Who's in? 

It's free, people, FREE!

At South Street Seaport, this Friday night.

You can even ride the NY Water Taxi to get there...Anyone want to pre-booze at the lic beach bar?

Water Taxi has a coupon posted at the bottom of their page.

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what do you do when you see a woman abusing her child on the subway?


Shakin it at PS1 - Sat. July 29

The Juan Maclean are dj'ing tomorrow at the outdoor beach-disco at PS1 in Queens.

For those of you not going to Bloc Party, well, you should come meet me down there.

3-9pm (doors open at noon)

Tix: there (line); ticketweb; agnes b. stores

Check out this video. No way you don't start a-grindin' by the end of it.



little edie II 

NOT the rumored (read: dreaded) Drew Barrymore re-make, but never seen before footage from the original doc.

Midnight at the IFC Center

And if anyone is around this afternoon and wants to escape the heat, I'd also like to see Little Miss Sunshine, Brothers of the Head or I Like Killing Flies.

Call me.


The Idiot's Guide to What the Hell is Going on In The Middle East 

Jon Stewart had a guest tonight on the Daily Show who for me finally spelled it out in comprehensible terms. He's an NYU professor in international relations and lays out the sunni and shia aliances behind the latest troubles.

Superficial, perhaps, (it's a 5 min interview) but better than just who's bombing who today.

You can catch the reruns: tonight 1am, tomorrow 2pm and 8pm.


This is for everyone, but especially Jacque because she likes duets.

Sunday Bloc Party 

A few blokes from the UK will be at McCarren Park Pool on July 29th to put on a bloody good show. Unless it's a typo, they'll be playing at 5AM. These guys really need to get off London time.

Check out the Helicopter vid, I especially enjoyed the pigzards in it.

Bloc Party rocks!


Choe Nuf. 

The trailer for the forthcoming feature documentary, "Dirty Hands," about Upperplayground contributor and SF street artist David Choe.

Check it Here.

baby talk 

Since babies seems to be the topic du jour I thought I'd post a little something. Us Weekly online has posted a very telling piece on celebirty babies and what they will look like in the years to come. Personaly I think K-Fag and Britney's baby shows signs of fetal alcohol syndrome but I ain't one to gossip.

Celebrity Babies


cover those nips 

Printed Matter is throwing their first T-Shirt sale/party this Saturday from 12-7 (djs spin at 4).

Maya Hayuk
Kayrock and Wolfy
Ryan McGinness
Adam Shecter


195 Tenth Avenue at 22nd Street

wear art

will clarke | well worthy 

sure, he's been compared to chuck palahniuk before. but is there any higher praise than an arrested development analogy?

hot damn. a huge congratulations to our friend will clarke on this glowing -- new york times review -- of his two amazing novels:

lord vishnu's love handles: a spy novel (sort of)
(already bought by paramount and soon be a major motion picture from the producer of "sideways")


the worthy: a ghost story.


video corner 


gnarls (gump) barkley :: smiley faces ::
amazing. plus, anything with dennis hopper wins extra points by me.

yeah yeah yeahs :: turn into ::
pretty pretty pretty.

the knife :: silent shout ::
more like the ring. creepy as expected.

dabrye :: smoking the edge ::
dope illustrations by lucy mclauchlan of british graffiti collective beat 13.



You know you want it.

Would Biggie have loved Gnarls? 

These mash ups are a bit smushed, but because I want to like them, I'm giving them another go. I think in this case, the sum of the whole is less than the parts.
What do you think?


Congrats, Texas on becoming the country's largest wind power generator.



While watching this weeks episode of "Entourage" I was delighted to hear my favorite ambisexual rapper, Mickey Avalon's song come on. While not terribly gifted(it's not wu-tang people) it is addictive as hell. Do the Jane Fonda!

mp3:: jane fonda



Shepard Fairey will be signing copies of Supply & Demand, a retrospective book of all his art at The New Museum.

Thursday 6-8PM
556 West 22nd Street (at 11th Ave)

And of course, there's an afterparty:
@ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie Street (between Delancey and Broome)


kathleen has the best ideas 

== chihuly nights @ the new york botanical gardens ==

so glad the rain held up until today.

it was amazing to see them all lit up at night, but hard to capture on my little digital elph, sans tripod. i'm actually thinking of going back during daylight hours with a real camera if anyone's interested.


for the boys 

I apologize whole-heartedly that this post will forever in LTD blog history be above Helena's first baby pictures. But, hey, I'm not called Drrrty because I'm clean.

It's similar to my other 50's video post ("you see, Ralph was sick in the head. Ralph was a homosexual") in that it's from the 50's and funny. But this one is much tamer and fun for the whole family (particularly the guys) to watch.

Hm. I haven't tried some of those.



hello helena! 

congratulations sean and erin!

at 2:21 this morning, july 15th, helena sol labounty burst onto the scene at 7 lbs., 8 oz.


smart points 

Watch Robert Newman's History of Oil. Very funny, very enlightening, very scary.

And, nothing to do with smart points, but I can't be bothered to do another post... the one red paperclip guy got his house.



my week. 

we start off quite the festive week on sunday night, when jacquin'eve threw me an awesome birthday party. and guess who shoooooowwwwwwwed uuuuuu-uuuuuuup! randy!!!

everybody came dressed as their favorite gay player...er....basketball gayer...i mean...basketball player. sheesh.

two days later when i was finally over my hangover, nate made a little friend at the mets game.

my dad (on left) and step-mom were in town visiting, and staying at the hotel nickenate. on wednesday we went to see superman at the imax in 3-D!

also staying in room #3N this week, are my brother's wife jamie and her mother pat. they took time out of their busy schedule to smell the flowers. even though there's no time.

on sunday, in honor of the world cup, nate and i went and kicked a ball around at mccarren park. even if it was just a hackey sack. vive le italia! or something like that.

and nate made another miniature friend.


rockstar in the house 

eeehhhmmm, allow me to introduce you to a one miss theodora stites. aside from being an LTD member she is also a distinguished young writer whose essay "rock my network" was adapted from a book (due out this summer) for a NY Times article that was in sundays modern love section. 3 cheers for theo!! i'd also like to note that its gotten some press from other non mentionable online news sources. she's on the radar! congrats!!


twist and shout! 

This saturday Chunks McGillicudy will be back on the wheels of steel! Last Thursday was just a small indication of how crazy summer is about to get (if you weren't there ask anyone in the LES about naked lap dances and a crazed drunkard barking orders from the bar). This weekend Nacotheque moves to its new and permanent home at Kion. Juan (aka Marcelo Cunning) will be spinning the newest latin beats downstairs as I get the crowd going with some nouveua hardcore industrial (ok more like Brit-pop but everyone seems to have a genre these days).

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