my week. *i have a dream edition* 

i went to the met twice this week. the robert rauschenberg show was great (see posts from last week), but you couldn't take photos of it. so i took some pics in the modern art section. really beautiful stuff...

from up close, chuck close is pretty good:

but his work is best viewed from not so close:

remember the last time josh and i led the way to parties? well thursday was it. then we stopped at fatbaby's, and had some drinks. josh and kathleen shared some delicious delicious panella.

on friday night, our 'special' cousin randy made the front page.

while the drunks stumbled all around her, lily caught up on some reading at 'zebloskys' in williamsburg:

jacquie prayed for rain.

thus it was raining when we left to go to supreme trading, and we dreamed about get-away cars. in yellow.


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