Yay or Nay? 

HBO's new comedy series, is right up my alley. Bret and Jemaine have moved to New York in the hope of forging a successful music career. So far they've managed to find a manager (whose "other" job is at the New Zealand Consulate), one fan (a married obsessive) and one friend (who owns the local pawn shop) -- but not much else.
Let's see, a dry sardonic comedy with it's humor lying in inanities followed by long puzzled pauses followed by the duo randomly breaking into a song, with hottie Bret McKenzie...I'd have to say "Yay." Anyone seen it yet? Lemme know whatcha think. If you haven't seen it and you have some time, go on, give it a whirl.

Flight of the Conchords

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this one's safe, kiddies. 

anyone else a little disappointed? let's drrrty this blog up, people!

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

clark and (george) michael 

it's... an arresting development.

"Clark and Michael are two very different boys with two very different digestive systems. Clark loves frames, while I love parasurfing. Clark has hobbies, while I am a Gemini. Clark has a MicroKorg, while I love people of all races. Clark dances, I cry (however, the two never happen concurrently.)"

watch the first 6 (of 10?) episodes of clark and michael right now.

i'm so happy. thanks liz!
and i can't WAIT to get me some superbad.
nate? birthday movie?

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watch this guy paint, you have to wait till the end for the best part but its worth the 5 min.


Josh Simpson 

let's see 'em people.

:::UPDATED::: peep the Kwik-E-Mart


my week. *families are for sharing edition* 

I just spent 10 days with my 'Kansas' family in California, where I overdosed on cute.

First, I went to my cousin Hana's high school graduation, my first one ever.

And then I went to Yosemite, my first national park ever. I saw snakes and bears and deer and rocks and a pole marten.

I went with my sister, Kate, my brother-in-law, Dave, and my now-i-want-one-too niece, Mia.

And then we stopped off at Mono Lake where we had some fun with the flies whose pupae were eaten by the Kutzadika indians (their name means flyeaters in Kutzadika indian language).

And then we went to Lake Tahoe, the second deepest lake in the America, where 335,000,000 gallons of water evaporate every single day

and we met up with Mah Mah.

And then we hung out by the pool, where my other cousin, Emma, learned to do backward dives.

You can get to know the low family in a *whole* lot more detail here. Now I've purged all over you, who's got the blow?


where the wild things are - really 


Maurice Sendak's treasured childhood book Where The Wild Things Are is being turned into a feature film directed by Being John Malcovich's Spike Jonze. Here's the first image along with an image from the book. No word yet if half-cat, half-duck's will make an appearance.

via Towleroad.


where the wild things are. 

sleep tight, kids.
i also found one of randy's classmates.

my week. *the lone star state edition* 

if you hung out with nick at all this past weekend, you probably noticed you had a lot fewer flash-induced blind spots. that's because he was kind enough to let me borrow Barbara for my 4-day trip home to Austin, Tex-Ass (not to be confused with Canada). The weather was pretty un-Austin-like, with almost constant cloud cover. If you've been to Austin, you know nice weather is key.

i went home because i love austin in the summer. and also because i wanted to be there one more time before Theodore Manske makes his grand entrance. er...exit.

happy father's day, matt! happy birthday, misket!

and of course, happy father's day, dad. but, um..."plugs the leaks?" maybe hallmark was trying to cram father's day and gay pride month all into one card.

even though the weather was less than cooperative, i didn't let it stop me from going to Lake Travis. Where you're not supposed to have beer. The kind parking attendant just told us to cover it up with something. Hence, the "brand hiders" my friend Rafael is displaying.

one thing i don't miss about texas? fire ants. especially when they eat my harvest cheddar sun chips.

at the lake, we were trying to figure out what to do later that night. but figured we'd cross that bridge when we got to it.

after gaying it up saturday night with my friends rafael (the brand hider model above), chris, and jamie, we did what any respectable austinite does at 3:12am. Go to Kerbey Lane Cafe for some breakfast tacos.

my last day there, the sun finally decided to stop hiding. i took advantage.

i packed a whole lot into four days. for the rest of the story, including babies, botanical gardens, dead flies, golf cart adventures, more animals, friends, and family, take a look-see. oh yeah, and gertie (although no longer a puppy) says hi.

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the run up 

2nite. 8pm. @ 205 club. free.

