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my week. *springles edition* 

open up and say 'aaah'.

another view of my pretty bridge.

being a part-time dogwalker one of the most unique jobs i've ever had. you have to be prepared for anything, it requires exTREME patience, and i'm utterly fatigued by the time my day is over. not that i've had any experience, but i imagine it being like a teacher of kindergarteners. the similarities are endless, as there are trouble makers that make you want to kick them, then there are the sweet obedient angels whom you lavish with treats and praise. while kids beat up each other for their lunch money, some dogs get possessive over treats. you've heard of playing doctor at recess? one of my dogs makes weird humping motions when i'm putting on his leash. we all know that some kids eat glue or boogers. well poor cooper here, a puppy, likes to eat poop. he now has a parasite. hmmm, go figure. anyway, he's real cute, but he is NOT our pet of the week...

in honor of NYC being the holiest place on the planet a few weeks ago, james call of 'the missing teens' broke out an appropriate costume for the stage. all in honor of his holiness.

cherry blossoms are poppin' out all over at the brooklyn botanical gardens.

and no cherry poppin' is complete without a visit to fay leshner and the sex bench...

you've all heard of the dramatic chipmunk? well say 'hello' to the dramatic Cucumber! dun dun duuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! she is a white, lop eared bunny, and in honor of spring, she is most certainly our pet of the week.

walking around dumbo on sunday, i ran into this art on a big wall under the manhattan bridge. all of the colors are sampled from organic veggies. or something like that.

this weekend, while in downtown brooklyn, i noticed a new addition to court street: a big blue pig standing on the sidewalk, guarding a new fast food restaurant. it's smack-dab in the middle of my dogwalking route, and being that it's brand new, i was curious to see how my dogs would react to it. so far, the little dogs don't pay it any attention. however, the bigger dogs are a little more mindful of it. rufus (pictured) was pretty curious, and sniffed at it verrrrrrry cautiously. dante, the huge german shepherd of previous LTD fame, provided the most entertainment. the 80-pound german shepherd spotted it, and immediately lunged and barked as if he were a police dog going after a crook. i don't think the passersby were very amused, and the scene may have caused a pacemaker or two to skip a beat. ah, anything for a laugh on a rainy monday...

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It's been one of those days at work, you know, the kind you want to forget. So, I've been watching these videos over and over to lift my spirits up. Sometimes you just gotta go gay!

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Never worry about missing a concert again. This program cycles through your iTunes library and diplays all the upcoming shows of your favorite artists. iGenius.


The Fruitcake Lady 

How have I never met this woman? I'm sure she would just call me a queer or tell me to stick "10 Gingerbread men up my ass," but she's a ball of laughs.

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Shiny happy 

Feeling summery? Jeff Koons' rooftop installation at The Met is now open.

brownie points 

Happy World Malaria Day!
Donate a bed net

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not cool 

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lookky lykke li + 

@ black cab sessions.

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the *it's my friday* edition.


cut copy was one of my favorite shows at sxsw this year. at their best, they channeled new order... at their worst, a dancier voxtrot. their live set even made me revisit their last album with a new perspective. so here are two of my favorite friday-friendly tracks, one old, one new.

cut copy :: autobahn music box :: from bright like neon love
cut copy :: far away :: from in ghost colours
(since i already put my favorite track from this album on my muxtape. i went for the most sunshiney, aka gina's jam.)


lykke li was one of my sxsw regrets. as in, i missed seeing her even though she played like 8 shows. at the time, i hadn't really heard much of her stuff. but lately, her album has become part of my regular rotation. it's fun, sweet, poppy, nothing life changing. but bonus points for being swedish. above is her new video for "i'm good, i'm gone." below is a link to that song, and another one i really lykke. (sorry had to)

lykke li :: i'm good. i'm gone. ::
lykke li :: let it fall ::


despite the daft involvement, i'm not that into sexuality, the newish album from sebastian tellier. but i am a pretty big fan of this song and this video. and it feels appropriately sunny for today. like a sunny day makeout in the park. or... something. fay leshner? enjoy.

sebastian tellier :: divine ::

(sorry these may not be that new really. i'm catching up!)

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it's official. i'll be sticking around the LES for another couple months.
let the bbqs begin.

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pretty cool 

search me

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Special Guest 

Harmony Korine's new flick, MISTER LONELY, comes to the IFC friday May 2nd. The film includes a possible guest appearance by LDT'er grandma osman.

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See this doc: "The First Saturday In May" 

A friend of mine from college made this movie with his brother. It follows 6 horses and their human entourages as they try to make it to the Kentucky Derby. Amazingly, one of the horses was Barbaro. It's a great sports story, even if you don't follow racing or loiter at the OTB.

