Never Too Much Iceland 

Galerie Adler will host an opening reception for Sigga Bjorg Sigurðardóttir on September 6, from 6-9. Her drawings kind of remind me of Tim Burton and Gorey.

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my week. *vacation2 edition* 

i think it's safe to say that everyone took it easy on the monday following nate's birt'day party. but we weren't out of action for too long. gavin's band, the blacks, made certain of that. on tuesday they blew the roof off of club midway. i dressed the part, but somehow i missed the show. gina drank (as did we all), and jacquie rocked out.

"extra firm? HA!", says jacquie o. "extra WOBBLY is more like it."

meet the blacks. they rocked piano's on wednesday.

nate and josh spend more time together than most married couples. on thursday, at antarctica, we celebrated their departure from hanft raboy and partners. now they'll be working in holy matrimony at berlin cameron. congratulations natenjosh!

so having gone to spain less than a month ago, i figured i needed a vacation from my vacation. so i hopped a jet plane to sarasota, florida. i was a day late because i missed my plane, and then my bag was a day later thanks to jfk inefficiency. two trips in a row that my bag got lost. don't think i'm ever checking my bag again...but it was a lovely four day weekend nonetheless. the beaches were empty, except for these LDTers. and that sunset was NOT popped in lightroom. that's the real thing.

this week's edition of 'my week' has a very special guest. mr. matthew low of mattlow.com. he brought his superduper camera with us to sarasota, and was responsible for taking/directing most of the photos. so barbara is going to step aside, and i'm going to let his flickr page do most of the talking. couldn't have said it better myself. and matt, we gotta come up with a name for your camera. HUGE thanks to natalie for letting us all stay at her mother's apartment in sarasota. it was a "miserable" weekend, indeed.

10% off flights 

As the travel maniac of the gang, I wanted to share this 10% discount on American Airlines which was printed on my free NYPost this morning.

Go to aa.com and enter promotional code NYWRAP.

Must be purchased by Sept. 2
For travel between Sept. 17 and Nov. 14.

Be sure not to miss their headline this morning, too. Hint: Leona Helmsley left $12M to her dog.



from cartwheels to backflips 

Alberto Gonzeles...gone.


on broadway 

You gotta love New York. Not the one on VH1, btw.


show your love for the blacks 

i think most of you already know this by now...
but gavin is our token black friend.
and also. he rocks.

come out tonight & tomorrow night to check out the NYC debut of his SF band -- THE BLACKS -- live and in concert at your local LES hotspots.

TONIGHT @ club midway 9pm, $5

WEDNESDAY @ piano's 10pm, $8 (with von iva, also from SF)

the blacks will also be playing the FRICTION 2 year anniversary show
sept. 20 @ mercury lounge.
(with die romantik, the most serene republic and one more TBA)

for more blacks-ploitation:
= listen on their myspace page - theblacksarehere
= buy the album on itunes THE BLACKS :: nom de guerre ::
= read a review and interview with singer luisa black over at CokemachineGlow
= feel the bloglove with crackers united

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my boy jona just rocked a pretty unique canvas. watch out for sinse one, his work can be seen all over the city's walls and its finest galleries.

hot damn, a shout out by super producer dallas austin.

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my week. *8/19/1980 edition* 

for the past week at casa manske there have been five people, one dog, and only two beds. here are two of the visiting residents at my little 'roof' party last tuesdee.

this week is mostly going to revolve around nate, seeing that his birthday was yesterday. he recently got a new job at an agency called berlin, and he's just happy to be'er.

i went for a walk after the party, and took a pic of my favorite model, the williamsburg bridge. she's pretty at night.

on thursday night, we went to a surf bar in wburg, and i had a whole bunch of sex on the beach. i wouldn't normally order one, but it was the closest thing they had to vodka/diet coke. i don't think i have ever ordered one of those before, and i probably won't ever again. but it wasn't too bad, actually. reed suggested that i justify ordering one by saying it was for my girlfriend, and then slam it when she never shows up, "oh well, guess she ain't coming, and i can't very well let this perfectly fine drink go to waste." then i told reed, "or i could just pretend that i'm gay." and reed agreed that would be easier. where am i going with this overly long explanation? dunno. i guess i'm just trying to explain why i would order a sex on the beach. anyway, on to the next photo...

yes yes yes, to the next photo indeed. we get to saturday, where i got hype for the friction party at the mercury. more cowbell! more tambourine! and keyboard! this girl played for the band 'office'. if the band was a C overall, she bumped them up to an A. easily. she is the hottest cowbeller, tambourinier, keyboardist i've ever seen. moreso than the chick from earlimart. i drunkenly hit on her at the after party at home sweet hoome, but they were heading back to chicago. oh well.

