glad you're bag!! 

sadly, i see this as more of an actual tool, than an art project.

via @bryanbrinkman, twitter experiment / co-worker

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ny photo festival 

last year's exhibitions were pretty amazing.
hope this year's curators are up to parr.

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would you like some exhaust with that? 

an exercise in optimism: nymag put together a google map mashup highlighting their favorite sidewalk cafés (and places with sidewalk tables) in manhattan. it's from last year, but they say they've been updating.

view MAP: where the sidewalk... begins.

and yes i know it's been all dead weather 'round here the last few days... but this weekend is supposed to get all prettied up for us again.

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Sit Down. Shut Up. 

While we wait for the arrested development movie we will have to settle for this for now. Premieres this Sunday night 4/19 at 8:30 on FOX.


robot monkey chimpionship!¡!¡!¡! 

The title says it ALL! Teams of 4 people control their choice of robotic monkey species in the ring of death (for only $1). More info HERE.

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Infamous: It means more than famous 

Lets do this family member Nathan and his brilliant new project just got a write up in the influential blog, towelroad. Congrats Spidey!

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