you drink coke and play again. 


proud home of the human league and the cockers (both joe and jarvis), sheffield, england has declared itself the birthplace of electronic pop. but don't let that fool you, sheffield is also home to def leppard. and my favorite new lyrical gangsters - arctic monkeys.

a bit more info on the cheeky monkeys: often genre-d as the libertines meet the streets (a.k.a. crack). legend has it, this is how the band earned their name. recently signed with domino, they don't even have an album yet. but at live shows the singer actually has to ask permission to sing his own chorus. and lastly, while mp3-swapping with a guy in sheffield for more of their tracks (shut up) i was offered any arctic monkey i wanted, "except matt, because he has a girlfriend."

try these on for size.

arctic monkeys ::fake tales of san francisco ::
arctic monkeys ::i bet you look good on the dance floor ::

>pc people: right click and choose save as
>mac people: option click

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my week. 

this week was pretty low-key. after the past two crazy weeks, i kinda took it easy. it started off with a bang though. monday was the last night that all four manske boys were tearing up new york, and we decided to do something different, exotic, and like nothing that we could do anywhere in austin, texas. so we played foosball. in a bar about 3 blocks from my apartment.

monday was also the day that my mom got married. here is the happy couple hamming it up at the courtroom. congratulations mom!

on tuesday, mom sent me this picture, taken from their front yard in wichita, kansas. as an aside, team freelance member and co-captain matthew low has connections to kansas, dontcha matt?

so friday rolled around, and...well...um...actually, most pics of nate are just hard to explain. so i'll let the picture do all the talking...

then on saturday night, the paparazzi got me again. this time i got caught violating a balloon.

and it wasn't the first time. i think i have a problem.



lost the plot pt.1 


via gawker.


who has two thumbs... 

...and is your dream daddy?

this guy.

shop for stuff no one else is wearing 'til you drop 

i totally snagged this from daily candy, but so what.
i like shopping almost as much as i like cupcakes.
the best is when i get to shop for cupcakes.

and in other i'll do anything to procrastinate news... 

i love aquadrops.
mmm. lemon-lime flavor. seriously. have you tried them? delicious. sugar-free. hydrating in a sort of lozenge-y way. and somehow even though they taste like candy, they still leave your breath minty fresh. perhaps i should be posting this on the snacks & candy website. or in an enthusiast forum somewhere. but damn if it isn't all true. alright, back to pretending to work.

i finally saw the bouncers at the delancey smile 

last night, motherf*cking wyclef jean jumped up on the non-stage next to the DJ booth at the delancey for an impromptu performance. he started out by asking his band to play him a little lou reed... and then free-styled over "walk on the wild side." needless to say, that was dooope. he also played a fugees song or three (i don't know their catalog that well so i could be off), some bob marley and... la bamba? which were fun to see him perform and watch the crowd go nuts over, but not as impressive.


it's free. it's outside. what more do you want? 

some weekend options:

movies in central park

'muppets take manhattan' playing friday at 8. 72nd st. off of 5th ave.

'little manhattan' playing saturday at 8. same place.

here's a synopsis (natalie, you may want to look away now): a romantic comedy about life, the Big Apple, and that mysterious, maddening, and wonderful phenomenon known as first love, as seen through the eyes of a fifth-grader. (Directed by Mark Levin, starring Josh Hutcherson, Charlie Ray, Bradley Whitford, and Cynthia Nixon.)


collision machine
saturday 6-8 with after-party, well, after.
apparantly there's a sweet roofdeck, booze and dj's.
oh, and some art and shit too.

happy august birthday 

(there have been so many this month, we're gonna do it office birthday combo style)

natalie - august 1
bridget - august 13
cindee - august 17
dirrrty - august 19
flip - august 21
max - august 22!
stephanie - august 24
travis - august 29


say it ain't so 

there are only a few more weekends left of summer. and only a few of these left. i vote for the 'toons with no sound.
*see all those people with their mouthes hanging open? that could be us.


But don't think it's all pink sand and cerulean waters. Last night I accidentally saw the guy in the cabana next door wiping his ass.


it's no bermuda, but it's damn beautiful out. and since these are the last days of summer... i vote we try to relive the feeling of the first days, austin style.

