fall's my favorite 

that's all.

now listen to this track by the bedroom walls.


PWP (posting while procrastinating) 

this is a new feature about all the things i find on the internet while i'm supposed to be working. which, i guess, could technically be the name for this entire blog.

- um, hi. any chance that little "m" there in 150m stands for like "motherf*ckers" or "multi-taskers" or something non-numerical?? cause holy [bird] shit.

- and on a leeeetle bit lighter note. did anyone see john stewart tear the government a new *award* on the emmy's? watch it here. repeatedly.



as barbara saw it.


if lovin' the guadalupe is wrong, i don't wanna be right. 

i've come to a few conclusions over this past week while i was down in austin with jac, nick, matt, nat and bret* for the ACL festival:

#1 - 108 may not win for best temperature, but it doesn't really matter when you have ice cubes in your bra and you're watching the arcade fire**.

#2 - there will be thousands upon thousands of photos of filthy feet posted on flickr this week.

#3 - you don't have to smoke cigarettes to get the black lung disease.

#4 - whoever you're looking for will inevitably be near the beer mug flag... no wait, 15 people in front of the whataburger... right there, just to the left of spongebob and the easter egg looking thing... don't you see them?

#5 - jacque has a new career ahead of her as a sign language interpreter for franz ferdinand. she's also the best target for practicing throwing pistachio shells.

#6 - much like heroin, queso can be addictive even the first time you try it. just ask matt.

#7 - i need to work on my spittakes, bret is the master. seriously, the master.

#8 - you should never forget to coordinate what you're wearing with your friends. this is very important. otherwise you might wind up wearing completely different colored shirts and not matching at all. and what fun would that be? i mean, who's gonna bother taking pictures of you posing on the hood of a bright yellow car if you're not wearing your matching green striped polo shirts?

#9 - there are people who will wear their ACL 05 wristbands all year long, just to do it. but thankfully, none of my friends will be those people.

#10 - jumping in with a noodle and tecate is nice. but cruising with a tube and a bullet is divine.***

*matt's not very good at keeping surprises.

**coldplay loves the arcade fire. a lot. and they'll tell you so. a lot.

***ok ok, let's not argue. next time we'll just have to do both.

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Katrina Benefit Show, September 27th at Rothko 

Hello everyone,
Please come out and show support for the Katrina victims. We're putting together a benefit show with some great up and coming NYC bands. Should be a festive nite. Hope to see most of you at the ACL Fest in Austin, TX before then. Have a safe trip.


the epa sent some people down to photograph katrina as it came in.


52 seconds of fame 

my friend doug just got back from an artists retreat in vermont, and it's going to be running this competition...

in 1895 the lumiere brothers made the cinematograph, the first movie camera/projector. they could only shoot 52 seconds, all in one take. in 1996 they got a bunch of filmmakers (spike lee, david lynch, john boorman, wim wenders, peter greenaway, james ivory etc) to use a restored version of the camera and make a 52 second movie. apparently the results were crap.

so this retreat is having a competition open to the public where you have to make a 52 second movie. it can have cuts, edits and takes, it just has to add up to 52 seconds. competition closes next may.

let's do this.


my week. 

we start off on labor day, where i played a friendly game of chicago-style softball, or as they call it at our family reunions in dobbin, texas: "cabbageball".

all eyes were on the prize...

this chick wanted to play, but we were afraid she'd bite our heads off is she lost.

last saturday night, the paparazzi caught matt low and lily cutting the rug at 119 bar. scandalous.

lily's feet started hurting from dancing so much in those hot gold heels, so sean swooped in and saved the day with a well-timed piggyback ride.

eat pocho's. i don't know what they are, what makes them honduras' finest, nor do i remember taking this photo...but just eat 'em.

next week, you'll see team freelance's adventures from beautiful austin, texas, and the ACL festival!



congratulations pfleegers! 

mr. and mrs.
eric + christa
sept. 10, 2005
pismo beach, california


um, i guess my cat says hi.


if you haven't already... 

don't forget to go see thumbsucker.

"two wet thumbs way up"
"this film doesn't suck"
"don't walk, thumb a ride, to this movie"
er, etc, etc...

get on your dancing shoes 

more arctic monkey bizness to download here.

yeah, they're different 

c'mon help some sisters out. they're raising money for a great cause. 100% goes to the leukemia and lymphoma society to support cancer research.

