plan A 

plan B to follow, in case of severe thunderstorms.



Oh no. I really don't know what this is or what it's for or...jesus. Just watch it. Wow. I don't...I mean, wha-? How...? It's either "I'm sorry" or "You're welcome."

Oh wow, and after that, click here. Un. real.



i have a new friend that works at the american museum of natural history. her name is meg, jacquie, you met her at the GLO concert at the delancey. she can't make it to my party, but as a b-day gift, she invited me and whoever wants to go, free admission, any day of the week. team freelance, i smell a field trip. i know matthew is not gonna want to miss this, so we'll have to wait until he gets back. there's a new dinosaur exhibit that i want to check out. i like them big lizards.

let's do this. some time soon. and then stroll on over to the park for a picnic or lay-out session, or whatever.

....um...who's left on team freelance right now? i just went down the list, and it ain't lookin' promising. nat (full-time (which is a good thing!), scratch), bridget (maternity leave filler-inner, scratch (for a few months anyway)), eric/christa (california dreamin', scratch), aaron (never shows up, scratch), shit. looks like matt, jac, jac, tom, and nick. we need new recruits.

we're gonna get SCOFFed on this one, i can feel it...

get yer ice cold dogs! 

Get yerdevil dogs!!!

i wonder if that would work for me after i pass out at the party on friday...

do you like snacks & candy? 

contributors welcome


bad hindu 

that hurts

shelter from the storm 



ACT NOW!! | ghostland observatory 

do you like willie nelson's hair? do you like guys that wear spray-painted-on pink pants? do you like shake yer ass rock-disco beats? if you like even one out of those three, then there is a band for you! GHOSTLAND OBSERVATORY is a hot new unsigned band fresh off the boat from austin live-music-capital-of-the-world, texas. jacquie and i saw their new york debut monday night at the knitting factory, and it received rave hype yo.

tonight at midnight they're playing at a bar called Ace of Cups (9 great jones street, or 3rd bw broadway/lafayette), and then tomorrow at midnight at the delancey (168 delancey and clinton). these are shows NOT to be missed, all you 9-5ers, you can sleep when you're dead (easy for me to say since i can sleep till noon...). jacquie and i will be attending both shows. just look for the texas accent and tight ass pink pants and come support our new friends from austin! we'll be there.

here are some ghostland observatory mp3's:

:: shoot em down ::
:: rich man ::
:: best won't do ::

right click and save as
(or option click if you're on a mac)

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WYSIWYG Talent Show 

Gay Tales of Extremely Gay Gayness!
My friend Emily will be reading/performing/hyperventilating at the next wysiwyg talent show, tuesday at PS 122. You can check out her blog at pigeoninthesun.blogspot.com. Show your blogger support, maybe pee in your pants a little.


South African jazz *free* 

Next Thursday, June 23rd, Hugh Masekela plays at Prospect Park.

He is an amazing jazz trumpet player (trumpeteer?) and brings a huge band along for his shows. It's a blend of jazz/funk/african sounds and it's great.

And you know I love him if I'm selling Brooklyn.

If I knew how to attach anything to this post, I could share some of his music, but let me know if you're interested and I'll send it directly to your email address.



Via McSweeny's 



- - - -

Spotted weakfish

White crappie

Bleeding shiner

Bigmouth sleeper

Striped mullet

Common snook

Delta smelt


MJ - minus 10 

turn on CNN or NPR or pretty much any form of media RIGHT NOW!!

if you haven't already heard, the jury is about to announce a verdict on the michael jackson case.
i hope it's not anti-climactic.
(UPDATE: the reading of the verdict is delayed to 4:45.)

but oh the sweet sweet irony -
if convicted on all counts, michael jackson could be facing 18+


seu jorge, A.K.A. knockout ned from city of god, A.K.A. the guy who covered bowie songs in portuguese for the life aquatic, plans to generally charm the pants off everybody with his "elegance" and "stylishness" at S.O.B. doors at 7, show at 8.

four tet plays a free in-store at other music, 8pm. it will be ridiculously packed.


days of our freelance lives (a weekly update for the 9-5ish folk) 


do i really need to say anything here? oh, maybe just that the water puddle under the hammock is not due to an overexcitement induced lack of bladder control on nick's part, but is, in fact, just some water that spashed out of the POOL. about 3 feet out of frame to the left.

oh yeah, and to natalie: thank you thank you thank you, thank you.


The valueless post. 

I have nothing of value to post. I'm just giving the blog and everyone a little love. Because I have the time to. And that's a beautiful thing.

I'll see you (yes, you) at the BBQ slop fest this weekend.

