my week. *holiday edition* 

this edition of 'my week' wraps up the year of '05. we start off in austin where i spent time with my family. in an attempt to get into the holiday spirit, my brother and i were entranced by a packed house showing of the 3-D imax movie, "the polar express".

on christmas day, our 'special' cousin, who goes by the name of "randy", hung the last ornament on the tree.

the day after christmas, my brothers and i went to visit my mom in wichita, kansas. this is her sweet little poodle, pepper.

this is a pedicurist's dream, or nightmare. not sure which. it belongs to my brother, matt.

on our way back from kansas, we stopped at a denny's. hey, they have coffee. and bathrooms...anyway, i took the dogs for a walk, and came across some train tracks.

on new year's eve, we got a game of football together. american football is a man's sport, and it's important to warm-up properly. make sure to do plenty of stretching.

then it was back to the usual when i got back to the NYC. going to see bands, and fun with vodka.

i've found that the wild animals in new york are similar to those in texas, except they're uglier up here.


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