droppin' some george 

or, where to find awesome stuff for $1:

* fried dumpling
99 allen st. just south of delancey
give the late night slice a break and try 5 tasty veggie or pork and chive dumplings for a buck. get extra vinegar sauce and don't be deceived by the name, they also do steamed.

* DFA holiday mix
on itunes
fair warning - they don't break the tracks up into separate files which is pretty annoying. but for a buck? c'mon.

* rauschenberg exhibit (et al)
at the met
in piggyback to jac's post below, don't get guilted into the "suggested donation" at the met. that's what corporate sponsors are for. pay what you wish. and if you wish to pay a buck, then this entry fits with the rest of my post.

anyone else have good ideas for how to teach an old buck new tricks...?

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