@ central bar, 9th btw 3/4

if you can't make it,
you can also donate online for karen van every and alex "dixie" paris


my week. lasts forever. 

those of us at 'my week' apologize for the lack of postings lately. but we've been hard at work on a very special edition that we think you all will enjoy. next monday, it will return to its regularly scheduled slot.

this very special edition of 'my week' is dedicated to MR. SCHILLER. i've had the honor of photographing mr. schiller at countless events over the years. and because of hia busy work schedule, weekly getaways to the connecticut wilderness, and sporadic social life, he's one of the toughest celebrities for the paparazzi to capture. however, fortunately for us here at 'let's-do-this', he goes to a lot of the same parties that we attend, and barbara is quick on the draw (barbara is the name of my camera). so without further ado, 'my week' is proud to present: schiller in pictures.

we begin at alex dixie's surprise 30th birthday party, where i was lucky enough to get an autograph.

we continue on to PS1, where a crazed fan was allowed to get a little too close to the uber-celebrity.

tom and his wife, jacque, are hounded by fans at every turn, even on a city bus. so in this instance, they've resorted to using disguises to hide from adoring fans.

here is the lovely couple at a recent gala celebrating the release of a biography about mr. schiller.

at the event there was a viewing of some of his short films, as well as the movie "nothing lasts forever", which he wrote and directed. here is tom in a question and answer session following the movie, explaining to the captive audience that writing and directing is a serious business. seriously. no joke. honest.

this is tom's classic move: the ole' "distract and slip". in this move, tom tells the person who he has zero interest in listening to, "oh wow! look over there!", and when the person looks, tom slips away from the boring conversation, unseen. ladies and gentlemen, tom has left the building. tom...has left the building.



the CMJ edition.

yeah there's a shitload of bands worth seeing this weekend. but you can look plenty of other places for that. this post's gonna be entirely selfish. i'm just trying to recruit people to come with me to see the bands i wanna see:

friday 12am @ 169 bar

yup they sound a lot like radiohead or even muse without the melodrama. but that's exactly why i like em. pretty pretty. dreamy dreamy. they're from michigan. they love clinic, beta band, wilco and radiohead (obviously). they're playing at 169 bar tomorrow at midnight. i think it's gonna sound amazing live. and i intend to go pretend i'm really stoned and sway around a lot.
smallspace :: loose ends ::
smallspace :: right here ::

you can also listen the rest of their album, no matter, on their website. (props to central village for sharing)

tonight 11pm @ scenic - with foreign born / natural history / joggers / tom vek (sold out)
friday 7pm @ tribeca rock club - loose records party with voxtrot / chin up chin up / the cribs ($8)

i've already pimped them enough. but they're great live. and if you're lucky, the singer may be so drunk he decides to grease up his hair with a little of his beer... again. this track is from an upcoming album. so you don't have it yet nick, download.
dios (malos) :: feels good being somebody else ::

tonight 12am @ scenic - see above (sold out)
saturday 12am @ tribeca grand - FREE rsvp here

if you've been to dark room, misshapes or orchard bar in the last six months you've heard this. and liked it.
tom vek :: i ain't saying my goodbyes ::

friday 12am @ tribeca grand - FREE rsvp here

dope. dope dope. seriously. just dope. i love this song.
hot chip :: keep fallin' ::

that's all i could post on my server for now...
there are tons of other people i'd like to / am going to see (e.g. cloud cult, voxtrot, chin up chin up, the joggers, the cribs, we are scientists...) email me if you want some more tracks.

who are you going to see?

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helluva catch. 

deep thoughts by w 

it writes!

via gawker.


heeere, get your cash heeeere 

for all y'all whose got 1st, 2nd or 3rd gen ipods:

get some free money here.


food fetish fantasy 

while it pains me to do it, i thought certain people might like this.

via coolhunting.com


(al)most inadvertent bush jab 

if only it'd been on fox...


most random george jab 

beat this.


drink carrot juice and play again 

read this, because i thought it was mildly interesting.

the common touch of barbara bush 

What was she doing on npr, anyway?


while you're there 

download the fox hat thing, you'll need windows media player, but you'll laugh.

chiefs lose! mp3some 

you may have heard him on last year'sgolden apples of the sun compliation by devendra banhart, or you may have read about them in this weekend's nyt magazine article but virtually everyone was stunned, shocked and astonished when the strange and fragile sounds of antony and the johnsons' i am a bird now won the prestigious mercury music prize for best album by a british artist (even though he's from new york, the band is english), beating along the way--among several other worthy contenders--some of team freelance's '05 favorites: the chiefs' fatly-favored employment, the go team!'s eight-ball energetic thunder lightning strike, bloc party's indie-rock raucous silent alarm and coldplay's almost-coldplayesque x and y.

here some hear.

moore good rants 

the latest dear george letter.


have you ever been in loooooooooooooovvve? 

thank god i didn't have access to the internet in high school. who knows what i would've done?


sometimes the cue cards just don't cut it 

props to kayne west for saying what everyone else has been thinking. on live tv. although, of course, it was censored before it hit the west coast.

read the rest of the AP story here.


white rice and geography lessons 

Condi Rice was busy shopping it up in NYC while New Orleans is drowning. Bush just referred to the Gulf Coast as "this part of the world." I can't believe what I've been seeing.

Anderson Cooper for President. As my dad says, "Let's Boston Tea Party their (Fed. Gov't) asses."

Finally, many donation sites have corporate matching programs. Worth looking into if you're sending in.

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