Fahsion Against AIDS 

My friends Mike and Tom of Dangerous Muse participated in a really cool and important campaign for HandM. Various artists including Robyn, Yelle and Dangerous Muse designed and are selling t-shirts to help the fight against AIDS. Check out the really cool website where you can make your own music video.


sharks on a plane? 

unbelievable. thanks free williamsburg.


best of keyboard cat 

loves him!

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tonight at the pit... 

...You get laid!

Some of you may or may not know Jenny and Shanon. They have been working on a pilot for their new sitcom for the past few months (no joke). They're like the real life version of Patsy and Edina from Ab Fab, but a little more twisted. Anyways, they've been fleshing out a lot of their ideas for the show on their new blog "Tonight at the Pit." Dare I say its almost as funny a Dlisted.

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my week. 

the new beastie boys album cover.

scariest bottle opener.

andrew had his third annual scavenger hunt birthday party. this body shot attempt may not have counted, but our limerick sure the hell did.

here's truman, an 85-pound golden retriever that i sometimes watch. he was our team mvp, and he's certainly our pet of the week.

as seen in previous posts, nate launched his imfromdriftwood.com site, so we decided to throw a surprise party for him.

thanks everybody for helping to get the party together. nate wouldn't have been more surprised if he had woken up in the morning with his head sewn to the carpet.

pat was on a national tour for several weeks with the flatlanders, and last month they played a gig at bb king's. he's got some great stories about being on a bus every day with six other guys, and he says they've all bonded and become really close.

stallions and pussies.

c'mon, mason. have a heart.

check out the pipes.

the new 'hang-me elmo' toy.

aw, look how cute! that condom wrapper has a heart on it.

learn drunk.

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an email does make a difference 

Danny sez, "Blogger Julie of TangoBaby was walking past a begging homeless woman, K, and her two kids in San Francisco, agonising about how she couldn't do anything to help -- when she realised she could. She wrote up the story of the family, took photos, and started telling their story on her blog. Now she's working with her readers to get a fair deal for K in SF's bureacratic system for handling the homeless in the city, and recording the troubles and opportunities they're having on the way."

We talked, and I learned her name was K. and asked her about the shelters in town. She rattled off the names of homes that I know are where abused women and children escape to when their lives are in danger.

None of the shelters had rooms for her and her children.

Then it dawned on me that maybe I could do more than give her $30 and hope someone else gives her another $30 so the young family can find a place to sleep tonight. I asked her if we could share her photos and her story so that somewhere, some of you might be able to help.

K's eyes are perpetually brimming with tears. She's tiny and her hands are chilled. Baby M is sleeping under a blanket on her chest. The two younger children, D and Little K, are relatively quiet considering their ages. At 7 and 9, they could be tearing up the sidewalks, but they're not.

When I explain to K about my blog and that I hope that maybe someone out there reading might have a way to help, she thinks it's a good idea and says it's okay to take the pictures. "It can't be any more embarrassing than what I'm doing now," she says.

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