"is your little guy limp...or growing?" 

what, I didn't say it. Republican, straight, married, father, Representative Mark Foley did. To a 16 year old boy. I'm sure y'all've all read a bit about it, but here's the full IM conversation. uh, enjoy?

everybody's let's do-in it 

great bar by the way.
but sorry kids, the red vines are not for sale.


stuff to do, things to buy 

October 5

Proceeds benefit their tutoring/creative writing program.

October 3

65% off retail. And it helps out public schools.


my boys have always been cows 

Guys, I gotta say...I was planning on voting all-Democratic this November. But after watching this, sorry. All-Republican ticket here. I think you'll agree.

wall eyed 


science of sleep exit poll: 

who did you identify with?
stéphane or stéphanie

(or... like tom, "the tall guy in the office," guy)



check this


its the economy, stupid 

james carville will be at barnes and nobles in union square on tuesday @ 7:00 w/ Paul Begala
talking about various subjects including their new book "Take It Back: A Battle Plan for Democratic Victory", takers? amy tan will (author of joy luck club) be there wed. night.

bollywood or bust 

i'm sure there are a few LDTers who have been kicking a screenplay or two around for a while. well now is your opportunity to shorten it (leaving room for melodrama and a silky song and dance) and make a film for bollywood. you won't get rich by US standards or even rich by mumbai standards, the pay is only $501, but it would give major street creds. its a STRAIGHT-TO-DVD project of 7 Short Films (12-15 minutes each) - Directed by Various Directors. the rest of the info is here.
while we are on the topic of bollywood, David Hasselhoff has been named international star of the year at the Bollywood movie awards in Atlantic City. they really love the cheese. this was part of dave's acceptance speach, ""I'm proud of shows like 'Baywatch' and 'Knight Rider' because it's about saving lives, not taking lives." nice.


come out and play 

Six story space invaders, 1000 par putt putt, and body pong.

This weekend.


some stuff to do 

ecotopia @ icp & ifc center

Mother Nature appears to be in a world of hurt.

iceland on the other hand...


brag board 

It's Tuesday evening. That means it's time to brag a little for a couple LDTers. Since they're both too modest to post it themselves, I'll do the drrrty deed. First, let's give it up for Kathleen Raftery, who, in her own words...:

(finally) edited, printed out and "bound" some of my writings. It's a simply done, DYI chapbook titled "On the Other Side of Beauty" and it can be bought at st. marks bookstore for $5. You can also read the unrevised work on my myspace blog.

Thank you, Kathleen. Next up is Theodora Stites ("Theo" to her friends). Her essay was previously mentioned (you saw it here first, kids) when it was published in the New York Times. The book is titled Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Writers. Publishers Weekly raves:

...while Theodora Stites, considering her obsession with Friendster and MySpace, confesses, "I am trying desperately to be a celebrity in the network of my own digital world." This highly readable collection of voices is more assured and memorable than one might have expected from such a venture.

Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Writers is now available.

Congratulations, ladies.


Sweet Jesus! 

A new documentary just came out this weekend called Jesus Camp. It's where children are taught to "radically lay down their lives for the gospel as they are over in Pakistan and Israel and Palestine." ABC did a little report on it. And it's scary.

But don't cry (laugh?) yourself to sleep just yet. There's still hope in the world. While our children are worshipping a cardboard cut out of President Bush (seriously), the Dutch children are singing about having homo parents. In a good way.


yes, these people are bathing in beer 

and, they are not from the dirty south (sorry texans) or trying to conserve water. these beer spas are popping up in europe and claim "Beer is very good for the skin, because of the vitamins and the yeast," Ms. Bauer said. "It's cleansing and drying." according to the pic its good for kids too.

Its origin and purpose still a total mystery. 

So my uncle works for NASA and sent me these images from a his buddy's camera. Really is amazing that we can know so much and so little at the same time... I wonder how differently our minds would work without the orienting (and strict) effects of gravity... Would we use our brains more holistically if we were raised in the 360 absoluteness of space? Hrm... Dunno, but these pictures sure are purdy!