Salt & Samovar & Summer Solstice in One 

Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!
Not only do they have some good tunes, Dane Risch is eyecandy. They'll be playing in Williamsburg this Thursday the 21st which also happens to be Summer Solstice. Check Salt and Samovar here ,and come celebrate Summer Solstice with moi at Zebulon. Peace and Love.


GirlScout badge for drug sales? 

On the heels of the plenty-unsavory "Starter Wife" Ponds-branded show last week, this is even scarier:

BrandWeek June 18, 2007

Johnson & Johnson wants to turn Girl Scout troops into "drug dealers"—but it's all for a good cause.

The drug giant said it will launch a promotion this month, in which churches, nonprofit groups and charities—such as the Girl Scouts—will be encouraged to sell J&J's painkillers and cough medicine to their friends and neighbors. For every purchase of a J&J brand, including Tylenol, Sudafed, BenGay and Motrin, J&J will donate 8% of the sale to the community group.

Traditionally, community groups have raised funds by selling anodyne objects like calendars, greetings cards and, most famously, Girl Scout cookies. But the program, called Ucare, offers nonprofits an advantage, said J&J. Because customers will buy their drugs online, activists and volunteers no longer have to lug knickknacks or cookie boxes when they sell them.

Here's how it works: The volunteer persuades a neighbor to buy their regular over-the-counter medicine from J&J as part of the fund-raiser. The consumer then goes to Ucareorg.com to punch in the code for their specific fundraising group. After that, any product they buy will benefit the community group. (Info is at Ucare's Web site.)


meeting people = easy 

Today is the 10th anniversary of a little album called OK Computer. Happy anniversary boys.
It's been a while since we've seen the best band in the world, but ed gives us hope some magic is coming soon.

"Yes I know its been a while ...... BUT WE ARE NEARLY THERE."


i'm learning german 

well, all the essentials anyway.

with apologies to gloria steinem and bill cosby 

there's always room for j-e-l-l-o.


When In L.A... 

parking lot art show

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blip bleep 

'nuther party in our LA office.
if you on the left side, well c'mon by.

the united states of earth. 

This map renames our nation's states based on countries with similar GDPs. I'm sure Canadians would be thrilled to be the new Texas. Let's go eat some Can-Mex, eh?


my week. *meat week edition* 

since i last posted on wednesday of last week, this is a short week. we're going to start off on thursday, when josh invited us to the parra show at reed space. parra's stuff is really cool, though the space was really hot. dirty was there too.

the new loafer. by nike.

on saturday, madison square park held the annual bar-b-q block party. the salt lick gives us the most fabulous hook-up every year, and this year was no different. now we get to the meat of the matter...

while in nyc between trips to toronto, chicago, montreal, lousiville, and los angeles, matthewlow.com took a moment while he was in town for twenty minutes to enjoy a sammich.

we were so pleased to meat, that we went back on sunday.

go on in.

now that's some drrrty sausage.

and we had a special guest star. please, no autorgaphs. and absolutely no photos. remember kids, nothing lasts forever. especially the bar-b-q. adios salt lick, until next year. thanks for the hook-up!

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Four Eyed Monster 

These people put their full length video on YouTube - to raise money to pay off the credit card debt they made making it. The movie is pretty interesting. And FREE.


to the roof 

Secrect Sale 

Well, since everyone will probably be trying for tickets to the super secret show going on sale today (as if I'm going to tell you and lessen my chances), I thought I would tell you about another secret sale. This one is for the sake of fashion. Lola New York has come out with some great items over the years and tonight they are releasing a very limited summer collection. The sale starts at 7pm and you can get a sneak peek HERE.

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my week. 

another week, another show at trash bar. james call of 'the missing teens' shows us how it's done. in style.

in addition to my myspace page, you can find more personal information about me on any street corner in new york city. but this information doesn't change after a night out.

on friday night we went to annex, and then 'angels and kings', and then back to annex, and then to get pizza, then back to annex. annex three times in one night is three times the fun. at AK we saw miss ultragrrrl spinnin' her stuff. nate and i got autographs.

on saturday night we went to see a puppet show at st. ann's theater in DUMBO. the plays were ok, maybe too much performance art. but the puppets were really cool.

why are you so pretty, new york city?

hey guys, i have a great idea. after the play, let's go to the max fish. elisa and rookie LDT'er gavin say 'ok'.

barbara met barbie. and the rockers.

i call this one 'bumble bees over grass'.


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