southpark has vision 

but i still prefer the family guy.

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a sad note on a merry day...sorry kids 

A true legend was lost today. He was one of my favorite artists of all time and I will always remember and cherish his shows

R.I.P. James Brown

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merry chrismukkah kawanzadon 

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Bring Popcorn 

Multimedia Artist Doug Aitken's newest work isn't in a museum but on it, literally. Next month Aitken will project his short film on the outer walls on MoMA for your viewing pleasure. The film "Sleepwalkers" is a broken narrative without a beginning or end and stars Tilda Swinton, Donald Sutherland, and the love of my life, Cat Power. The exhibit runs from January 16 through February 12, each evening from 5pm to 10pm.

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Harry Potter book title revealed.... 

For those of you anxiously awaiting the arrival of the last Harry Potter book in the series the day is getting near. JK Rowling has just announced the title to the last book in the series, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." Rumors also abound that the book will be released on 07/07/07 but we'll have to wait and see if that's true. Check out the her official website JK Rowling


never stop rockin' 

If you've missed the whole Colbert/Decemberists green screen challenges over the last month then you've been missing out. Last night everything came to ahead with what Colbert coined the "Rock'n'Awe Countdown to Guitarmageddon." I won't even attempt to give a play by play on this, otherwise I'll be in tears. Just go to Comedy Central and watch it Comedy Central

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Jesus Christ 

Apparently, while some are denying the existence of the holocaust others are denying the existence of Jesus Christ. The Rational Response Squad is asking YOU to take the BLASPHEMY CHALLENGE and upload a video declaring your denial of the Holy Spirit. In return you get some book denying the existence of Jesus. The video is pretty entrancing, what with the soothing sounds of Enya in the background and cute boys denying the Holy Spirit, I'm all for a little sin today. PS if you watch this you're probably are going to hell.



Now that the gays have won equal rights in Britain, the government is looking towards the future and finding who might be demanding equal rights next. In a report released today by the UK Office of Science and Innovation, Robot Rights could be the next civil rights movement in the next fifty years. Personally, I'm holding off for my very own Rosie to wait on me, I'll worry about their rights later. Robocop


my holiday gift to you 

D*ck in a box from Saturday Night Live.


My "I Love NY" entry of 2006 

Although it would almost seem to be an "I Love LA" shot. hmm, Coney Island, you confound me.


kevin devine 

KD is playing at pianos 2nite. if you want to say "i saw him when" give me a text. $8


the other t(h)om 

Performs tonight on the Henry Rollins show.


my week*ly poop* 

last week is a tough aCT to follow, if you know what i mean. so this week was pretty slow. stayed in, and worked a lot. as most of you know, i've been walking dogs since july. it's not the most glamorous job. but it keeps me fed, and i don't have to deal with any boss or cranky co-workers. just me and the pooches, strolling about the brooklyn heights/dumbo area.

here's where i start my day: dumbo. is not every frickin' block in this city photogenic? i mean really? anyway, i get the keys to the dogs' apartments, and off i go.

this is mr. henry. and yes, that's MISTER henry to you. and everyone else. he's pretty annoying actually. he tugs on the leash constantly, and if i let him, he'd mark on every tree, fire hydrant, trash can, and pants leg on the street.

over the years in austin, i had two or three labrador retrievers. they're my favorite dog in the whole world. so i'm kinda biased towards zeke. he's the black lab, and is the most gentle, sweetest dog that i walk. he's my favorite. then there's emma, and mr. henry again. yes, that's mister henry to you. and here he's modeling a wife beater, because he recently got tested for allergies. just say, "ooooooooohhhh", and nod like you know what i'm talking about, because that's what i did when his owners told me that, and i have no idea what that means, or why he has to wear a wife beater. but he is really allergic to everything. just another reason he's annoying.