Get Waxed 

So if you haven't heard me raving about the Klaxons for months, now is the time for a formal post. These brits are tearing up the charts across the pond and they are coming state side. So RUN don't walk and get your ticket at Other Music for what will be a good $10 spent. They are performing live with Soulwax (also performing live) and 2 Many DJs (Soulwax as they call themselves when spinning records) on September 21st at Studio B. Not enough reason, did I mention that there is free PBR at some point in the night? Check out Klaxons and if you like them you'll probably also like Crystal Castles


who can't say yeah 

to free booze and Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs djing**

RSVP at anthem-magazine.com/RSVP.

**warning, this is in associate w/ the misshapes kids.


burn baby burn 

i just got back from burning man which was really intense, crazy and weird. (one highlight was a guy sitting on a porta john, door open, naked, with a mic in one hand, a megaphone at his feet, describing his shit).
i just wanted to share some (rather tame) pics from my experience. enjoy.


Ticket Madness 

It's almost that time of the year again for another CMJ. The music marathon starts on my favorite holiday, Halloween, and goes through November 4th. Tickets for shows are on sale NOW! I already got my tickets for The Knife (thanks Jacquie) and The slits, but there are still more to get, Hot Chip anyone? Here are a list of some of the bands performing this year CMJ Music Marathon

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I know, i promised Nick i would never post another art opening after the bec stupac debacle. But:

Deitch Projects is pleased to present The Science of Sleep; an exhibition of sculpture and pathological creepy little gifts by Michel Gondry coinciding with the release of his new movie The Science of Sleep.In this exhibition, The Science of Sleep movie sets are presented and elaborated on as to allow their more concerted consideration as sculpture. A walk through the exhibition will immerse the viewer in the sculptural experience of the movie in three dimensions.

Opening Wednesday September 6, 6 - 9PM


panda panda panda! [update] 

don't forget about the panda!
she's no helena. but she is riiiight on the verge of being disgustingly cute.

- - -

= panda panda panda!


ok, that's hot 

straight from the BBC news desk:

Hundreds of Paris Hilton albums have been tampered with in the latest stunt by "guerrilla artist" Banksy.

Banksy has replaced Hilton's CD with his own remixes and given them titles such as Why am I Famous?, What Have I Done? and What Am I For?

He has also doctored pictures of her on the CD sleeve to show the US socialite topless and with a dog's head.

read the full story here.

UPDATE: photo from a lucky buyer's flickr set. view the rest here.


whip it good 

since nick is being so stingy with the "my week" these days - thought i'd share some pictorial love.

on wednesday night, i did NOT get to see a secret set by the rapture (aka druzzi's wyld stallions!!!!) as planned.

but here's a taste of what i did see:

sure it's not a documentary? 

"Alan, a musician whose band has just broken up, shows up in New York to pursue his burgeoning rock and roll career. He starts by searching for a drummer for a show he’s already lined up, and otherwise goes about the mechanics of self-promotion. He finds a champion in Sara, a radio DJ who sets her sights on a submissive but uninterested Alan—and finds him a drummer. In his down time, Alan drinks and strategizes with his old friend Lawrence, a grad student, and Lawrence’s girlfriend Ellie, a journalist. Alan endeavors to keep his shoulder to the wheel, while Ellie finds herself attracted to him. The attraction is mutual, but both parties are reluctant to take the next step."


directed by billyburg local andrew bujalski. and starring justin rice, member of the very prolific brooklyn indie rock outfit, bishop allen.

it's been a recommend pretty much everywhere lately. and has even been favorably compared to godard and cassavetes. lemme know if anyone wants to see it maybe this weekend or next week.

starts today
@ cinema village
(which, i realized, is not actually the peepee theater. so we're good.)

The Assassination of President Bush 

can you imagine? Soon, a fake documentary titled "The Death of a President" will air on UK television. It follows the assassination of President Bush in Chicago in October, 2007. I YouTubed and googled, but couldn't find out more. All I could find is a CNN video. I can't even directly link to it, but it's on the front page headline section. It's kind of haunting, actually. Here's hoping the video will come State-side soon.


More links about the film here, here, and here. (props to Jacquie O, who for obvious reasons knows more about presidential assassinations than me).

2 things 

#1 - if you watched the VMAs tonight - you saw a whooole lotta blood sweat and vodka from our very own andrew (chunks!). stardust created all the motion graphics for the show.

sorry, i totally meant to give a heads up beforehand but as you know, they'll be rerunning it at least 72 times over the weekend. so no worries.

#2 - i fucking love justin timberlake.

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