on sunday, rainy sunday, i woke up with a black eye, two very painful bite marks, an abrasion on my throat from attempted strangulation (that looks like the biggest hickey ever), various bruises on my back and arms, and a hangover. so what's the best cure for all that? well, aside from a steak on the eye, lots of exedrin, and a mental note-to-self to try even harder to avoid psycho ex-girlfriends: a 'ghostland observatory' show! the gang was all here for austin's rockingest sons, and the surprise special guest, 'spank rock'. hey guys, remember the last time we saw a concert at mccarren pool? this was it. and what a hell of a collection of summer shows it was. thanks for a great summer, mc pool. you'll be missed. all-you-can-drink brunch, free concert at the pool, then to clem's for 'patriots'. i could've gotten used to that. but could've done without the monday hangovers...

bklyn. yo.

and without further ado. the man of the hour. thwip.

it was nate's birthday party, so of course there was hot spidey-on-spidey action.

meet rafi, nate's best friend from texas, and another of our current guests. rafi is in no way bald, or even balding, but this photo makes it look like he is. happy birthday, nate! sorry you had to work through most of it, but if today's hangover is any indication, i think it worked out in the end.


McCarren Park Pool 

Yes, they are definitely reopening the pool next summer but that doesn't mean our concerts have to stop. The New York City Department of Parks and Recreations is currently conducting a survey in order to see what the people want out of McCarren Park Pool. I know we don't want the party to stop so fill it out kids!

McCarren Park Pool Survey

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who needs a programmer? 

when i can do it myself...BETTER!
e-commerce on serimony is up and running

Trapped in Amazement 

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

How have we let this slip on the blog? Seriously, every new episode amazes me! If you are new to the Trapped in the Closet series, all the previous chapters are available on IFC. And if you are still confused check out the cliff notes.

Trapped in the Closet


Youth in Revolt 

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Youth in Revolt, easily my favorite book of all time, is finally picking up some steam to be turned into a movie. Michael Cera (Superbad, Arrested Development) just signed on for the movie and very reliable sources have told me that Spike Jonze has had several meetings to direct. I'm so psyched on this you guys have no idea. This will be a hilarious movie if done with the right people.

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my week. *hit the ground running edition* 

a week ago, i was still in spain. at times this week, i've wished that i still was. but it's good to have had that experience, and now be back in nyc. i've had a week to reflect on what the trip meant to me, and what i took from it. in general, it made the world smaller. it's made all my little trivial problems seem insignificant. it was great to step back, take a breath, and get away from everything. it really put things in perspective. if i moved to spain, or did spanish vacations all the time, it wouldn't be what it is. and what it is, is an amazing vacation. it was nice to have an affair with spain, but my true love is new york. so it's indeed good to be back. good to be back with my art jobs, my friends, the food, and i'm even glad to be back dogwalking. i was getting out of shape... spain, you're awesome, but new york, i love you.

here nate and i view morocco from tarifa.

let the goat jokes begin...er...continue.

aaaaaaand back to new york. wednesday i did laundry. thursday i woke up, went for a job, and then off to coney island for a little show. the rapture and daft punk. the rapture played all their new bubble gum, with only two songs from echoes. they were alright. but...around the world around the world around the world. daft punk was fucking amazing. not a person was standing still in the entire stadium.


i could post twenty pics, just of the pyramid. but two should be good to get the effect.

even the verrazano wanted to get in on the act. she was looking all lightshowy too.

on saturday, after drawing some storyboards, and then doing some transcribing for matthewlow.com, i went to an art opening in long island city. the good news is that these guys showed up. the bad news is that it was in long island city. it was fun though. and free beer!

the con ed building looks like something out of a tim burton film...

also on saturday, one of my best friends from texas, reed posey, and his gf kerrie, moved to new york! they're staying with me for a bit. reed is an artist/painter singer/songwriter. kerrie is a singer/songwriter as well, but is trying to get into chinese medicine.

and by chinese medicine, i mean accupuncture. surgery in my room. ow...


Karl Rove has resigned!

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this is funny 

watch the whole thing.

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be kind 

Gondry Geniusness

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mi semana. *la edicion de espana y los cuatros amigos* 


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Tuesday night 

Anyone up for some Ayn Rand?

Free showing, tomorrow night at sundown.
At "The Elevated Acre" 55 Water Street, near the Seaport.

More info: River to River Festival

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place your bets... 

how long until this movie comes out?

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dragon boat festival 

The NY Dragon Boat Championships will be on Saturday and the US Champtionships on Sunday. To round out the event, expect a Shaolin Kung Fu demonstration, dancing dragons, a dumpling eating contest and much much more. directions to flushing meadows park here.

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