My Heritage is a face recognition program that scans its database for famous face matches to any portrait you upload.Naturally, nate and i had to try this and guess what. This shit kinda works.

via gawker
London, London

You know I'm a sucker for sweet duets and anything in a tophat.


Spidey 3 

In just 10 short months, Spider-Man 3 comes out. Check out the teaser trailer while I go change my pants.

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who's your baby daddy? 

I have just rediscovered the genius(?) of Shirley Q Liquor. I hadn't looked at her website in FORVER. I know a lot of people will have a serious problem with her and may not find her act funny, but I'm just going to put it out there. Babby Daddy

Nersty Rap Videos on BET

Shirley Q Liquor also has another persona that she call Betty Butterfield, check her out as well.

I want dependable casserole delivery too



Dale Chihuly, a master glass artist, is having his first NYC show @ the new york botanical gardens. $20.


now that's loyalty 

Took these yesterday outside a bakery on Jane Street.


eat your veggies 

Real Food opens again today from 10 am to 2 pm, then every Saturday until Christmas. "At both markets, there will be organic vegetables, fish, a full-range of hormone-free dairy (milk, butter, yogurt, cheese), grass-fed and pastured meat and eggs, freshwater trout and wild fish. All the food comes from the region."



karen's cute little shop serimony presents
the artwork of wallco jr (great for gifts!)
421 court street brooklyn, ny 11231


The Great New Wonderful 

Looking for a film this weekend? My friend Andrea's husband, Harlan, was DP on The Great New Wonderful. It follows the stories of five New Yorkers one year after 9/11. Andrea described it as "unusual and unsettling." Before the squirming begins, it's apparently funny too. Fantastic cast and cinematography, of course.

Angelika and the AMC Empire 25. Let me know if you go.


summer in the city | free shows & films 

hamptons be damned (until i get to go join mattalow, that is),
i love summer in the city - when every park or open patch of concrete turns into a concert venue, and every roof and pier, a movie theater.

there's so much going on, i'm sure i've barely scratched the surface.
but here's my pick of the FREE litter:

june 30 @ prospect park bandshell

july 2 @ central park summerstage

july 4 @ battery park (tickets req)

july 12 @ pier 54

july 13 @ castle clinton

YO LA TENGO (performs the sounds of silence)
july 13 @ prospect park bandshell

(movie) EASY RIDER
july 13 @ brooklyn bridge park

july 14 @ pier 46

july 15 @ coney island

july 27 @ castle clinton

july 27 @ brooklyn bridge park

july 27 @ prospect park bandshell

july 29 @ ps1 warmup

july 30 @ mccarren park pool

july 31 @ bryant park

august 4 @ south street seaport

aug 10 @ pier 54

aug 13 @ mccarren park pool

(movie) ROCKY
aug 21 @ bryant park

aug 23 @ pier 54

aug 24 @ brooklyn bridge conservatory

aug 27 @ mccarren park pool

sept 3 @ mccarren park pool

- - -
choose your own reasons to get dirty and gritty -

= siren fest
= river 2 river festival
= central park summerstage
= mccarren park pool parties
= ps1 warmup series
= bryant park film festival
= celebrate brooklyn
= rooftop films
= movies with a view
= socrates outdoor cinema (schedule not yet posted)

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it's never too early to get ready for halloween! 

Maybe it's my OCD or my secret need to be flamboyantly gay, but almost everyday I tense up with the fear of what I'm going to be for Halloween. It can seriously be the day after Halloween and I am already worried. I'm constantly writing lists in my journal of possible costume ideas such as a drunk mexican wrestler or a baby on board with suction cups. Anyways, thanks to Robbie, I have a few more choices for the year. Help me pick!

Costumes 1 Secretly, I think this moustachio lost his job in the porn industry and had to make ends me with catalog work.

Costumes 2


anyone who hasn't been living under a rock the past few weeks knows that there is a major sporting event going on...and it doesn't involve a cup.

the dallas mavericks and the miami heat have been battling it out over the past twelve days in the nba finals, with the mavs finally losing to the world champion miami heat.

there is a band from dallas, called Lazer, and they're huge fans of the dallas mavericks. in fact they're such big fans, that they entered a contest to come up with a theme song for the mavs, called "M-F-F-L (Mavericks Fan For Life). and based on their photos, i don't think they're involved with 'cups' either.

sadly, they didn't win the contest, Big Tuck did.

even gorilla vs. bear got in on the act. they seem to be pullin' for the mavs. damn right.

what other professional sports team out there has inspired the creation of such artistic genius? don't know. but mavs fans love their team, and we don't EVER give up hope. congrats miami. we'll get you next year.

