searching for matt low 

are you out there?
your email said undeliverable, which i can only assume means you are in trouble and in need of a 16x20 print of leaves in a pool with some converse. and you are in luck! i have one. for you. in my apt. right now. you see, i lost the neg, and then i found it and printed it. soooooo if you would still like one please contact mr. eric pfleeger via telephone sometime tomorrow at 858-336-6216 and you two can discuss a way to get it to you. (ill be on a plane to LA)
hello to everyone else.
have a good holiday
i will try to participate more while im in la la land for the next month


anyone not see the pixies yet? 

i forgot that i'd bought them, so i now have 4 spare tickets to the hammerstein show on thursday. they're $50 each. who wants?


Christmastiiime is heeere... 

..but it doesn't really feel like it, does it? So we're going to Rockefeller Center to look at the tree and throw things at the skaters. Meeting at 8 for a hot toddy somewhere (details tk) and then on to the show--the show being manskes captivated stupid by sparkling lights.



One day soon, I'm going to have a "no technology" day. No cell phone, no turning my computer on, no TV, xbox, etc. Why? Just for the Hell of it. As a challenge. And I read this article. I might try it on Saturday. Come on, geeks...it'll be a good experience. Just think...we'll have to plan beforehand! You won't know any news alerts! No e-mail! No blogger (not that that's too different than any other day for most of us)! It'll be crazy!! And...I double dog dare you. Try getting out of that one.

Ug-lee (adjective) 

I don't know why I post ugly pictures of myself, but they're just too darn funny to resist. It's also a direct result of what happens whenever you go to Max Fish. They should rename it "Hangover".

What? Two posts in a row? I'm rackin' up the Jacquie points, oh yeah.


please, go 

see calexico. tonight at bowery ballroom.
because i can't.
and because they're goddamn good. trust me.

(is it weird that i actually MISS the bowery ballroom?)

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