@ pier 54
starts at dusk (around 8:30)
but you have to get there a lot earlier if you want to get a decent spot. these things get packed.

what do you think? you don't have to bring snacks and flasks... but it'd be a lot cooler if you did.

and after naptime, we visit video corner 

franz ferdinand // do you want to (yes i do, but i can't. works on PC's only.)
first single off the new album you can have it so much better. i still love em even though they didn't let me direct. watched the making of video special on mtv2 yesterday. watch a clip here. jealous.

LCD soundsystem // trials & tribulations
one of my favorites on the album. which i finally, finally got my mitts on. yahoo.

the white stripes // my doorbell
also one of my favorites on the album. even if jack white is just a big candy cane striped baby.

lazy ladies choose badminton 

i've been accumulating lots to post, but can't be bothered to do them each justice. so here's just a quick hit list:

+ not quite necrophilia, but hunter s. thompson did get blown 6 months after his death.

+ listen to do they know it's hallowe'en over at vice - it’s the new "we are the world" except it benefits UNICEF and ole stevie, sting, michael and george michael have been taken over by zombies karen o., beck, david cross, win & regina...

+ and well bloodyshitpissvomitlickingdirtysexwithsmallchildrenanimalsandgrandma, gosh darn it, the aristocrats was great. go see it sans popcorn. or chocolate. trust me.

+ and in related sick and twisted movie news, here's the preview for jesus is magic.

+ is anyone else going to one of these? jac and i got tickets for day 2 coney island with beck. whichever show you're into, make sure to get your tickets at the irving plaza box office and save like $15 in ticketbastard charges. unless you're actually choosing the killers over the pixies. in which case, you should have to pay extra.

+ what a cool legacy. if only i wasn't gonna be in italy that day. sigh. poor me.

+ and lastly, but definitely not leastly, don't forget about the talking about tom spectacular at lincoln film center, september 6. i got four tickets so if you want one of those let me know. otherwise you can find the giggles here.


it's no ACL but... 

The Arcade Fire - Atmosphere - The Dandy Warhols - Doves – The New Pornographers - Aesop Rock - Blackalicious - Devendra Banhart & Hairy Fairy - Coheed and Cambria - !!! - The Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Hold Steady - Dungen - Cannibal Ox - Against Me! - The (International) Noise Conspiracy - Feist - John Vanderslice –- Bun B - Nashville Pussy - Blues Explosion - Mae - Longwave - Regina Spektor - Richard Buckner - Lucero - CocoRosie - Crooked Fingers - Tilly & The Wall - Laura Veirs - Motion City Soundtrack - Of Montreal - Icarus Line - Wrens - why? - Silverstein - The Juan MacLean - Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno - Battles - The Constantines - Little Brother - Ambulance Ltd - The Gossip - Kinski - Beans w/ Holy Fuck - Supersystem - Nouvelle Vague - Mary Timony - Wolf Parade - Elevator Action - Alias - Funeral For A Friend - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Dead Meadow – The Double – Toweres Of London - Wilderness - Foreign Born - Tom Vek - Morning After Girls - The Talk - The Sun - Dios Malos - Vijay Iyer - Chad VanGaalen - The Kingsbury Manx - Craig Wedren - Fruit Bats - Rogue Wave - The Oranges Band - World/Inferno Friendship Society - Need New Body - xbxrx - Subtitle - Grand Buffet - Alan Sparhawk (of Low) - Robbers On High Street - Rasputina - Youth Group - Dr. Dog - Head of Femur - Pete Rock - Kaki King - Make Believe – Wolfmother - Amusement Parks on Fire - P.O.S. - Saturday Looks Good To Me – Toby Lightman - Dirty on Purpose - Drums & Tuba – The Giraffes - The Honorary Title - The Rosebuds - Daughters - Limbeck - Blood On the Wall - The Lot Six - Turing Machine - The Velvet Teen – The Occasion - Denison Witmer - Chris Lee - The Natural History – DeVotchKa – Brother Ali - Decibully - Snatches Of Pink - Billy Nayer Show - Neva Dinova - Narrator - Electroputas - American Minor and more...

