Smoke Nazi 

You know how people who quit smoking become the most smoke intolerant assholes? I'm one of those people. Check out this stencil I made. My friend posted it on the Wooster Collective site.

Suicide Blast in Tel Aviv. Rodeo Could be Packed. 

Those are two actual headlines from today, February 26, 2005. One was from Italy, the other from San Angelo, Texas. Check out all the headlines from all 50 states, and 36 countries. We got you covered.


i still love you 

i love you but i've chosen darkness
this saturday @ rothko

fuck driving directions 

this is mapquest new york style.
trains, transfers and all. so cool.


Move over, Axis of Evil. Thuper duper! 

Okay, I know this is asking a lot of all you blog readers, but this posting requires two (gasp!) steps.

1. Go here and read a very short article.

2. Go here for my response.

3. I know I said it was just two steps, but the world revolves around things in 3.

Now I don't even have to be around... 

for you to hear your favorite Napoleon Dynamite quotes.


goodnight gonzo 

RIP hunter s. thompson
let's all huff ether tonight in his memory.





What's scary is that no one wants this job... 

Bush just selected this man to be the Director of National Intelligence. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Negroponte
Get your death squad on.


A Fantastic posting 

Fantastic Four is coming out this Summer.

Why I'm worried:
-Tim Story is directing it (Barbershop 2).
-Fox seemed to rush it through to get it out this Summer (July *4*th weekend, of course).
-The teaser trailer is only so-so.

Why I'm not worried:
-It's a Marvel comic.
-FF is supposed to be light-hearted, Spider-Man type humor, with bickering family dynamic. So maybe Tim Story was an okay choice.
-The Human Torch is kinda sexy. (I was going to say "hot", but that'd be annoying)

I'll have more of an opinion after I see the full trailer.

Let the "she's not a blonde" comments begin.

this guy is no christopher reeve 

and i hope your cat ain't stuck up in a tree, cuz if you're depending on this guy, he's gonna be up there for a while.

props to matt low for sending this to me...



saints + lovers 

@ rothko

can't touch 



happy VD 

in honor of this most precious of holidays, the kenneth cole ad agency started a bitter haiku contest. alex dixie just sent me a list of all the entries. these are some of my faves:

We met on the web
She said she was tall and blond
But, he was eighty.

I hated your mom
But she died last year, so now
I hate you most, bitch.

Conversing with you
Like glass shards in my eyeballs
Shut up, look pretty.

Oh sweet valentine
You'll stay with me forever
Cause I have your legs.

Bright Eyes, Dumb Ass 

this is an article from Free Williamsburg. i'd like to claim that title, but i didn't think of that. that's from the article. wonder if this kid is playing at sxsw...

This is beyond messing with Texas

Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst, it seems, isn't a fan of Texas. He startled a sold-out audience at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth by slurring, "I don't know if you know this, but I hate your fucking state. I'd put a fucking gun to my head before I'd live in your state." Must have been kidding. Nah. If you went to see him, you weren't a "normal Texan," he continued, because "if you were a normal Texan, you'd probably be roping steers and raping Indians." Pretty strong stuff for a 24-year-old from Nebraska. Go shuck some corn.

Posted by freewilliamsburg

down with christo 

there was only one thing missing. bets on how long 'til we see this...


Springtime Soccertime 

who wants to get some futbol on this spring?!
I'll start work on the shirts. so far it's just me
and christa.



you know you miss daft punk.
wondering what they've been up to since discovery?

well, apparently they've been pretty busy between playing at james murphy's house and working on their first new album in 4 years. the album is called human after all and it comes out in march. but in the meantime... like it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, and preview it:

LCD soundsystem's daft punk is playing at my house
daft punk's technologic

>pc people: right click and choose save target as
>mac people: control click and select download to disk

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even more nerdy stuff 

sand dunes "sing" in the key of g



of course 


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