you may never eat sausage again 

ah boys and their masturbation experiments. if you enjoy chuck palahniuk (and i don't just mean if you've seen fight club), if you haven't eaten anytime recently, and if you've already gone to the bathroom... then feel free to read guts, mr. up-chuck's controversial new short story, posted in its entirety on nghia's other site.



the catchy as herpes hip-pop edition:

gorillaz ::feel good, inc.::
from the new album demon days

this song is goodness. and it's stuck in my head right now. i saw gorillaz play in scotland once... although i didn't actually see them because they carried through on the whole cartoon band concept and played behind a screen running with images of their animated alter-egos. which was kinda cool, but mostly lame. sounded good though. if you don't already know, gorillaz iz damon albarn (of blur), miho hatori (of cibo mato), dangermouse (of the grey album mashup) who replaces dan the automator, and MF Doom and other rappers who replace del tha funky homosapien. in other words, most of the zombie bizness is gone this time. you might have heard this song on the new ipod commercial unless of course you've been living under a rock and/or you're nick or nate.

fannypack ::seven one eight::
from the new album see you next tuesday

yo brooklyn, yo bronx! i love this song. and it's stuck in my head riiiight... now. fannypack are 3 jennys from the block just barely out of high school. oh hi nick, when did you get here? they were put together and hipster-ified by nyc DJ's matt goias and fancy (yes, fancy) who take teeny bopper hip hop (teeny hopper) and turn it into rhein-gold. on their last album, they used a yeah yeah yeah's sample in things and managed to get a video on MTV for cameltoe including lyrics like "is your crotch hungry girl? cause it's eating your pants..." this is the only song i've heard off their new one so far. but i rike their bass. their beat is correct. and clearly, they still love them some 'gina jokes.

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yeah, yeah, yeah, nick and jessica are getting a divorce 

that's old gossip even if they're not admitting it yet. but this, this is real news... graham reads stereogum?

Crying While Eating 

crying while eating
the competition
local news on the competition
what the freak
someone else's dinner
he likes aaron
LA Times


happy birthday 

jacque lynn, JQ, mom?, "the look" schiller... *
may 33 be tick, nose-whistle, trainwreck and other graduey free.


*help. jac wants a nickname. a good one. so in addition to your birthday wishes, please leave nickname suggestions in the comments...

quick meals 

anyone got any quick, tasty meals they want to share?
i'm looking for anything a freelance slacker could prepare for lunch/dinner in 30mins (ideally less).

here's one of my current favorites. mmmhmmm.

salt and pepper a 6oz cod fillet. sautee for 30-45 secs each side. turn the heat to low. cover with tarragon, a handful of halved cherry tomatoes and a handful of halved olives. drizzle with olive oil. cover the pan and cook for 5 mins or until the fish is cooked through. don't overcook it. i eat it with cous cous cos it soaks up the fish/olive/tomato juices. takes 10 mins from fridge to plate.


the top gun of crazytown 

so much
to be disturbed by,
so little time.

my shit turned green 

this post is just a reminder, for people like me, who completely forget half of the shit they plan to do just moments after deciding to do it.

in accordance with matt's simple instructions last month, i finally (remembered and) made the energy switch to coned's solutions green power.

if you haven't already, click here to enroll. it takes less than a minute and all you need is an old bill handy for account numbers and such.

it only costs about a half cent more per kwh and apparently there's some sort of $25 rebate after 3 months and a tax waiver on the delivery portion (?) of your bill. i'm not sure what that means, but i like to think of it as getting a credit card that earns airline miles. except in this case, you accumulate karma points out the ass. which really helps for people like me, who also tend to hand a taxi driver a $20 thinking it's a $1. trust me.


You are weak. It is useless to resist. 

"Star Wars" I know, it hurts to even see it printed again. It's everywhere. So I'll keep it short.

Nick and I are going to see it tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon. I'll post exactly what time later on, so you can buy your ticket and join if you want. But at least the reviews are good this time.

Also, you can challenge Darth Vader here. Think of any object in your mind (he doesn't do dirty. I already tried), and he'll guess what it is. It's pretty much 20 questions.

Plus, an added perk (for me anyway). The new Fantastic Four trailer will be attached. I've already seen it, of course. It still only looks "okay." Oh well. They can't all be Spider-Man and X-Men.

