shoot 'em down. | ghostland observatory 

last year jacquie o and i hyped these guys like we have hyped no other band EVER. and later that week, like three people showed up at the delancey downstairs. c'mon guys...do you not trust us? well now you're lucky enough to have another chance to see them on may 13th at the mercury, and may 16th at rothko. braid your hair. put on your tightest, pinkest pants. and come check out the band that started it all. yeah.

ghostland observatory

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= sxsw play by play | 1st quarter
= new adventures in nut huggers
= esting. esting. 4, 5, 6
= act now!!



Jose Can You See 

I mean, come on. I know Bush jokes are too easy and too frequent, but this is funny.

I think the national anthem ought to be sung in English, and I think people who want to be a citizen of this country ought to learn English and they ought to learn to sing the national anthem in English.

Please help me! 

It's official, the soundtrack to my summer is going to be Gnarls Barkley. I am in LOVE! The music is so AMAZING. I wish my uploading abilities were working because I would post some songs. Anyways, they're playing Webster Hall and it's SOLD OUT, ugh! If anyone has any connections to Webster Hall or the black community and can get me in I would clean your apartment NAKED! Please help me, make a boy smile!

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:: just a thought ::

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The Big Hebowski 

What happens when you cross He-Man and the Big Lebowski? Pure GENIUS!The Big Hebowski

my friend, his card | amex contest 

help jonathan enjoy his 15 seconds of fame.

"I entered a 15 second film in an online film contest that is a part of
American Express’ "My Life. My Card" campaign. Check it out, if Scorcese and
M. Night Shyamalan like it, I could win a trip to New York City!"

it's so good. watch, then click the stars to vote it for top audience award. or just take him out for an "arnold palmer" (iced tea lemonade) at starbucks. he loves those.


This is not a joke! This commercial is for real and I want to know which one of you concepted, wrote copy, and executed this gem. Oozinator

red & white 

if you haven't already heard the controversy about jack white "shilling" for a coke commercial in australia, uh, people are pretty pissed.

i think it's a cool spot, even if it totally apes michel gondry. although to be fair, i don't know anything about the director, so maybe he's she's 82... been doing stuff like that for years and gondry ripped him her off. who knows. who cares. i like.

:: WATCH jack white coke commercial [extended] ::

(via the modern age)

also NME wins for best related headline.

and in other red-centric news:
adicolor red directed by roman coppola launched yesterday - watch here.

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adicolor collection


i hate AOL 

except of course when they want to give me free swag and cheap drinks. SIN SIN on 2nd Ave @ 5th street from 6-10... there will be half price drinks that whole time served along side some badass beats... this party is sponsored by AOL and there will free stuff floating around.



X-Cuse me for one moment while I x-tol myself.

Everyone knows I'm a big X-Men freak, borderline nutjob. So you can imagine my x-citement when I got to do a little (a lot) X-Men: The Last Stand (the third X-Men movie) freelance work for their website.

It's a search engine that works from a keyword database. I wrote all the responses. Sounds more technical than it is. Just type in a word, any word, and it'll give you a response. It's intended to enter "Wolverine", "Storm", "Cyclops", and other X-Men related things, but go on. You know you want to enter something vulgar. And there'll be an appropriate response waitin' for ya.

Other non-Nate X-Men news, you can watch the trailer here.

ping pong party! 

In the second installment of the "Don't you wish you were there?" series, I'm featuring the bitchingist party ever, Matt S's 52nd birthday smash (4/20). Yes, that's us partying on the street. And yes, New York is the best town ever when you're playing rotational ping pong on a hot spring night.


Not Fair. 

AmEx got Wes and we got Dr.*$#@er. God is Evil.

skinner gives the skinny 

Music For Robots has Mike Skinner's video commentary of The Streets' The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living.

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5



my week. 

so last week i was still in kansas. here's a neat sunset...

i'd sooner cut off someone's hands than pay three dollars for a gallon of gas.

matt did it like this. he did it like that. he struck out.

randy was on his best behavior, and for being so good, he got some milk and pickles. his favorite.

that's all. i'll see you guys at the wedding. hurry up and get here.



Billboard liberator Ron English shows his paintings at Opera gallery in SoHo.

Barnstormer extraordinaire
Phil Frost, is having a solo show at the jack shainman gallery in chelsea.


the family guy 

fox has created an advergame that has american dad going against the family guy, ninja style. i'm for the family guy all the way. the biggest problem is they left brian out.

write on! 

you know you are a top gun graffiti tagger when you hit Air Force One with the slogan "Still Free". Marc Ecko of Marc Ecko Enterprises gave the US gov. a bit of a shakeup w/ this video. before they could get out the paint buckets it became clear this was all an elaborate hoax. this is what the AP had to say about it.

since we are on the topic of graffiti, the brooklyn museum will be presenting a graffiti exhibition june 30th-sept. 3rd.

UPDATE - natalie adds:

This is my old boss (well, the ex-worldwide chief CD) at Publicis. Dave Droga, of Droga5, apparently. p.s. Bridget, pls note the director - !



stroke a cock for a good time. and a good cause.


a mom to love 

Happy Friday everyone: Punch Out

i think we need 

a "let's do this" video.

maybe after our prom.
(more prom details to come)



would YOU let this man feel you up? 

