the bush 

Born and raised in this dear city (shaolin, though the bastard child, is still part of the family) I never thought I would live to see the day when people openly embraced the Bush (the hood not the prez or the vagina monologues). I guess it coincides with the inevitable evolution that is new york. this weekend is the open studio and arts festival in bushwick.


Interesting title, eh, Schillers? 


'planet earth' hd? pssssh. 

okay, okay, i'm sure "Planet Earth" is amazing. But this YouTube clip was caught on amateur video. It's amazing. And just when you think it's over, something else happens.


my week. *all-natural edition* 

we start off this week at the new camden plaza park in downtown brooklyn. this tree alley reminds me of something from 'lord of the rings'. but with modern architecture in the background. and litter. and a bum that kept laughing to himself.

on tuesday we went to happy endings. it was gay night, or something like that. looks like someone had a happy endings.

yup. definitely gay night.

i had another small job this weekend, and it was miserably rainy, so i stayed in on saturday. but sunday was lovely.

i'm fine. just a little fender bender. you should see the other guy.

meet buster. he's an un-neutered male boxer. he pulls like a freight train on his leash, poops in his living room, and once i arrived to walk him and found that he had broken through one of his apartment windows while trying to get out. and he's our pet-of-the-week.

i was on the promenade today, and it looked like new york was under attack.

this is addie. she likes treats.



Move over, Knut. 

Knut's all big and grown and probably already eating other baby animals. So auf wiedersehen, Knut, ni hao One, Two, and Three! Their names aren't so cute, but they're baby tiger cub triplets who, like Knut, were rejected by their mother (bitches!). And they get bonus cute points for nursing from a dog.

Why is all this cuteness happening in zoos overseas? All we get are gay penguins.



oh noooo. it's my worst daymare come true.
(please please please let my taxi karma somehow count toward this too.)

photo and anxiety via gothamist


They'll PAY you for your stinky-ass old sneakers! 


clean lost, but 

Thursday night at UCB.



I know you losers are probably all going to see Secret Machines at the Highline Ballroom on Saturday, but if you're not, does anyone want to go to the last ever Pretty Girls Make Graves concert at Grammercy? Last ever, as in after this they're gone. Fine, fuck off then, I'll go on my own.

(I'll also be going to see CocoRosie playing a free concert at the Winter Garden at the World Financial Center at 730, if you want to not come to that with me too).

thanks nyck 

for keeping us up to date with nyck.

do you know how to eat a burrito? 

if not, now you do.

i love me some me.

my week. *busy bee edition* 

since i last posted, i have been very busy working. both workin' the bitches and the ILLustrations. aside from walking and drawing, i did manage to do some birthday partying with lily at prospect park. she's now 'this many'. happy birthday, lily!

um...where you guys goin' with that big black box? i'm gonna need to see some i.d. and you haven't happened to see a bocce ball, have you?

"lord jesus christ, have mercy on me, a miserable sinner."

there are so many good things about this photo that jacque took. as far as i'm concerned, photo of the year.

though tom's face should've looked more like this.

apparently i have a kid. in the LES. and we sell lousy clothes.

sorry i don't have more. and i know how y'all can't WAIT for the next MW. i've averaged about 200 photos per week since i got barbara. but these past two weeks? about fifty. total. unexcusable. stay tuned for next week.

pretty fun pretty. 

this game site is a time suck. but it's a very relaxing suck.


be sure to listen to the 911 call 

cop in michigan busts someone, but keeps the pot he confiscates and makes pot brownies with his wife, eats them, proceeds to FREAK OUT.

the officer called 911 because he thought he was ::laughing at my desk...hard to type...shaking:: he thought he was dying.

click on the link and listen to the call. it's just --whew!--it's just so. funny.


sauna instructions 

apparently, the true value of spa week in new york has been seriously underestimated.

(yup. that's a real sign at bunya citi spa.)

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Chuck Palahniuk TONIGHT!! 

last time i posted about chucky doing a reading i did it so far in advance that i totally forgot about it. not this time. TONIGHT our dear friend chuck palahniuk is doing a reading at barnes and noble in union square at 7:00. i am going, trying to get there early as i expect it to be packed. for some reason he isn't doing a signing so leave your copy of fight club home.
Wednesday, May 9 with Irvine Welsh Reading and Q&A33 East 17th StreetNO SIGNINGNew York, NY 10003Store phone: 212-253-0810


Matt Singer has 2 tix to Tapes & Tapes on the 18th. Anyone want them?


my weekend 

thanks for all the sunny-funtime birthday goodness, everybody. i'm sorry i didn't get any shots of the two hasidic guys waddling a massive speaker across the picnic grounds -- maybe next year. or of the intense bocce action. picture taking is hard when people keep bringing beer to your party.

australians and americans alike can agree: BIRTHDAYS ROCK!



brand upon the brain | guy maddin 

Brand Upon the Brain!
In which the shocking truth is finally revealed about young Guy Maddin and his hellish childhood on a remote island, under the hyper-watchful eye of a crazed mother hellbent on restoring her youth and a diabolically distant scientist-father, proprietors of a mom-and-pop orphanage they surreptitiously operate within the dank confines of the family lighthouse. Watch! as the sex instinct grabs hold of young Maddin and his sister! Thrill! as the Mysteries of the Light House are divined by teen detectives! Reel! at the headstrong invention and heart-stopping rhythms of the elder Maddin┬╣s heroic silent moviemaking!!

With a LIVE Narrator! A Castrato!! Several Foley Artists!!! And an Orchestra!!!!

An Earth-shaking Live Spectacle, Coming to Select Theaters!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

may 9-15
7:30, 9pm showings
@ village east cinemas ("beautifully restored" aka no longer smells like pee)

full list of special guest narrators
- maybe may 12 with lou reed?

oddly via brooklyn vegan

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Tuesday eve 

WHAT: Every month people who work in the environmental field meet up for
a drink at networking events known as Green Drinks - its a chance to mix with
other like-minded people, share info and make friends. Many people have found employment, developed new ideas, made business connections and had moments of serendipity. It's a force for the good and its spreading around the world.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 8, 2007, from 6:00pm - 10pm

WHERE: Join us this month at: ~ Solar One one of our favorite summer venues! 2420 FDR Drive Service Road East (at 23rd Street /Ave C and Stuyvesand Cove Park) NY NY 10010 ~ Take the 6 train to 23rd street and walk east or the M23 bus to Solar 1~ tel 212 505-6050 Under a big white tent on the East River. $15 to cover the open bar

POWER: Bring your electric bill, sign up for Wind Power and admission is free

Anyone wanna?

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too art for TV 

"35 artists, by way of toys, comics, prints, and paintings, liberate the skills otherwise "owned" by their television networks bosses. Too Art for TV, Too is the biggest showing of this movement to date; featuring the artists who create, write, direct, storyboard, design, color, and animate "Venture Bros." (Adult Swim), "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (Fox Network), "Ice Age" (Blue Sky Studios), "A Scanner Darkly" (Richard Linklater), "SpongeBob SquarePants" (Nickelodeon), "Code Name: Kids Next Door" (Cartoon Network), "Stanley" (Disney TV), "Daria" (MTV Animation), "Blue's Clues" (Nick JR), and more. "

my friend kelly (www.kellydenato.blogspot.com) is showing some of her stuff so i am def. going tonight, barcade to follow. Stay Gold Gallery 451 Grand Street Brooklyn. opening tonight 5/4 from 7-9. show runs till 5/25.

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Opens tomorrow.


From Bro Rape to Alanis' Humps 

Just a few good much needed, painfully hysterical laughs...I'll be looking out for you collar poppers out there...

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