good to know 

Check it out.

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ready your tivo 

Premieres February 1.

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He's Just Out There on His Own 

I don't see enough of my friend David.

But until February 17, me, you and everyone we know can catch him on loop in a Cammi Climaco video installation at Silo's last exhibition from Freeman's Alley, "To be Continued".

Lots o' goodness to be had. Takers?

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? and ! 

Why do we sleep?
What's at Earth's core?
Can mathmaticians prove the Riemann hypothesis?
Why do we die when we do?

Wired.com answers 42 big but common science questions. You just might learn a thing or 42.

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my week *ow ow ow ow ow ad infinitum edition* 

really, there wasn't much going on this week that didn't involve miss jacquie o, and her incessant birthday partying. so this is a photo ode to 'o' if you will. friday night we met up for a pre-game warmup, but instead it cooled down, and started snowing. the first real snow of the year. (sorry for the redundancy for those of you that have seen the flickr page. but jac's party WAS my week.)

tom is an aspiring electrician. he could re-wire your entire apartment if you'd let him. your lights might not work, but it would be funny somehow.

dude, remember in saigon in '68 when you dropped all that acid and tripped balls and danced all night. AWESOME! oh wait, that was in new york...? two weeks ago...?

back to new york, and jacquie's b-day. these are more acid casualties from jacquie's offical party at 'sweet paradise' on saturday night.

birthday girl in all her camo gear.

hold me!

and the party continued. unfortunately barbara and i missed brunch on sunday, but made it out to dinner on monday. as always, tom was just happy to be there.

thumbs up soldier! another smash(ed)ing birthday success!


Answer the Phone, Play the Game 

This is super duper beautiful. And clever. And amazing.

Answer the phone and follow the directions from the 'operator' to play the game.


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castles and christians 



It's that time again.


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free shorts! 

courtesy of Sundance

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Live shows 

If you like live shows and I know you do, you'll enjoy this new find.

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The Birth of a New Doll 

A new website has come to my attention for all those park slope crafty lesbian moms out there. The Amamanta anatomically correct dolls allow parents to teach their child in the ways of hot carls, pearl necklaces and according to the website "Investigate suspected sex abuse, child abuse or molestation," Aid forensic investigations and courtroom testimony" and "Educate children and people with disabilities about sex." I don't know about you but if my lawyer brought out one of these dolls and asked me if daddy touched me in the naughty place I'd probably ask him if he wanted to go grab a Happy Meal after I got out of prison. Check out these amazing Dolls

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my week. *007: i have a dream edition* 

all that's left of 2006.

allow what?

...and give us this day, our daily bread, and a smashed tomato in nate's hand, and a strawberry margarita.

so jac, what'd you do last night? did you go out and...oh...sorry.

on thursday, my friend james call played at otto's shrunken head. this is one of many costumes that james wears onstage during his performances. how!

on friday night, jacquie, nate and i took vodka showers at the ruff club party at annex. afterwards we went for some pizza, but first jac had to get cash.

insufficient drunks.

on saturday night, jacquie o and nate and i went to see pan's labyrinth. a beautiful movie. one of my new favorites. very sad, yet uplifting at the same time. you'll want to take a trip to rainy spain, and also start to believe in magic. i'd highly recommend it to everyone. i then went to have dinner with natalie and the schillers. introducing CALVIN! let's everyone give him a nice warm welcome, as you'll all be seeing a lot more of him from now on.

we close out the MLK jr. three-day weekend with another night at max fish. hey everyone, remember the last time we went to max fish? me neither. but jac sure plays a mean pinball.



@ giant robot 

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reasons not to get drunk 

Besides my usual disappearing act this is yet another reason why I should be in AA.

