you let's do this. 

yeah yeah yeah, we know a little something about that,
new york times.
just please stop putting us in the same sentence with korn and palin.

(this link brought to you by elizabeth's emergency dream station)

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Too much fun!


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some music 

I'm bringing back some bands that I posted about a while back.
1. Mason Proper - playing this Tuesday at Bowery. Takers? (If you go to the site make sure to listen to "Life's Cornacopia")
2. Beat the Devil - It sucks that they broke up but life is about change, right? Reunion is unlikely but you can always check out the lead singer, Shilpa Ray. "Shilpa Ray is a petite powerhouse, roaring and moaning about love, horror and Solomon Grundy in a raw, bluesy alto while pumping atmospheric chords on a harmonium." --The New York Times
Expect her to be unbelievably famous one day. Really. (If you go to the Beat the Devil site listen to "Shine in Exile") The bass player, Mishka Shubaly does solo stuff too.
3. Team B - I've never posted about them but they are playing tomorrow night (Monday) at Union Pool. Piloted by Arcade Fire/Beirut member Kelly Pratt, includes LCD Soundsystem's Pat Mahoney on drums plus Jon Natchez and Perrin Cloutier from Beirut and Richard Reed Parry from Arcade Fire. Not bad.
Many hugs and many more drugs!


i found obama's dog... 

but they ain't mutts.


No more Mr. Nice Gay 

Tuesday was a great victory for us all, but the battle still continues. I got really psyched last night when my mom told me she had just come back from a protest in front of the Mormon Church. Ironically, the Los Angeles Mormon temple is located on Santa Monica Blvd., the heaviest trafficked male prostitution street in LA. There are numerous cases being taken to the courts as well petitions to be signed. Most petitions require CA residency, but here's one that doesn't, Mormons Stole Our Rights. Also, if you want to take a few minutes and let the IRS know directly you can go here.

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not-so-slow news day 

Someone went to the trouble of collecting and posting front-page scans from the day after.

800 newspapers around the world agree: Obama won.

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my week. *hallowsweedie willa hope-a-thon edition* 

so this 'my week' is a long one. that's what she said. by the end of it, you'll see why. i had a lot to pack in. that's what she said. moving on, we start off on friday with halloween. everyone came over, which actually ended up being the funnest part of the evening. lately i've had way too many posts about nghia and chicks and mcnuggets, so here's one about nghia and a big cock. that's what she...:::smack:::

the halloween party. whatever happened to the simple, plastic superman costumes?

yes we can. do a good make-up job.

saturday was mostly used for recovery and prepping for sunday's big marathon party, so not much happened. but on sunday, nate and i were up at 8 am, cooking and getting ready for guests. we had about thirty people come to support josh wright, who ran in the race. here is one of josh's #1 fans, emmylou. i'm not sure what breed she is, but she's super sweet, adorable, texan, and...she's our pet of the week.

our favorite swedies have decided to grace us with their grace again for three weeks. just the thought of josh running twenty-six miles made them tired. or it could've been a case of jetlag.

showing some josh wright love.

eye of the tiger.

there goes josh wright. rockstar. mac genius. springsteen's biggest fan. champion.

i hate to steal josh's thunder, but, consider it stolen. the manskes finally welcomed a girl to the family. brother patrick and his wife, jamie, welcomed miss willa james manske to the world. she was born at 1:49 pm (texas time) on november 2nd. i was the first to find out in a text from pat, "DONE!!!!!". hi willa!

recuerda la ves ultima que fui al museo de arte en queens? eso es, perra.

moving on. tuesday, november 4th, 2008. a great day in american history. nate showed me where to vote. is nothing sacred?

a picture of a tv says a thousand words.

north 7th and bedford: an impromptu street party celebrating the election results? or the beginning of the line of people wanting to help george w. bush pack? either way, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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good morning. 

Here on the pulse of this new day
You may have the grace to look up and out
And into your sister's eyes, into
Your brother's face, your country
And say simply
Very simply
With hope
Good morning.

-Maya Angelou

'nuff said.

via DailyKos.


Manske Girl! 

We thought it would never happen, but we Manske's finally figured out a way to make a girl. Our brother Pat and his woman Jamie welcomed Willa James Manske to the world yesterday. She's 6 pounds, 12.5 oz and 18" long.

And in case anyone doesn't know, there's a big election going on. Toss the two together and you get something that looks like this.


vote randy! 

Many good pics last night, but this would be my favorite.

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