since i sold my ACL ticket to nick, i just felt like bringing cmj to everyone's attention. sure, jac will probably tell us which are the best to go see and where and what time and where the after-party is, but just remember who went to the trouble to highlight and cut and paste.


kill time 

watch the intro.
you won't be sorry.

ps- apparently this is done by two brothers. one writes. one animates.
could be the 5th and 6th manske.

yee haw 

click this shit.


what a wonderful world.


my week. 

this was the week leading up to nate's birthday. so to get in shape, we start off monday with a few cartwheels:

make sure you're warmed up before you try the challenging herkie:

before trying an advanced move like this, make sure that you've had lots of practice, and a spotter:

drugs and alcohol can severely limit your performance. but even spidey enjoys a good party every now and then:

hey kids! drunk spidey says, "use caution when riding ice-chestsh, and alwaysh wear protective head gear! this coors is yoursh!":

finally, in between workouts, make sure you get lots of rest:



Last Minute Birthday Party Reminders 

1. My birthday party is tomorrow (Saturday) at Prospect Park.

2. Take the F train to 7th Avenue. Or just get to Prospect Park however you want and call any of us to find out where we are.

3. I will have some BBQ, but I recommend bringing your own.

4. BYOB.

5. I'm getting there at 11 to reserve a spot. I recommend getting there around 12:30 or 1:00.

6. Drink lots. Have fun.

7. My phone number. 347-423-4444. Nick's phone number. 917-749-5073.


earn up to 10 team freelance points! 

who wants to go? anyone?


like coming up with a band name, if the band just wrote taglines on stage 

anyone have any ideas for the name of my little company of one? i've got to come up with one for tax purposes. i tried to combine the things i like and netted out with 'sneaker cupcake'. please help.


Wonder Dog 

Maybe y'all have seen this before. But good for a quick laugh. It's a walking dog. But not like a normal walking dog, but... ah, just watch.


my week. 

this week's theme is water. and for once, it didn't solely revolve around the devil's kind. we start off wednesday night at #1 chinese, at a party called BANG! there was an open svedka vodka bar and a large acquarium downstairs. i somehow missed the open bar, but what i didn't miss was some sort of eel or ray trying to eat this fish, who just happens to be the stupidest looking creature i've ever seen in my life. he deserves to be eaten.

this dragon was found in a back hallway at the bottom of some stairs. i thought it was really cool.

on thursday i got bored, and so with nothing to do, i took my broke ass down to the waterfront in williamsburg, and took some pictures of the beautiful new york skyline at dusk. in this one, you can see the williamsburg, manhattan, and brooklyn bridges.

so friday finally came, and it was the moment we were all waiting for: bridget's 31st birthday party! caution: excessive cupcake use. protective eye wear must be worn at all times.

and what better way to work off a cupcake hangover, than by going to the beach. this is what my island (nicholasburg) would look like. complete with everything you see here, including godzilla in the yellow shorts, who ended up being the death of my castle.

everything was so beautiful, we decided to stay overnight. it was the perfect weekend.



It's my BIRTHDAY. Things are about to get ugly. 

August has no holidays. So we Leos are making up for it in birthdays.

You got annihilated at Natalie's.
You got blitzed at Bridget's.
It's time to get drrrnk at Drrrty's.

sagging nuts? 

thanks everyone for coming out to brooklyn on my birthday for drinks and cupcake worship. to express my gratitude, i humbly offer you this link. not as good as the cupcake, but close.



last night on ludlow street outside velvet-roped, libation...

GIRL: so libation means drink in spanish?
GUY: no, in english.


Oh no you di-in't! 

Brooklyn vs. Queens. Only in New York will you see this. Apparantly Hot97 is getting sued.


Pizzaz = Mark 

Hey all you old DiMassites, do you think that dude in the Pizzaz video looks just like Mark Dimassimo?

lunartinis sept 6 

If you missed the bus the first time 'round, here's a second chance.

