If Google had a black screen, taking in account the huge number of page
views, according to calculations, 750 mega watts/hour per year would be
saved. (Allegedly). Try it here.

This is the post that started it.

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my 7 days...viking style 

okay i had to call it something different. anyway, if i don't have your e-mail on my laptop, i haven't sent you the link to the photos i've been taking the past few weeks in iceland. just got back from a week-long drive around the country and posted a bunch of new flickr galleries. check 'em out...they will bring you peace and serenity, or your money back! xo

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welcome to the mile high club 

virgin america
introductory sale fares now.

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my week. *updated: without any creepy anonymous comments edition* 

i have nothing funny or happy to say this week. so make your own captions. i'll guide you. jon lundbom, and a game of softball in mccarren park.

something profound about how i love new york, and fireworks on the 4th. captain america died recently, too.

something funny about superman doing drugs. maybe a reference from 'the basketball diaries', about how coke will make you fuck like superman? i don't know, it's your caption.

something funny about friends looking goofy in a round window. you could try the spin-cycle angle, maybe?

blah blah blah, something else about friends being goofy. something about nap-time, maybe? that's a little obvious though. so give it some thought.

go for something about how this was the hippest spot in the world at this moment. mccarren pool at a free concert on a sunday. here's hoping next week is just as awesome as this one was! CAN'T FUCKING WAIT! let the grEAT EXPERIMENT!!!! BEGIN!!!!!! (another AD reference. they never end.)




What a perfect night to talk about global warming.

Come to Green Drinks tonight at the 79th St. Boat Basin, 6-10pm. It's a casual drinkfest for anyone interested in green issues. Bring your ConEd bill and they'll help you convert your service to wind power right there.

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my week. *3333333333333333333333 edition* 

so we're back this week after two weeks of guest-star editions. thanks guys. and we start off last saturday. it was a friend's birthday, and gay pride weekend, so what better way to celebrate than by playing drunken gay kickball in central park. my team was called the cougars, and we ended up losing, but you know what they say, it's not whether you win or lose, it's...hey! is that a hairy uncut penis on your shorts, or are you just happy to see me?

we move on to wednesday, and nate's friend maureen was googling, er, visiting, and condoms were falling from the sky.

thursday was karen's birt'day. she brown bagged it, while everyone else had vodka-soda flavored tea. classy group. and happy birt'day, Z!!

sometimes nyc gives me a little love. she got all dressed up for my birthday party.

and it's a good thing she did, because there was a dress-code...

we're gonna get this blog up to an 'R' rating in no time. jac was mr. manager at the bluth frozen banana stand. do you want extra nuts on that banana? and by the way, jacquie throws the dopest roof parties (four more years! four more years!). we don't even need to pop them in lightroom.

on sunday we went to a concert at mccarren pool. hey man, are you a fan of the band 'man man'? (photo courtesy: jacquie osman)

monday was my actual birt'day party dinner. we went to the new sushi restaurant, 'jin', on broome. it was wonderful, and for dessert, they served dragon. balls. do photos influence the ratings system? because this one would put us over the top for sure. maybe to an 'x' rating.

the festivities continued at the max fish. at matthewlow.com you can find both good and bad things about riding your bike home drunk.

hey guys, thank you all so much for the best birthday week ever. you guys put the 'super' in 'superfriends'.


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