Okay, fine, just so reading this won't be a complete waste of time, here's a little joke.

What do midgets do when they find out they're gay?

Come out of the cupboard.

2 jokes in one, oh man, that's good. get it? Little joke...?

freelancers have work hazards too 

you never know. we could get hit by a cab on the way to a matinee. or injured while being thrown out of a museum for taking pictures. or bitten by a dog at the park. so i stumbled on the freelancer's union website for group health insurance and other benefits.
keeping team freelance alive. (a working tagline)

cupcake update 

it's been a whiile since my last cupcake related post, but i've really got my finger on the pulse.
i know you all aren't here to share in the goodness, but oh, trust me.
i may be bringing some of these back to share. i'll take requests.


You can take the manske boys out of driftwood 

but you can't take the barbecue out of the boys. er wait...something like that, whatever they say in tennessee. anyway, the Salt Lick, the barbecue restaurant that nathan , lily and i worked at during our 16 combined years of college is part of a "bar-b-q block party" happening this weekend at madison square park. it is a bbq/beer festival, and 10 restaurants from around the nation set up booths and sell their roasted pig, cow, and other mammals for all you non-vegetarian types to sink your chompers into. one of the guys that is catering the event for the salt lick just called me, let me know they're here, and that they want to party. last year about ten of us went on a beautiful sunday afternoon, and they hooked us up with about $40 of free tickets (maybe more? i can't remember, jacquie, do you? i know it was a lot). so if we're willing to barter with new york trinkets, drugs, alcohol, gifts, and whatnot, then we should be able to do some more of the same this year. based on the events of last years festival, i'm going to be nursing some serious hangovers this week, and then eating some delicious free barbecue to recover. anyone in? let's pick a day, either saturday or sunday, and go get grubby.

oh yeah, you better start fasting now...

nate, lily, let's start with the cliches: i can tell you right now, we're gonna need more bread. can i get a wheelbarrow to roll me out in? well that's mine, what's everyone else gonna eat!? har har har!

wherever wayne leads, people in bunny costumes will follow 

i'd write my own adoring review of the new flaming lips doc the fearless freaks, but i just don't think i could come up with a better opener than this:

"If you see only one film this year featuring a dramatic re-enactment (starring pre-adolescent Vietnamese children) of what it was like to be robbed at gunpoint while working at an Oklahoma City Long John Silver’s franchise in 1983, this should be it."

read the rest of the adjective laden, glowing review in the austin chronicle. or you can watch a trailer here, but it really doesn't do the film justice. bad editor. bad. it's out now on DVD. rent it. and if you're not completely in love with wayne and his green wellies by the end, wellie then, you're just a freak.

oh that neckface, sometimes i just wanna hug him and squeeze him... 

pic stolen from tale of two cities


i know i've been out of the loop lately 

but does anyone ever hang out anymore? or is everyone in CT or CA or UK or M.I.A.? i know nate's having a party at hanft raboy all weekend, and there's a vending machine with snacks and sodas, but other than that...

my cell phone is cold from no texts or calls. and it's rainy outside. but it is friday, and i just finished a job and my apt. is about to be all clean. :::yawn, stretch::: let's do something...? that's what the blog title should be changed to: let's do something, anything.

your 2'x2' spot awaits 

the schedule is up for the bryant park film fest which starts june 20.

but in the meantime, watch the saga start over... er... continue, as prospect park shows off the biggest summer blockbuster (of 1977):

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
This Saturday, June 4, 9:00pm
Two giant screens in the Long Meadow of Prospect Park


june gloom 

apparently this is what they call that time in LA when the fog rolls in every day and it's a bit chilly and grey. (basically, nyc '05 in the "spring".) but for me it means sitting in the wong doody offices on pico working on a banner ad for infrastructure software geared toward architects while eating from a trough of thai rice at my desk. this whole bi-coastal thing is not as glamorous as i'd imagined. however, i did see tyra banks as i was leaving the shutters pool on sunday. she had cornrows in her hair and an unidentified white dude on her arm. on the weekend i shopped here:

shopkitson.com-there was a line and a red velvet rope to get into this joint. apparently it's paris' favorite place to shop in LA, as evidenced by lots of offensively bright ruffled minis and tight sequined ironic tees.

lisakline.com-this is where they have that curtain that comes down to shield peeps from the paparazzi. on saturday they were shooting these two girls a la 'laguna beach' or 'rich girls' style in the store who were all 'yeah, we love our school uniforms but we looooooooove juicy.'

tattydevine.com-actually they're in London, but i got the dopest name necklace from there and they have all this fun jewelry and a little glass lens you get to use to look at the stuff.

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