Or you could just buy the book.


for a laugh? 

pocket change 

What will you have? The state of Texas? The whole of Australia? Just name your island, we're taking orders.


ouch, my wallet hurts. 

$55/day tickets on sale this friday at 10.

and in shorter term, more affordable concert news:

the shout out louds
@ mercury lounge, $12

madison strays / 5 o'clock heroes
@ mercury lounge, $10

clap your hands say yeah
@ south street seaport, FREE

saints + lovers
@ the delancey, $7

bridget and the cupquettes
@ supreme trading

mobius band / elkland
@ undisclosed warehouse in DUMBO, FREE

mommy + daddy
@ scenic, $8

my week. 

so it all started on monday night, where we celebrated natalie's birthday. she got a manicure after the meal, and just looks fabulous!

on tuesday, i went to the lake in CT (more on this in a minute, it deserves its own posting...). it was beautiful. as jacque said, it was something you'd see on a really annoying puzzle.

on wednesday, after a train ride from CT, i ended up going out, and was again captured by the paparazzi. i was starting to feel a little under the weather, and had no business going out, so to conceal my fatigue and illness, i tried eyeliner...

so thursday, after hitting an open sparks bar at the delancey, my friend's show at the skinny, and then an open rum bar at morissey park, my body finally succumbed to my rock and roll lifestyle. so drunk and sick as hell, i ended up stumbling back to chelsea where i was dogsitting for the weekend. there, for two straight days, and between eating oatmeal and ramen, and walking Gary the dog, i sweated and slept away a 102* fever. oh, yes. that's a tickle-me-elmo, and yes, as he's getting violated, he says in the most cheerful of voices, "tee hee hee, that tickles!".

i started feeling a little bit better on saturday evening, and wanted to get out of the house. so i went to a party with jacquie, nate, and lily. i didn't drink anything but water, and it was still fun, and the hallway was cool. nate, don't put your feet up there like that, it'll rip. nate. don't. it's gonna....

whenever i'd walk gary around the block, i'd have to look straight ahead so as not to make eye contact with any of the boys. and aside from being stopped every ten feet for the damn dog to sniff and mark, i'd also have to stop and let people pet the bastard and make up an age for him, "oh, he's like three." or, "yeah, he's a yorkie. he's four. i think.", or, "yeah, he's a cutie...um...two...?" and so on. geezus, chelsea is a total fuckin' circus...

but they do have a cool lamp store...



f*cking nature 

nate and i went to see march of the penguins last night. unbelievable. and just when you think those little waddling, slip-sliding, nuzzling, night-at-the-roxbury head bobbing penguins can't get any cuter... gosh darn it... they do.


Hentai Dictionary 

Here's a good time suck when you're wasted



happy birthday, nat 

I don't know how to say it in Thai, so here's a wish in Dutch.

Gelukkige Verjaardag Natalie. Mei uw dag natuurlijk volledig is van Geesten, Patroon.

I don't speak Dutch either.

darwin knows what you did, nick manske 

No disrespect to Tham, R.I.P., but these freaky felines have had enough of all you human people's shit.

And probably for good reason.

my week. 

on tuesday, i went to see Zardoz at APT. zardoz is a film from 1974 starring sean connery in a red loin cloth. but more importantly, afterwards i went to happy ending for an open bar with ginger infused vodka. it wasn't that great, but it was free. and there was underwear hanging from the ceiling.

on thursday, i went to the darkroom, and then to san loco. i don't remember WHAT I SAW, but jacque saw a drunk guy with a camera.

on friday, we were to play MAFIA at jacquie's, but not enough people showed up. so we played balderdash and put things on darwin/thumbs/snoop/kwittie. he didn't like it, and took action:

and to get ready for the MAFIA party that never happened, jacquie multitascqued. she cleaned both her teeth and her floor. at the same time.

on saturday i went to the beach with jackin' nate. no one else could rally or they were out of town, except mr. steven seagull.

then nate and i went to misshapes where there was an open sparks bar, and we...um...well...what tha...i dunno...

on sunday we went and saw 'wedding crashers', and it was one of the worst movies i've ever seen. then we sold tom into slavery, which he would've preferred.


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