give me your eyes 

wolf parade apologies to the queen mary was probably my favorite album of 2005. it didn't just get stuck in my head, it cozied up in there and built a little haunted shantytown. it's too bad my old computer crapped out because i would love to see what the itunes playcount on "i'll believe in anything" was for october...

anyway, big news:

@ webster hall
april 9/10

not sure when tickets will go on sale. probably soon. so keep your eyes open. it won't sell out at quite the clap-your-hands-say-yeah-yeah-yeah-monkey pace, but they'll go pretty fast. they didn't play a lot of shows in new york last year, just CMJ and a couple others (jac and i saw them at north six). so a lot of people will be jumping on those tickets in spite of it being at the webster. you feelin lucky nat?

UPDATE: tickets on sale now. got em for sunday.

(via brooklyn vegan of course)

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