my week. 

on monday we went to see ed's band at piano's. and i tell ya, i've seen some tight panthers in my day, but this panther is even tighter.

on wednesday, i wandered around williamsburg and took some pics. i'm reading a chuck palanhiuk book, and for some reason this reminded me of him. can anyone guess what this is?

on saturday, monica, lily and i walked across the bridge and went to a free concert at the east river amphitheater. it's a cool little place to see some music. we saw meneguar, mobius band, and human television.

then we went to ed's place where he was having a big bbq party at his place in greenpoint. everything was great, until tom whigged out and started having flashbacks.

speaking of burned-out acid casualties, later that night we met up with a trippy-looking josh at clem's (where else? duh), where he and some buddies were rehashing old 'nam stories. seriously. no joke.

on sunday we went to shawn and karen van every's apartment in brooklyn heights. we were celebrating jason and shawn's birthdays and getting leis. man, that joke just never gets old, does it? it was so hot that instead of candles, they just blew out the cakes. happy birthday jason and shawn!

after the party, on the way to williamsburg, even though we didn't have time, jacquie and eve still stopped to smell the flowers.

at warsaw, we watched band of horses. the beardiest band in rock and roll. in between songs i was checking espn.com on my phone to get the latest score of the mavs/heat game. stay tuned for more details on that...


a must see! 

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I could go on FOREVER about this woman, but you guys should just see her for youself. Nikki Corvette will be playing Cake Shop on June 22nd. I've only had the privledge of seeing her once in my life at Happy Land, a roller skating rink in South Central LA. She had a sound somewhere between the Go-go's and the Ramones with bubblegum teenage libido maxed out with a dose of the Shangri Las. Led by a "new wave Betty Boop," to quote one review, this power group offered sounds and sex appeal. Combining those undeniable elements of energy and enthusiasm.



happy pappy's day! 

for dad in texas & all the other papas out there.


are you ready to cum... 

with me to Bryant Park tomorrow to see Prince LIVE in concert. Last time I saw Prince at MSG I wet my pants in a good way. I know it's early, but it's PRINCE. I mean I don't even get up that early to go to temple, but for Prince, count me in!

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dada daddy day 

A giant Dada exhibit opens at the MOMA this Sunday.


Enjoy meeting its offspring as Monkey Town presents some Fluxus films.


more summer fun! 

This weekend marks another Mermaid Parade. Anyone interested, last year i puked my brains out after riding the breakdancer 4 times while listening to The Doors.


suggested donation $0 

TONIGHT (er, right now.)

museum mile festival

my hood rocks | east river music project 

infinitely bloopy
mobius band
play a FREE show this saturday, june 17
at the east river amphitheater

full line-up
saturday looks good to me (4:00 pm)
meneguar (3:00 pm)
mobius band (2:00 pm)
human television (1:30 pm)

more info on the east river music project and full schedule of summer events here.


my week. 

we start off on thursday, game one of the NBA finals. the dallas mavericks versus the miami heat. we watched the game at sean and erin's apartment on their big screen tv.

the mavs fans were out in full force.

saturday night there was no game, so i scooted my boots around williamsburg and tried to stir up some trouble.

sunday was beautiful. we walked across the williamsburg bridge on the way to the bar-b-q block party.

another bbq block party, another day of VIP treatment, and as always, the best bbq you'll ever wrap your...well...you get the idea. it's real good.

even mia got a treat. a poochini. made with ice cream, peanut butter, and two dog bisquits.

and as far as the NBA finals go...Briq. Mavs in four. fuck. ok, five.



and so do a lot of very, very, very tall people.
and brendan sexton III.

the rapture are back. and man, they sounded tight as ever last night at crash mansion. horns and cowbells a'blazin. they previewed some new songs, but mostly covered a lot of the "hits" (except i need yo love?!). and i was psyched to find out that mattie hasn't taken over all singing duties for new material. cause at heart, i'm still a luke kinda girl. perhaps a photo and/or video to come. i'll see if anything turned out...

meanwhile, if anyone gets their hands on the new album, cough it.
here's one new track, if you haven't already heard -


hope you kids enjoyed your 'skeetball game.


the big 1,000 

LDT had its 1,000th post yesterday by jac o.

To celebrate this anniversary there will be a history lesson.

A few things that happened in 1000 BCE:

The swastika became a commonly used sign (this was before hitler got his grubby paws on it)

The Phoenicians develop their alphabet of 22 signs for consonants. Although not the first alphabet, it is the one adapted by both Greeks and Israelites to their own needs, giving birth eventually to the Roman alphabet that is used in most Western nations today.

in 1000 AD:

Toothpaste was created in China from soap bean powder.