Fake Breast Doc Busted

Florida man, 76, fingered in door-to-door free screen scheme

APRIL 19--Meet Philip Winikoff. The 76-year-old Florida man was arrested this morning and charged with sexual battery after he posed as a doctor and went door-to-door--black doctor's bag in hand--offering women free breast exams. According to a Broward County Sheriff's Office report, two women--ages 33 and 36--fell for the scam, which Winikoff allegedly ran in Lauderdale Lakes. Charged with several felonies, Winikoff was booked into the sheriff's lockup, where the below mug shot was snapped. Police are now investigating whether other women may have been tricked into impromptu examinations.


White Horse 

Is TBS trying to be gay or something? Hobbit Love, riding the white horse etc....


Adidas has a cool little collection of short films to debut their adicolor line of kicks. 7 colors 7 directors 7 films. Directors include: Neill Blomkamp, Roman Coppola, PSYOP, Saiman Chow, Charlie White, and HAPPY.

peep this one for the color blue, made by PSYOP.


our week : benelux edition 

The Royal Schillerbaums
In our attic apartment in Amsterdam – eat your heart out Anne Frank!

This isn’t what you think.

Neither is this.

Silly bitch hit on Tom.

Famous Dutch Masters - bators

Jacque wining again in Mini-Europe.

Tom feels the weight of giant balls.

Our one rub it in picture, the estate we stayed in our final night in Holland.

Happy Breaster from Brussels!

saddle up austininnies 

tell treehugger about your city

Boys Beware 

This is a 50's video shown to Junior High students. It taught them how to avoid homosexuals. And I quote:

What Jimmy didn't know was that Ralph was sick. A sickness that wasn't visible like smallpox. But no less dangerous and contagious. A sickness of the mind. You see, Ralph was a homosexual.

For a shorter version, check this one out. I'm not making this shit up.




(not your freon)

elefant @ the annex, midnight

calexico @ virgin megastore union square

cloud cult (acoustic) @ piano's upstairs

reminder: the walkmen / the duke spirit, did you rsvp?

my week. *smallville edition* 

my week comes to you live from kansas this week. i flew in on tuesday, and boy is my barbara tired.

kansas is a typical middle-america type of town, with the american flag abound, spinning windmills, etc...

and good gravy, the people in kansas love their TEEvee.


it's hard to miss new york when i find my friends everywhere. i saw K-rat...

Jacquie -

and look who made a special appearance...

and don't be afraid to call...



life imitates asteroids 

grandma wouldn't believe this, but we are living in the future, kids.

via gizmodo

trade up 


via boing boing


who needs friends when you have customer service? 

my bank sent me this for my birthday, 25% off t-shirts and caps bearing their logo.
wow, they really do care.

via my inbox.

cause everything is better electronic (part1) 

I'm obsessed with electronica, Jacquie you need to stop me.






And the best for lastYelle-shot dick cuizi

and... more happy birthday 

to mr. "it all comes back to me" schiller

sammy's called, they wanna know why you're not spending your birthday with them - "what are we, chopped liver?!" (yeah, i did that.) hope you're having a lovely time in the land of tulips and hash.

please disregard all other happy birthday posts,
this is the only one that matters.

happy birthday 

matthew low!

ps. i found your new top 15. (that brennon is gonna be really hot when she grows up.)


Go Team! 

I'm looking to start a band inspired by THIS!

Let's do it!

PS Man Man is playing at NYU on Thursday it should be an awesome show, sadly I have to go to see Anti-Flag, don't ask!


happy birthday 

to the most flapjack fryin', booty flashin', arm rasslin'
salty dog i know.
happy 24 eve!


if you're not out getting wasted tonight... 

...like a good lets-do-this-er should be, may i recommend some television? there are two documentaries on tonight that i worked on. both are on at 9PM. the history channel, or pbs. thanks for the add.


tag your calendar 

and scoot your two boots over to the Pioneer Theater, where Quality of Life finally gets some play.

Today - 16th.

New Rahim Video 

Kinda weird that I came to post about Rahim and they're all over this page today. Anyways, Micah just finished the edit on their video 10,000 Horses last night, so enjoy.

10,000 Horses



FRICTION at Rothko Thursday, April 6th 

GET HYPE!!! We have another hot show lined up! Rahim's record release with Foreign Islands, Other Passengers and El Jezel. Your usual dancing at the end! Info here.


If you can't scheme your way into the show like our boy nick, npr has been nice enough to stream an entire live yeah yeah yeah's show for your listening pleasure.

via brooklyn vegan. listen here.


where have you been all my life? 

hi. i love you nyc subway google map hack.

Walk this way. 

While traveling around downtown im sure you guys have noticed many WALK/DON'T WALK signs have been modified. Some WALK signs have little outfits on the dude. Every time I see one it brightens my day a lil' bit. Now we get to see who is behind it all (kinda).

check it here

outside my 16th floor window 

it's like asteroids. level 3,248.

its that time of the month 

dorkbot is on again. get ready for some really smart people who take electricity to a whole nother level. one of the speakers will also bring josh's anti-mice post full circle. can't make it but fill me in during the best ever week in review. (props to theo for uncovering this free monthly jam.)

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