It's getting some great reviews and I highly recommend it.
In NYC it's playing at cinema village (12th St/University)

:: watch the trailer ::

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bondi road brunch on sunday 

my lovely sister is in town this weekend for a short film shoot, and it's springtime, and it's sunday...which means drunch! We're heading to Bondi Road around...2ish? 3ish? on sunday for pantsless, er, bottomless drinks and something benedict. bring your sunglasses.

Under Barack Obama 

Eh Eh Eh....

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iphone-ing it in 


queen bee (happy birthday gram)

ali hearts ryan mcginley

matt is money (happy birthday mattalow)

get HYPE

lucky dog

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pumping feathers. 

2ft 9in Indian muscleman. dude kicks ass.

"My size has never stopped me. I train with dumbbells and do aerobics and dance. People are always pleased to see me.
I have been invited on TV shows and dance on stage."

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even kids endorse him 

Obama...nuf said.



will arnett's even got a funny deep voice in print.

if Nathan was an insect 

He' d be this guy.

handsome furs 

If you like Wolf Parade, then you should check out the
Handsome Furs, at Bowery Ballroom this Sunday April 6th. They're a little darker and a lot more experimental.

had nyuff? 

This is the farewell festival for

Selections include, Super High Me, which replaces McDonald's with marijuana for a 30-day marathon of stonerdom.

And the highlight may be Heavy Metal in Baghdad, Vice's invigorating, three-years-in-the-making documentary about Iraq's only metal band, Acrassicauda.


my week. *rock 'n roll edition* 

this week's edition revolves mostly around 'rock band' the video game, and actual rock bands. a few weeks ago, we saw 'the trannies'! they were looking 'fierce', live from nate's bedroom.

"look to the camera and give us your gayest look."

after osman got back from seeing all the rock bands at sxsw, she made an overtime rally and went with me to see 'el guincho' at union pool. he bangs on his little drum and twiddles with knobs all the while singing along to sampled sounds and beats. he creates a really unique latin sound that's great to dance to. i'm listening to him now and it's really upbeat and happy. perfect for spring! maybe blogger maid could post some mp3somes...

last monday, nate signed us up for a gay dodgeball tournament. there are too many jokes to be made just from that one sentence...but seriously, it was fucking awesome! this is half of our team (yet to be named), and we made it all the way to that night's championship game, where we got our asses handed to us by last year's champs. and yes, that's an actual bloody nose from getting hit by a dodgeball.

then on to the main event of this week's edition: pretty little alice and her 'crystal castles'. here she is serenading me in all her strobe lit glory. they are currently on constant rotation on my ipod, and they put on two amazing shows this past week. we determined that after elisa left, i was the oldest paying customer at an all-ages studio b show on tuesday. yikes. jailbait, indeed. but on wednesday, i fit right in with all the thirty-somethings at the friction show at the mercury. BIG-TIME thanks to nghia and the friction gang for working it out and getting us in. it was very much appreciated, and congrats on another successful party. THANK YOU!

here's alice at studio b, singing my favorite song, 'black panther'. well actually, 'air war' may be my fave, but this is the best song that i caught on video, because i was dancing too hard to 'air war'.

on friday, at the american museum of natural history, simian mobile disco beamed me up to the planetarium.

on saturday afternoon, in between games of halo, nate and i wandered around williamsburg, checked out some galleries, and had brunch. this could've been the best art we saw all day (aside from a certain book in spoonbill...ahem...). oh, and god bless 'merica.

on sunday at serimony, karen's store, one of her employees and i collaborated on an art installation. luckily i captured it, as i'm sure it's been taken down by now. i call it 'ocd selibration', or 'let's annoy karen'.

then on sunday, it was off to see 'the boredoms' at terminal 5. wow. if the brooklyn bridge sounded the way that they looked, and if they looked like the brooklyn bridge sounds, this is what they would look like. if you can figure that out, explain it to me.



Your Gayest Look 

as if you need another reason to watch Letterman over Leno, or to be thrilled that Conan is replacing him in the near future, Leno has the gays up in arms because of some questions and comments he made while interviewing Ryan Phillippe. The worst being, "look to the camera and give us your gayest look." Weird out of context, so see for yourself:

Long story short, one thing lead to another, and a website was created for the gays (or gay friendlies) to give Leno "their gayest look." This isn't the one I added, but it's my fave on there, of course.

it's funny haha day. 

the jokes are flying today. here's an oldie but a goody.

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