Okay, enough geekness for one post. Or month. Or year.


Feeling Lonely? 

Try this.



skunx suk. 

so does texas. i'll be back soon.


just a few of the reasons my hard drive is about to implode: 

the KVRX archive has lots of great live sets you can download

the hype machine compiles all the most recent mp3 posts for your lazy ass pickins

insound is an mp3 goldmine

tofu hut (one of the O.G. mp3 blogs) just put together a massive list of mp3 blogs sorted by type

and if you don't already know, fluxblog is the shit. and music for robots will rock out your itunes.



is anyone even here this weekend? 

i'm not. but if you are,
SATURDAY- go score some free stuff at freemeet
SUNDAY- find some tix on craigslist for nine inch nails at hammerstein
MONDAY- check out whitey & the cloud room @ rothko

i want i want 

this 3D weather globe and atlas. i tried it out in the apple store and it's super doooope.


video beauty (pt. 3) 


google for gangstas 

1. google image search as montage.
2. guess the google image montage game.
3. google news as montage.
4. the future of google news (i've posted this before, but it bears repeating, nanana na na, nanana naaa na).
5. google sightseeing.
6. google visual mapping.

via coolhunting and panopticist.

more redneck craziness 

your knife sucks.

via panopticist.


if you haven't already, don't ... 

forget to check out live-shot.


hot! hot! hot! british sea power 

i have 4 tix to british sea power next saturday, May 14th at the bowery ballroom. gonna be outta town. the bad thing is they were only sold as will call. anyone wanna buy em or have any ideas around this.


cinco de mayo en inglaterra 

this is how we do it.

giggle starter 

happy cinco de mayo my friends. in bad texas news this jackassis probably celebrating too.

happy cinco. 

what the dilly de ma-yo?

fuck coachella 

the full ACL list is posted. and may i just say OW! OWWWW!!!

in addition to LDT favorites: the arcade fire, wilco and franz ferdinand and other big acts mentioned in the post below, the updated list also includes: bloc party, the walkmen, the decemberists, the secret machines, M83, the fiery furnaces, the futureheads, ambulance ltd., thievery corporation, spoon, rilo kiley, aqualung, the black keys, the frames, dios malos...

i've got my coozies all ready
and i just bought my ticket.


now if they could just reduce the temperature by 10,000 

info via torr:

"The lineup of the fourth-annual Austin City Limits Music Festival, set for Sept. 23-25 in Austin, Texas' Zilker Park has been confirmed. Among the more than 130 bands confirmed for the festival's eight stages are Coldplay, Oasis, Jet, Kasabian, Franz Ferdinand, Keane, Doves, Death Cab for Cutie, The Bravery, The Arcade Fire, and Wilco.

The full list of bands will be announced tomorrow (Thurs.) The ACL festival is named for the PBS mainstay Austin City Limits. The festival began in 2002, and attendance grew to more than 70,000 per day in 2004.

In response, producers announced this year that they would reduce capacity by 10,000 daily to make for a better fan experience. The capacity reduction will affect ticket prices, but three-day passes started out at $85 on April 15 will still top out at $95 once the bands are announced. "Our ticket sales are ahead of schedule," Jones says. "Before we released band one, we sold 12,000-13,000 three-day passes. I expect when the bands get released, this sucker will sell out within a week."



if you don't wanna go to this you are lame and it was nice knowing you 

on sale saturday

UPDATE: there's also a pre-sale tomorrow at noon.


spring cleaning 

In case you haven't gotten to your spring cleaning this should make you feel betteryou packrat.


um... happy dark, tortured may anyone? 

i've been listening to pretty hate machine a lot lately. man, how gooooood was that shit? and today i finally got my grubby mitts on the new one. with teeth, now available for download on jacster. it may not beat the oldies, but you are gonna love it. or i will cry.

um...happy may? 

i dunno. it's been about a week since anyone posted, so i just wanted to post something. i believe eric and christa have returned. tom and jac are bac (or will be before this weekend). bridget may be staying for a week or two. that all sounds like a party waiting to happen.

in other news: jacquie o is working full time this week (i can hear nate and lily laughing from across the east river...). and there's a birthday coming up for someone who's name starts with 'L' and ends with 'ily'.

let's all do something soon.

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