craigslist for dummies 

as jacquie will tell you, or as any of you who have read one of my posts and have had to cut and paste my links into your computer have noticed, i'm not the most technology-savvy person in the bunch. and i have a bookcase to sell. or in this case, give away. it's an oak bookshelf with 3 shelves and it's real perty. i think the dimensions are something like 12 x 36 x 48, in no particular order. the only cost is you hauling it out of my apartment down three flights of stairs.
for the love of god, please don't make me try and post a picture on craigslist.


if the copywriting thing ain't working out 

Try ebay.

hint: read the description

gotta love google 

Do a search for "failure" but hit the I'm Feeling Lucky button.

The scientific name... 

of the common housefly is Musca domestica Linnaeus (Insecta: Diptera: Muscidae)



on cnn.com about hurricane wilma:

Naples man: "I saw a bunch of stuff flying by."


some people do productive things with their time, like this.

via boing boing

make that 552,000 

speaking of which, i need to get back to work.

don't ask 

just go.
two words: jared leto

this one's for the ladies 

especially the one's who's name starts with jac and ends with que.
this site has some delicious 'bling' as the kids who are about two years behind say.



Ah, the power of editing.

If you know "The Shining", or hell. Even if you don't. Just watch it.

Tip: The Shining is a scary ass book written by Steven King. It was also made into a scary ass movie.


it's a bout time. 

anyone have any plans for tonight? i've got a unique idea: ROLLER DERBY!

this guy that lives across the hall from nate and i, has a girlfriend who plays for the "queens of pain". tonight is the championship bout, so it should be pretty intense. a league in austin, TX started all the frenzy back in 2001. read up on your history and lingo of rollerderby, and come out for some fun.

...oh yeah, it's in the bronx...


art + commerce 

Now through the 25th, they're sponsoring a show for emerging photographers in DUMBO.


too far 

i'm all for recycling, but

under the covers 

go here to see the top 40 magazine covers of the past 40 years. no surprise john and yoko took first place. i didn't realize that shot was taken the day he died.
whatev. i'm just glad they beat out demi and her naked belly.


my week. 

i was in texas for almost a month. patrick james manske's wedding was the primary reason for my visit, so we start off last monday with his bachelor party. to compensate for not having strippers, i made him this cake (NSFW)...

on tuesday, we carved pumpkins which would serve as decorations at the ceremony and reception.

not sure who invited this guy to the rehearsal...

hmmm...guess who's getting married next.

you can't have a trip to texas without some chips, salsa, margaritas...

...and of course drinking and driving.

texas was awesome, but it's good to be back in new york. i missed all you guys! stay tuned for a flickr photo update, with pics from my entire texas trip. hope to see you all soon. let's do this party.



January 19, 2006 

JetBlue begins non-stop service from JFK to Austin!

My Brother fucked Bill Frist 

My brother is the editor for the Associated Press newsdesk for all of Tennessee. He sent his reporter to D.C. to break this story after reading 2 lines in the Congressional Quarterly of Frist's stock sale.

Frist later blamed the media for the SEC's subsequent investigation into his insider stock sell-off.

If Frist doesn't get a "Martha Stewart" then he sure as shit isn't running for president in 2008 now. So instead of a possible President Frist, we'll see that Republican ass-wipe on the Apprentice sometime soon.


brain candy 

and now for something a bit less superficial:

PBS is running an excellent program called Einstein's Big Idea that breaks down his famous equation into understandable parts and also gives credit to the scientists before him who made contributions to the discovery. It's a NOVA presentation. Trust me, it's interesting.


Vonnegut's new A Man Without A Country is a quick, thought-provoking read. Not to mention funny in a, "hell yes!" kind of way.

more places to spend $$ 

Feng Junk


scarier than the log ride 

Grouse Mountain


I know all our attention is on the bird flu, but.. 

this is starting to get good.

Rove and the Leak - a brief on Bush's impending lobotomy.


best celebrity sighting since tilda 

Isabella Rossellini in Vancouver with Guy Maddin's My Dad is 100 Years Old.

yok yok aussie style 

ho ho ho


make matt proud 

Add some "greenery" to your life:

Eatit World - Creative Recycling
Bambu - Brings Something to the Table

Dark of the Matinee 

The Brothers Quay, with a little help from Terry Gilliam, give a polaroid transfer treatment to the Phantom in The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes.

I'm also going to try and catch The Silent Holy Stones from Tibet and absurdist comedy The French Guy at the Vancouver Int'l Film Festival. Ubu Roi!

what's in store 

Refinery 29 makes finding something cute a lot easier though probably less wallet friendly.



but a dream, though in mine not such soft landings.


sell outs 

if you wanna go to any of these, you best buy your tickets soon.
i'm just sayin.

oct. 21
the rapture !! @ bowery ballroom !! TICKETS (sold out)
(they're also playing this week at crash mansion)

oct. 25
wolf parade @ north six TICKETS (sold out)
(already sold out their bowery show on the 24th)

nov. 15-16
arctic monkeys @ mercury lounge TICKETS (sold out)
(i got mine for the 16th)

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