Feel uncomfortable 

after watching this. Some people (Nick) needs someone with him at all times so they can tell him what NOT to say. Some people (this kid) needs someone with him at all times so they can tell him what not to DO. Or atleast film. And let leak out on the Internet. Or it's some viral ploy. either way. I feel awkward.

I want to see this kid and Pizzaz duke it out.

And in case you were counting, that's three (3) posts in a row. Yes indeed, I am out of my Hanft Raboy cell.

So? I can draw a stick figure. 

I've seen some similar stuff to this before, but this is just so cool. Here's a preview of it. You have to look at it from the right angle for it to work. It shows you an example of how it doesn't work from the wrong angle. Very cool.

It's a Secret 

Kinda like grouphug, but cooler. You make your own postcard, and send in your secrets. Dig it.

bye bye bam. 

that's my brother pat, and his kitty, tham. tham died today, at around noon. they buried him in the backyard of their new house. he was 15 years old. don't know how old that is in cat years. bestest kitty ever. love you thaaaaaaaammmm!

brought to you by 'oh no they didn't'... 

check this out.

apparently VW are suing.



you're going to type in a bunch of dirty words for the next ten minutes aren't you?

my week. 

on monday, i was captured by the paparazzi at the frying pan (they take the worst pictures):

on tuesday, there were a bunch of really loud firetrucks outside of the razor-wired compound i like to call my apartment. they were obviously at the wrong place...

because the only thing flaming was at orchard bar on friday:

whoops. i skipped thursday, where natalie enjoyed some delicious grilled table at esparanto. it was dense, kinda like our waitress:

we think she was lost in the forest, so we went and looked for her at morrisey park. we didn't find her, or natalie's steak, but we ended up getting lost too, in an open vodka bar cloud:

saturday i walked home across the williamsburg bridge. it was sunny and gorgeous, just like the rest of the weekend. there was a beach trip on sunday, but barbara took the day off for some reason (lazy), and never made it out of my bag. oops...



Logs in the Pool, Big Steamers and Really Bad Graphics 

Tom and I got wet and wild at Lake Compounce on Friday. Another field trip soon?


school pictures. 

look pretty!



is it me 

or is this really funny?


hang in there tham! 

our family cat is having problems. he's 15 and may have a serious case of kitty cancer. nate (drrrty) was 10 when we got him if that means anything...


Stop Emo Haircuts 

This right here is funny. The music makes it.

Nick doesn't get to have all the fun 

I missed the vienna sausages in a vending machine photo op

but this one respresents Georgia pretty nicely.

Actually Savannah and Charleston were cool despite the ghosts

and, um, humidity.

Shout out to Dad in TX and Momma Lynn!

bj snowden rocks 

Here are some more fearless freaks.

And I wasn't joking about ol' BJ. Find her site.

to air is human 

Bret, I'm nominating you to represent Team Freelance.


my week. 

last sunday, nate and i adopted a little puppy:

on monday night, i hung out with some hipsters:

on wednesday night i got hit across my head/neck by a girl:

friday night, i went to a concert at rothko. as you can see, everyone had a great time:

yesterday, i went to:

and had a real good time, and saw lots of bands, and hung out with a lot of cool friends.

not enough room here to post pics. i'm gonna go figure out how to post pics on flickr, so then you can all see just how much fun i have every week.



boy it's amazing the things you come across on the internet when you're not looking for them. 

available in 11 different languages, but oddly, none of them chinese.


sell outs (to-be) 

sufjan stevens @ bowery ballroom
aug. 21
(the shows for aug. 19 & 20 sold out within hours, they just added this sunday show)

the arcade fire @ summerstage,
sept. 15
(on sale this friday at noon)

NIN / QOTSA / DFA1979 @ MSG theater
nov. 3
(on sale saturday at 10am)

get your money for nothin,
and your freaks for free 

even if you haven't seen the movie, like i done told you to last month... wayne still wants you to download a bootleg copy of the fearless freaks EP - 8 live tracks recorded between 86-96. cause he's awesome. and he likes to share. i wish his wife did.


the karaoke kontinued 

on my birthday. I dedicated this one to Jac-o.

there are no wrong answers 

BAM goes In Deppth all this month to help answer one of the hardest questions i've ever been asked: in which film is johnny depp the hottest?

not the coolest, or which is his best performance, or best film,
but in which is he the HOTTEST.

cast your vote in the comments.
(i love that when it comes to johnny depp, even boys are willing to play.)


Barbara's Weekly Picture Blog - July 10, 2005 

Guys, I've been having such a great time since I started hanging out with all of you! The hangovers haven't been so great, but you can see a few things I saw this weekend by clicking here. And below is a little preview. Looking forward to next weekend! <3, Babs


The Womanske's 

The Manske Sisters.

the sirens are coming 

it's hot. it's crowded. it's free.
next saturday. prepare to sweat.

shows you'd only see if they were free 

good thing they are:

clem snide @ castle clinton
(show starts at 7 but you have to get down there around 5 to get tix. great venue.)

von bondies / world leader pretend @ pier 54
(starts around 7pm but i think there's another opener.)


my picture post. 

that's an ice cream truck. and a puppy.

happy birthday 

to my most favorite floppy head ;)
mr. BRRRRRRRRet roedemeier
it's been said before, but this time i really mean it,
"hey, phonebooth! get on the bus!"
we miss you.

blogger proudly joins 2004 

in case you haven't noticed, or posted anything recently, just thought you might wanna know that you can add your own photos to your posts now. see the little tiny landscape photo looking button... right there next to the spell checker? well quit looking at it you lazy ass, and post something.

nick, got a change of pants handy? 

rumor has it, the arcade fire will play summerstage on september 15.


u.s.a.! u.s.a.! 

we may have lost the olympic bid,
but we're still #1 in CO2 emissions and deaths caused by abscess of anal and rectal regions.

find out more about which countries kick our ass at what, on nationmaster.com, and get ready to lose 3,987.47 seconds of your life.


one small party for nick, 

one giant hangover for mankind.

BUT was it real or was it all just a hoax? the still photos of the event are stunning. yet that's just the problem. we took thousands of pictures, each one perfectly exposed and sharply focused. not one was badly composed or even blurred. if we were indeed all at a party on a manhattan rooftop, why isn't nick's tie fluttering in the wind? if it wasn't raining that night, we do we all look soaking wet?

examine the photos posted here and here and draw your own conclusions.


happy birthday 


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