after walking a dog, i have to leave a note for the owners every day. it's called 'the daily poop'. hence the name of this week's my week. thanks to jacquie osman for that idea. BRILLIANT. anyway, if you're out with me some time, and if yer lucky, and were a good boy or girl, maybe you'll get your own 'daily poop'. jac's gotten one, and so has karen...

this guy is frickin' cute. i just started walking him this week. his name is jackson. he's a collie mix, and a puppy, and rigoddamdiculously adorable. i had to kinda pop him on the nose yesterday because he kept biting and wrestling with another dog, and he flinched a lot, and put his tail between his legs. it nearly broke my heart, and i realized he was probably a rescue, and was has had a rough childhood, so i won't do that again. i wanted to cry i felt so bad. i mean, look at those eyes...too....cute...can't....look...away...

and this is addie. she's an english bulldog, and the victim of jackson's playful barrages. and another one of my personal faves. she's so sweet, and fun to walk. she's very observant of what i say, and is like my co-pilot on the walks, as she helps lead the way. awesome dog. she gets lots of compliments because she's perfectly bred.

this little french bulldog doesn't like to walk more than about twenty yards away from her building. so we don't. lola pees, and then we go immediately back into her apartment. hey, i ain't gonna force it. saves me time. and on a ring around her pillow/bed, it says, "if my dreams came true, bones would rain from the sky". ha.

i get to walk a few dogs along the promenade, and that's nice. i get to see the whole city, and remind myself of how much i love it. every day.

and what the hell, i'll finish this off with a picture of my brother's dog, gertie, when she was a puppy, about two years ago. good gravy...



prepare to be humbled 

The ITP kids present their latest projects, advance one step closer to world domination or at least cornering the social networking market.


This website changed my life 


"Bitesize clips from the web" It's the wiki of news and web information. People share and you can sign up for feeds. Anyone can 'pop' a story to be at the top of the list on the site. Completely democratic user generated news and information. It's amazing. I find out everything here.. It's actually, dare I say, more addictive than MySpace. Thank me or hate me later...


Fortune Teller 

I'm going to see this on Saturday night.

If you can't be bothered to click...here's description:

"The Fortune Teller reveals a world of curiosities as seven unusual characters (whose charcters represent the 7 deadly sins) are invited to the estate of a late millionaire industrialist and informed they’ve been included in his will. On a dark night, the strangers arrive at the late millionaire’s mansion only to learn their inheritances will be based not on a will, but on the readings of a fortune teller. One by one, each is delivered what they have coming to them, but perhaps not what they are expecting".

Come. Tix are $20, here.


baby it's cold outside 

Which means all your asses will be taking more cabs.

I expect reports.

get your boob plushies here 

La Suprette takes place this Saturday at Eyebeam.

Fun stuff!


yoohoo, team freelance 

Steinberg at the Morgan.

Cooper-Hewitt Triennial

my week *thanksgiving for CT edition* 

there's no better way to spend thanksgiving than on a beach, especially if that beach happens to be in texas. that's me and eve and mia. remember them? they used to be LDT'ers. one of them will be back for a visit next week.

yep. that's right. texas.

you know how i walk dogs part-time? i guess it runs (walks) in the family. this is my mom, and her new business.

from texas to connecticut. we rented a mini-van, and headed up to the schiller's. guess who was onboard!

the host with the most awesome player piano. herr schiller.

on sunday, margie and morgen had everyone over for brunch. they live next to a cemetary. and when i say "next to", i mean morgen has to avoid tombstones when he mows. it was a...killer...time?

on the way back, the kids wanted to stop and see a waterfall.

down on the farm. thanks margie, morgen, tom and jacque. great weekend.



World AIDS Day 

what a happy subject line.

There's 25 years of things to say, but it's really pretty simple. Be safe with drugs and sex, kids.

Here are two really cool, animated AIDS spots done a while back. The gay one. The straight one.

And here are some news bits, videos, and images of things going on around the world today to mark the 25th anniversary of AIDS. (courtesy my 2nd fave blog, towleroad)

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