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Insert NAMBLA jokes here....

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animal abuse 

hopefully nick doesn't do this to any of his dogs:

EDIT: wtf? embedding was disabled by request? fine, here's the link.


happy three-three ow-ow!!! 

may this year be filled with more fighting irish, less hot carls, and plenty of more-or-less friendly fires.

happy birthday, osman!

(editor's note: she's actually 34. sorry, everyone, and especially jac. now blogger maid has a mess on her hands.)


my week. *yes wii can edition* 

first post of '09. the kaiser-kennedi's hosted a new year's eve cocktail party, and i know there are some that were pretty crabby about seeing '08 come to a close.

um, the holidays are over.

it's been a brutal winter so far. four coats should do the trick.

this is grimm in his backyard. he likes to fetch his chew toy (painted like a globe), eating ice, and hurdling fences. he's a german-shepherd mix, and he's oh-nine's first pet of the week.

rafi shows how he ain't gonna blend in with the crowd at sugarland. speaking of sugarland, that place has become our most frequented weekend hangout in williamsburg (except for drunch stadium). hard to say why. it could be the crowded thursdays through saturdays, the proximity to our respective apartments, the not-too-annoyingly-gay music, the decent number of cute straight girls...

or this.

i think this is a more appropriate name for a gay club. and there's already a creepy old man staring.

YOU love me.

ah yes, the uh-nnihilaters (thanks, osman), being perfect hosts to a wii bowling party.

in order to avoid pulling a muscle while wii bowling, it's important to properly stretch first. the 'wii baggers' demonstrate.

perfect form.

another inauguration day for the US, which means another birthday for pat manske. happy birt'day, pappa paytrick! cute kid you got there.

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daft obama punk 

this is pretty awesome. say it. you are correct.

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