dance redux 

Friday night? anyone? bueller?

borrowed interest 

this jacflix is headed west on sunday at dawn (of the dead), and i imagine i will have a lot of movie alone time while i'm out there. so, seeing as i haven't yet worked out how to get my next batch of netflix sent to me at a hotel... won't you be my neighbor, won't you loan me a dvd for the road, please?**

**i promise to not only remember that they are in fact, not mine (unlike some people we all know). but also to return them intact. within a reasonable watching period (unlike some people we all know). as long as we don't try to do the swapsies at max fish, that is... sorry pfleegs.

reading rainbow 

if you're into:
dysfunctional families : The Corrections
american expats in italy :
Pasquale's Nose

new york expats in the 'burbs :
It Takes a Village Idiot


i'm three dwarves today. 

sneezy. sleepy and dopey.

are there any named stressy or out-of-toiletpaper?
cause i could be one of those too.


as per my previous request, bloc party are finally peeing in our pool.

bloc party
knitting factory

Fall for Dance Tonight!!! 

New York City center is having a dance festival featuring different companies each night this week. Tonight the famous Martha Graham Dance Company performs along with 4 other groups. TICKETS ARE JUST $10 EACH NIGHT. I'm going to call and order for tonight's performance--does anyone want to come with me? Dancing? Culture? Ladies in tights? my work # is 212.614.7509 or email lily@workman.com. for more info: http://www.nycitycenter.org/ticketing/tickets/reserve.aspx?performanceNumber=923


hey everybody join the art movement!
it's going to cost $20 just to visit once
a membership will pay for itself if you
go 3 times a year. long live Duchamp!


i know you all read and everything, but in case you didn't already, do read the op-ed piece in today's nytimes called 'sentenced to be raped.' then think about all the things that are wrong with the world and what you're going to do to fix them. Do you favor punishment or reconciliation? What are your feelings on amnesty? Five pages, 11pt., double spaced. due friday. Sentenced to Be Raped


jacquie is a punk 

hey ho. go see the ramones documentary end of the century. and then come over to my house and watch rock-n-roll high school. i have it on DVD.

g is for gigabyte 

anyone need a Gmail invite?


Come back Jaxquared: Episode II 

this place got filthy again. and tom made us eat chicken liver, and drink straight vodka, and dance a polka.

and we want pixies pix.


kryptonite? not so much. 

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Lock , nyt.com, ny region.

how to steal bikes with a bic pen. mwahahahahaha


more mirth 

laugh at young people.


Inspired by chit-chat...Last Name Meanings! 

Do your own research however you want. I Googled "Last Name Meanings", filtered through all the "free trial" bullshit, and searched for what my name means, and any important Manske's of past. Here's what I found:

Robert Francis Manske was military personnel that was killed at Pearl Harbor.

"You want to be productive and feel useful, and enjoy helping solve problems. You like to be busy and not waste time. You have a need to be up front. You must learn to give 'wise' service and not be a martyr. You try to be prudent. You have good business acumen. You have good recuperative abilities. You are determined. You can be quite inventive and quite curious."

A picture of Nathan Manske can be seen here. He has served the environment for 24 years, which is ironically how old I am.

Whoa!! My posting of my birthday party on the blog is on Google search if you type my name in. haha, that's funny. Well shit, I guess the whole world was invited.

Well darn. That's about all I could find about anything. You have to pay for all the genealogy sites, so I didn't learn as much as I thought I would. Oh well. I'm looking forward to seeing what anyone else finds out about themselves. But my Senior year in High School, I did indeed discover that we were goose-herders (not hurters, Tom). And yes, my family shield thing had a goose on it.

Have fun.

modest rumors 

according to the all-knowing blogosphere,
there is a secret modest mouse show tomorrow @ webster hell
listed under wolf parade & friends.

*this rumor has not been officially endorsed by the FDA, the FCC, the RNC, the AARP or ebertandroeper.com

paris hilton 

got a miniature bobcat and named it "liger"


what's cooler than being cool? 

going to a conference on being cool,
of course.

oct. 2&3
tokion's creativity now
@ cooper union
(the line-up actually looks pretty sweet)


prick up your ears, eric 



come back jaq 

i'm bored of writing blogs to myself.

puerto rico anyone? 

who's been?
all i know is the p.r. day parade and that guy with the tricked out push bike with radio and the horns and the flags and shit who rides around alphabet city.
anyone want to come surfing there at the end of october?


voyeur's crack 

"I pleasure myself while listening to French Celine Dion-songs. I don't know why I do it, but just turning up one of those songs makes me instantly think of something really arousing."

Just one of thousands of confessions on http://grouphug.us


go see this movie 


thank you.


size nine anyone?  

white adidas shell toes with red and blue stripes. free for you! futon! free for you!
big school wall clock from taget - looks like the M&Co. one! free! blu dot cd rack!
free free free! help me help you help me clear out my apartment. come on, they're
all free for my friends! whatever.

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