watched instead of sesame street.




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