The birth of pizza occured in Constantinople (later spread west to Itay)

Heres to 1,000 more!!


IM a conformist 

i know all the big bloggers post IM snippets, and i like to hang with them. so here's my post for the day. just a snippet of nate and i sharing a sophisticated bit of discourse, as we often do.

you'll just have to imagine all the wilde and parker witticisms that were tossed around just before and after. really.


Well, not for Sylvia Night who lost out on Eurovision (Europe's version of American Idol). Check out how she reacts to the judges decisions Sylvia Night and then check out her new music video Congratulations



can you guess my secret? 

Prepare to stop working for the rest of the day. This website is all about posting your anonymous secrets. Can you guess my secret? Secrets


does that make me crazy? 

So I just about lost my mind last weekend. From Friday until Monday afternoon I spent my weekend like an old lady doing crafts and rubber stamplng, like whoa! Anywho, I never get really psyched about the MTV 10 spot as it's usually some prepubescent band of boys with running makeup. However, this time around I got to work on Gnarls Barkley and I am pretty psyched on how they all turned out. Here are two of them:




Finger (Salt) Lickin' good. 

Hi, welcome to the Salt Lick, a guest here at the 5th Annual Big Apple Bar-B-Que Block Party. My name is Nathan. How y'all doin? Good. Y'all ever been in here before? No? Okay, well we're famous for our all-you-can-eat Family Style. But last year, our customers enjoyed puppet shows, Sam Adams, back hay-bail passes, the best dessert you'll ever wrap your lips around, and spit-takes. So trust me. You won't wanna miss it this Saturday and Sunday in Madison Square Park.

I'll be right back with your plates. And napkins for that spit-take.

it's back! 

The crazy Bulgarian bar re-opens this week on Ludlow.


back in 1976, richard donner made a movie called the omen. the movie was very well done, and quite creepy. thirty years later, they've remade it. this time, to coincide with the date 6/6/06. scary. based on the trailers, it looks really good, and quite true to the original. it's starring julia stiles.

a few months ago, i did some promotional illustrations for them.

eve and i are going to see the new one tonight at 6:45 at the 19th and broadway union square loews theater...barring the apocalypse.

for all your illustration needs... 

help is only a click away.

finally, i got a website up. feel free to look around, let me know what you think. and please send it to anyone that needs an illustrator.

mad props to ed zeizel for building this website for me. he did an awesome job. most of you know ed. you've met him at various gatherings, most recently at jacque's party. and he hosted an awesome superbowl party back in january at his huge pad in greenpoint. we first spoke about my website back in the fall, and he has dealt with all my demands most graciously, and handled the countless revisions with ease. thanks ed!!!! he's a man of many talents. when not tinkering with websites, or being a music engineer, he can be found playing bass for a band called panther tighter, and they're playing this monday at piano's. i'll be there.


my week. 

summer is here, that means matching suits are in.

the weather has been beautiful. make sure you get outside and get some exercise, like walking. AIDS walk '06. i was going to make t-shirts just like i have for the GLO shows. but somehow i didn't think that "the Doors :::heart::: AIDS" would be appropriate.

mia does manhattan.

on jacque's birthday, everyone showed up at the beach bar in long island city. it looked like it was going to rain.

and it did. but still we were all smiles.

happy birthday jacque!

on saturday night, my beloved dallas mavericks defeated the phoenix suns and advanced to their first ever NBA finals. i wanna be like dirk. they face shaq and josh webman's hometown miami heat in their first finals appearance as well. it's a shame that one of these franchises (miami) has to lose. the beating starts thursday. come watch the games with me.


let the games commence 

in honor of the world cup and drinking beer while watching the world cup gizmodo brings you the piss goal:

(starts friday btw, see you in july)

up chuck palahniuk 

per kathleen's request,

here is your official reminder.

if you have the guts
chuck palahniuk will be reading/disturbing/creating slight nausea with his most recent novel now in paperback, haunted, a collection of 23 stories gone awry, all told by people who have (in chuck's en-gross-ing world) answered an ad headlined "Artists' Retreat: Abandon Your Life for Three Months." TONIGHT (june 5) at the strand, 7:00-8:30 pm.


watch out spidey 

the competition in the gay superhero world is getting tough. i guess when batman couldn't perform kathy kane switched teams.

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my quiet rebellion against the rain 

vacation aggregators:


and tailor made for matt:

tribe wanted


"Thirsty" Firsty. 

Sorry, Josh, we had that dude beat at my birthday last year. As my brother Pat clearly demonstrates. Low-tech? Sure. But much cheaper.

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