also this 

untethered :
a sculpture garden of readymades

September 25 - October 25, 2008
Opening: Thurs., Sept. 25, 6PM
540 W. 21st St.

Untethered is a sculpture garden of everyday objects deprogrammed of their original function, embedded with new intelligence, and transformed into surrealist and surprising readymades, including a photocopier that reads the night sky; a PDA turned guitar; and a piano that plays the Internet. The exhibition features pieces by 15 artists working at the intersection of art and technology, including current and former Eyebeam residents and fellows, as well as leading international artists.

(gothamist says everyone's talking about it.)

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pop ups! 

you may have noticed some stuff going up around the corner of bowery/houston recently...

more info here.
flickr preview set here.

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kinda i want to 

in case of no rain. maybe?

(apologies in advance to the manske brothers, the wright brothers, and the entire cowboys organization.)

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Do swing voters watch Letterman? 

I can only hope so. Letterman tore into McCain for bailing on his show at the last minute, then tore into him more for broadcasting live from an interview with Katie Couric.

See if you can spot the Manske joke!


fin ally. 

hip hipster hooray.
now if only you could order a guinness milkshake mid-movie,
then they'd really have something.

cassandra cinema
136 metropolitan
3 screens
spring-ish 2009

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Questionable Meatloaf 

From the homepage of NationalPunctuationDay.com.

Apparently their obsession with punctuation does not allow time for the study of irony. Behold: meatloaf in the shape of a question mark.


words hurt 

my friend leslie created this wonderfully sick & twisted line of greeting cards a while back. they make me lol. spread the ohmyword. (sucks that i won't be able to send any of you these now. or i might anyway, too bad. just pretend it's a manske joke and it gets better on repeat.)

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synecdoche, NY 

'Synedoche New York' Theatrical Trailer @ Yahoo! Video

written AND directed by Charlie Kaufman.

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pass it on 

Many people got lucky, lots did not.

For whatever reason (read: election time) no one is reporting on the extensive damage inflicted by Ike. Weather Underground has links if you'd like to offer help.


Check out the music video Katie Walsh and I produced! We shot Like a Secret with the Sam Champion Band out at Rockaway Beach, where you can get props right off the beach! Thanks dead shark!

- Lily



while obama was busy getting our hope up, 

lykke li was rocking some biker shorts under a leotard at (le) poisson rouge.

that's one of two cover/mashups she performed, the other was pretty silly fun too. (the stage was in the round in case you're wondering why she's facing the other way a lot.) i'm going for a third dose at music hall next month if anyone wants to join.

aw. i can't believe we're swede-less right now. someone get back here.

(genius camera work on the first video by lilia degregory, thankyou!)

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pop ups! 

have i ever told you how much i love the target? yeah i know there's one in brooklyn, but ehh. not the same. and this time i won't have to worry about looking like a fool for 10 minutes trying to figure out why the magnetized carts won't... go... out of the store. i just hope it doesn't turn out like buying a radiohead t-shirt at all points west. oh, look, another radiohead t-shirt.

bullseye bodega
tomorrow through monday, 10-10.

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Sad news that the amazingly talented and inspiring Japanese pop artist/director Nagi Noda passed away this week. A true original she will surely be missed.

put lipstick on a youtube video... 

and it's still a youtube video.

but a damn good one. i'm meeting that director tomorrow night, because i'm doing storyboards for his next music video for miri ben-ari. can't really give details, but it's political, and pro-obama. all this creative work for a great cause...man it's gonna suck when mccain and that lipstick wearin' pitbull win.

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Via Wiki: "The band played their final show on Friday, September 21, 2007 at Chicago's Abbey Pub, during the Estrojam festival."

Well guess what, you have one more chance to see them! Not only are they one of if not the most sampled band of all time, from Bowie to Beasties to Radiohead, they still have one of the freshest sounds out there. Unfortunately, I'll be hanging with ahem ahem two boys from France and some kids from Brooklyn that night BUT I strongly encourage all of you to go! They are in my top three best shows of all time. Seriously, some of the most fun you'll have all year.

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Dig it

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Get your Obama t-shirt 

Want an Obama T-shirt? MoveOn's giving them out if you make a small donation ($12) to their young-voter registration program, aimed at registering half a million young voters in swing states. I just got mine.


still, she scares me 

this was cut last night. wonder why. seems to be a theme, as her wiki site had some last minute editing as well.

please. no. repeat.

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lift off from JayWebs on Vimeo.

so we were going to wait until it ran on tv but somebody leaked this to the internets already so i thought i would share it with our LTD friends. yes, we sold our sold to the devil but sometimes we get something halfway decent out of it. turn your volume up and enjoy.

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