so little time 

besides cmj and halloween, there's:

demetri martin

architect travis price speaks at the explorer's club

book launch for slava mogutin's slightly harrowing portraits, lost boys

defamation of character art exhibit at ps1

volver (by almodóvar) finally opens stateside nov 3

the vertical hour yes it's a play. but a play starring julianne moore and directed by sam mendes

my week. *HELLoween edition* 

in honor of halloween, nick of the islands played a duet with a severed head.

i dogsat for 10 days. this is olive.

i don't know the names of these two, but they're real cute.

forty-six years ago...on a night...just like tonight...

this is where all the guidos go to rest.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

natalie. aka: punkin.



earlimart is playing on monday at mercury lounge. just got my tix. takers?? or are saving your energy for CMJ?

more video love 

at least kitt's getting some airtime.



ladies, take back your vagina... 

Seriously, I laughed so hard i cried


any horror fans on this blog? 

If someone is interested please come with me to this, I really wanna see them all!

"Hey, hey, MPAA, how many movies have you censored today?"


my babys got a secret 

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So the super secret surprise guest at motherfucker is none other than HOT CHIP. BUT before you get to excited consider that Imarobot AND Archie Bronson Outfit (so good so good so good) is playing the same night at Sin e.

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Beck. Gondry.


no it's not gay day 

it's the new sony bravia ad. (thanks andrew!)

from the people who put jose gonzalez on the blogger map (and eventually the knife once everyone figured out it was a cover)...

10 days, 250 people and shit-tons upon shit-tons of paint. it's no balls, but it is beautiful. directed by jonathan glazer.

little bit of history repeating 

A handy timeline of America's policy of regime change. In other countries, of course.


A Conversation with Desmond Tutu 

Desmond Tutu, winner of the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize will be speaking for free Wednesday, October 18th
Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: Trinity Church (Broadway at Wall St)
you need to rsvp for this - rabblerouser@trinitywallstreet.org


happy friday the 13th! 

this "easy chair ghoul" can be yours for only $2,695.00 (c'mon how sweet would it be if you went to someone's house and they had that in their living room? )

check out some of the other furniture you can get for your haunted, or unhaunted house at scare factory.

the exorcist bed is also spectacular. but shop around. there is some seriously creepy shit on there.

(link de casa boing boing)


haddy! the dumbo arts fest is this weekend, which means every gallery's doors are wide open, there's some sort of performance or art-in-progress waiting to be discovered around each corner, and you get to wander through a lot of private studio/residences in the name of artistic genius. Art, culture, blahdy blahdy blah -- I'm getting the spicy hot chocolate at jacques torres!



sky mirror: let's discuss 

ok, a lot of people have been dissing the sky mirror.
i actually thought it was really cool.

and so did my gram.

but i have to say,
the most amazing "sky mirror" i ever saw was definitely in rosarita, mexico...

a quick background on the one in rock center:
it was created by indian/british sculptor anish kapoor
who's also done installations for the tate modern, chicago's millenium park, and has recently been commissioned to create a memorial sculpture for the british victims of 9/11.

so... have you seen it? or any of his other sculptures? what do you think? are you pro- or con-vex?

i'm definitely pro. sure it's in midtown. and no one likes to go there if they don't have to. but i love that the public art fund injects a little unexpected artistry into the biggest center of commerce.

the roof... the roof... 

photo by reidab

the broken angel building caught fire yesterday.

but don't set up your dusty stuffed animal shrines yet... luckily, the fire was contained to upper tower, and was quickly sprayed out by the FDNY (7 fire engines showed! impressive.) so looks like she should be ok with a little TLC and some new Wood wood.

the rest of the hot (sorry) story at gothamist.

more photos of the burning broken angel

- - -
= broken angel: our block parties had booty dancing 3 year olds

cut and paste nyc !!! 