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robot repair office launch 

if you happen to be in LA on the 26th...come destroy my new office.
going to be a good party. -aaRon

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A Post Encouraging the Viewing of Pictures Showing What Happens on Each Page of Thomas Pynchon's Novel Gravity's Rainbow 

If you missed Zak Smith at the Whitney Biennial ('04), Tin House has just published his collected illustrations, hallucinations and basically crazy ass interpretations in Gravity's Rainbow Illustrated. Smith is a colorful character, so it's quite apropos that controversy should surround its publication.

Show some love for the porn star author and the little publishing house that could at the signing:

Jan 17, 6-8
Fredericks & Freiser Gallery
536 W 24 St.

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Click to prick Bush 

This is an easy email petition to sign to protest Bush's handling of Iraq and proposed "surge" aka escalation of the war.


Takes two sec's to sign.

We can't bitch if we don't try to do something.
It comes from Wesley Clark's website, if you're interested in reading more opinion.




more life aquatic 

sleep with the fishes

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my week *thank heaven for 007, edition* 

so 2006 went out with a sobbing whimper. and i can't say i was sad to see it go. but before it ended in misery, it had quite the finale. nate rocked out with his...well...you get the idea.

andrew and i had a date at the garden. we saw stephon marbury beat the utah jazz with a layup at the buzzer. thanks andrew!

aw, look at the shiny happy people holding hands on a beautiful day at the park! or is it amoeba tag? whatever it is, the last person that hasn't been tagged is the winner. and remember, kids, second place is the first loser.

this is my cousin's daughter, lauren. she's nine, and loves puppies, and nature, and little romps around grandma's house.

...and bugs.

everyone was thrilled as new years came around. and you know what that means...masks!

i was quite happy to burn my mask, and all of the troubles that came along with it. so glad to see it go, and i'm so excited to delete the past, and start anew. good riddance.

my favorite part of flying back to new york.

the moon. at 30,000 feet. and a bed of clouds. not the best picture, but it means something to me. i've had my tantrum, and i'm really glad to be back in new york amongst my best friends in the world. here's wishing all of you LDTers a happy new year. and if you had a great year, or an awful year, or somewhere in between, i hope 2007 is even better for all of us. starting right now. let's do this.


Bring out your dead 

The Lower East Side Ecology Center is having an e-waste recycling day in Union Square on Sunday. Take your old tech stuff there to be recycled.
1. There's tons of toxic shit in all our technogeeky stuff and throwing it away means it goes to landfills and often ends up in water supplies.
2. That same stuff, those heavy metals etc, cost a lot (in money, and in environmental damage) to mine and manufacture and throwing that away means we have to dig out more of that out of the earth.

Stuff they take will include working and non-working:
- Computers (laptop & desktop), servers, mainframes
- Monitors
- Printers, scanners, fax-machines, copiers
- Network devices (routers,hubs, modems, etc.)
- Peripherals (keyboards, mice, cables,etc.)
- Components (hard drives, CDRoms, circuit boards, power supplies, etc,)
- TVs
- VCR & DVD Players
- Audio visual devices
- Radios/Stereos
- Cell Phones, pagers, PDAs
- Telecommunication (phones, answering machines, etc.)
They'll also take old CDs, DVDs, VHS and audio tapes and their cases (but they have to send these off somewhere else to get recycled, so if you take them, give a small donation).

More here.

Bonus points if you buy recycled disks etc from GreenDisk in future.

Double bonus points if you sign the Greenpeace petition telling Apple what c*nts they are for not doing more to reduce the toxic shit in, and help the recycling of, all the little shiny boxes we love.

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my fish friends 

hey guys. i finally got all "2006" on the first day of 2007 and figured out how to post smething. YAY ME!

anyway, wanted you all to see some video i shot in st. thomas over christmas. went down by myself to write some music, snorkel and chill out. just finished a video documenting my underwater adventures. check it out. hooray 2007!


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this is pretty sick 

this is the craziest site. you can enter in a cell # and get the exact location of the person. check it out and see why i have shut off my phone. consider yourself warned!
www.phonetrace.org after you have checked that out and been frightened (frightened i tell you) you can get the news story here.
Happy New Year

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