Prove you're the greatest designer - under the clock:)

A week from this Saturday - Guillermo is one of the competitors!!! Represent.

cut & paste design contest



Tix go on sale Oct. 11
at Museum of Television and Radio


my week. *is back* 

aside from my girlfriend leaving me, and having a big job that i was working on get killed, it was a pretty good week.

eve had to load up mia in her crate so that she could taker h....waitaminute...that's not mia. that's randy! randy, get out of there! you can't go, silly. now there's some juice in the kitchen for you, with a safety lid on it. it's a weeble wobble cup. wait, here's your helmet. ok. silly randy.

on thursday, jac tried her hand on andrew's deck.....DECK. D-E-C-K. as in turntables. god. (thanks for the joke, jac)

later that night, andrew was still celebrating yom kippur at annex.

on saturday, the weather was gorgeous, so we went to see 'sky mirror' at rockefeller center.

it was so awesome, it's worth another shot. just ask carter, she was there for 45 minutes before we even got there.

then we stopped by the christie's auction house, where they were auctioning items from all 40 years of star trek shows and movies. we saw a few klingons and a lot of geeks. not really, actually we were disappointed that we didn't see more.

then later that night....THE NEW MISSHAPES!

and you know what that means....BALLOONS!



Let's Go Mets! 

So, I'm not sure how many of you on here are baseball fans BUT now is your chance to potentially get tickets to the world series. The Mets are having a lottery to see who gets to buy tickets to the games. There is no fee to do this and no obligation if you win the lottery. So, how about signing up and if you win you can take me! Sound good, here's the link METS and remember you must to this by tomorrow night at 11PM.

Splatter Zone 

One of the greatest stories ever told on the big screen is making its Broadway debut. Who wants to go see this with me? The "Splatter Zone" only costs $26 bucks and the show is running till November 22nd. So let's do this!


no comment. 



Q: What's the biggest cause of pedophilia?
A: Sexy kids

(via popbitch)

Guest Star 

I normally wouldn't post this on here, BUT my two DJ partners decided to take vacations and notify me the day before the party. So in the true spirit of DIY I've enlisted the help of one Jacquie O to help me out tonight on the ones and twos. She likes to refers to it as "relief pitching" but I think she's forgetting my state last Friday night so this could be quite hilarious. So come out, let's rock out to some Kriss Kross, Devinyls and Len.
Asylum Street Spankers Video

Bringing 'em Home




there are so many varying traditions when it comes to mourning and death. some cultures wear white (hindus, mormons) some drink (irish) and some belt out tunage. Bereavement Register recently did a survey asking 5,000 people in the UK what song they would want played at their wake and god help us, James Blunt's "Goodbye My Lover" was at #1. i'd rather go out like Graham Chapman from the Montey Pithons, now thats a funeral.

and we know how to keep you here for 3 more 

happy 3 years in new york dirtypants!


our block parties had booty dancin 3 year olds 

i know i'm late to the (block) party, but i finally watched it over the weekend... and was totally tripped out to see that it was shot just around the corner from where we used to live in clinton hill, brooklyn (dubbed bed stuy in the film.) the performances by the likes of kanye west, mos def, talib kweli, the roots, common, erykah badu, and a newly reunited fugees were great. but i was most struck by the quick peek inside the building that i now know is: broken angel.

click here to see the view from broken angel during kanye's set.

the arrow on the left: where jac, sean and i lived from sept 1997- sept 1999
the arrow on the right: the site of dave chapelle's block party, sept 2004

we'd always seen the back of the broken angel towering precariously over the brownstones and shuttered warehouses across the street - in fact, we could see it from our living room window - but at the time, we had no idea what it was, or that anyone lived there. all we knew was that it sat on a sketchy, abandoned block that was once the site of the largest crack bust in new york history.

now i'm really bummed that we never ventured over there for a tour.

"The building is a work-in-progress by Arthur Wood, a 'self-taught' architect and painter. It resembles a Brooklyn tenement version of a Antoni Gaudi building-- compare the exterior to the Sagrada Famiia church, or Casa Battlo in Barcelona. According to [a] Times article from 2002, Wood bought the building in 1971 for $2000, and has been working on it ever since." (via gothamist)

read this 2002 NY times article about broken angel.

and then check out this amazing flickr set that was shot by arthur wood's son himself.

save the frying pan 

City planners want to close it. Or change it. And I don't think their ideas involve beer or dirty salsa dancing.

email :: info@hrpt.state.ny.us, info@manhattancb4.org, quinn@council.nyc.ny.us

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