New Year's Eve Party!!! 

Have a festive and fantastic start in 2006. More info here.


hangover. and over and over. 

In case those recurring Sunday hangovers aren't enough to convince you, Yahoo News assures us: Seriously. There is no cure for a hangover.

Just thought I'd share that before New Years Eve.

Merry Whatever and Happy New Years, everyone!


that stinks 

Not only do the Taiwanese shoot fireworks AT people (info courtesy of H.O.), they also eat their meals in toilets (courtesy of Tom's brother Jimmy):


Fuck this... 



The Chronic, what? 

For everyone. But mostly for Bridget.

An SNL video that's been going around. I thought it was kinda funny. People at work thought it was really funny. So I'm sharing, like a good little blogger.

reason #63 

"Because on a random Saturday night, The Arcade Fire showed up on a street corner, strapped on their guitars, and tore through a set of Cure, Pixies, and New Order covers"

LA can kiss my ass, and quit stealing my friends. man i can't help it, i'm a sucker for a good new york lovefest. and natalie and jeff's subway encounter is just one of new york magazine's 123 reasons to love new york. the issue is on newstands today.

congrats nat - on seeing your name in print with the likes of heath ledger and the 1-800-mattress guy.

(and i'm not certain, but it also looks like adam alshin, or at least his ad agency, made #113.)


Transform Yourself 

fun. fun. fun.

Ever wondered what you'd look like when you're an old (wo)man? Or of a different race? Or as half Ape? Wonder no more.

A friend told me about this site called Face Transformer (Google.com; "face transformer"; click "I'm Feeling Lucky"). You upload a photo of you staring right at camera. Click what you want to see yourself as. And enjoy.

Here's me:

...as an old man:

...as half ape:

and me as a woman, african american, east asian, west asian, manga cartoon, baby, child, teenage, and several paintings of me by various artists. Enjoy.

I don't think it's MAC compatible. I'll gladly do it for you. Just send me a straight on shot of your face, like the one of me above.


'05 Bush Review 

It's tough to keep track of all those Bush plunders from the past 365 days. JibJab has done a nice job of wrapping them all up in about a minute.

One down. Three to go. (Assassination not included.)


i'm all out of love 

i'm so LOST without you.

so, you know how itunes sells tv episodes so you can watch them on your video ipod? well, turns out you can watch them on your computer too (duh). i just spent the last 6 days downloading and watching the all the LOST episodes up to now (doh). all 34 of them. and now i don't have any left to watch. and i still don't know what the numbers mean, or who the others are, or where walt is, or if kate is going to hook up with sawyer or jack, or what will happen if you don' t press the button every 108 minutes. that show's like crack addicted to heroin. i'm even addicted to the little animation for the production company that comes on at the end after the titles and shouts "bad robot". for those poor bastards of you who've never seen it, it's twin peaks, meets survivor, meets lord of the flies, meets the best fucking tv show ever made. why am i telling you? i'm so bored. my life is now (more) pointless, void and empty and i have nothing to do with my time.
until next wednesday...

no more pepsi bottles 


cross your fingers, and your david 

showtime may pick up arrested development



SXSW!!! already? yes. 

today they just posted the unofficial SxSW lineup!!!
the earlies, echo and the bunneymen, clap yer hands, belle and sab, ETC, ETC. and this is just the first, prelimary list! sure hope i can go this year!
:: smile and sigh and think of Austin ::


as previously mentioned in mass email:

if you're planning on staying out after midnight, you might wanna
find alternate means of transportation.

::crosses fingers for strike::

If you do have to work tomorrow no matter what (::raises hand::), just go to www.mta.info for alternate routes. They're such courteous strikers.


have you ever felt your brain slip into the shadows, allowing your evil body absolute power? (this isn't dirty).

well, yesterday, i noticed that mia (my dog) had chewed a bit on the corner of the kitchen cabinet, which made me very angry, to say the least. so we went running and afterwards i stopped by my pet store and asked the nice lady what was best. she gave me this bitter spray called fooey, and it claims to be the most bitter stuff on earth. i bought it happily and hurried home to test it out. i sprayed every corner exposed to her chomp, and my table and chair legs and my bed corners.

then, in a moment of juvenile weakness, innate infantile curiosity, i licked my finger. no thoughts sped through my brain at this time. nay, i was acting on pure animalistic impulse. the sensations that followed will never be forgotten and mia will never chew on any corners ever again. i have cast my vote. i am a believer. fooey! is the most bitter stuff on planet earth.

i attempted to remedy the situation with some fat free vanilla yogurt. normally i would enjoy this treat. but not this time. while the smooth dairy did allay most of the malady, it wasn't my dear yogurt of yore. uck! but it did help.

so zombie lickers beware! fooey is your enemy!

Esting. Esting. 4, 5, 6 

spilling my virgin blog blood here, folks. oooh and ouch!

just wanted to follow jac o's new adventures in nut hugging post by adding that you can PURCHASE the entire new Ghostland Observatory album on their label website, www.trashymoped.com.

i'm personally quite proud of them. i remember last summer thomas kept talking up his empire and how he wasn't interested in the all the imposter labels that didn't lavish attention on his regal self. he wanted to make his own label, trashy moped. so, apparently he did and now they have a website where you can, as i said, buy their albums---even from from bagdad! with the magic that is paypal. ::cue fairy wand charm...brrrrring!::


sometimes i'm embarassed for human manske-kind 

thank you affluent online gamers.

link via gawker


twist my arm 

concert pickins is slim - it's christmas partyparty week.
here's what's left.

TONIGHT (dec 14)
voxtrot @ magnetic field (last minute addition because their van got stolen and they can't finish touring)
explosions in the sky @ bowery, sold out i believe

TOMORROW (dec 15)
the changes / morning theft / the diggs @ rothko
foreign islands (friction alumnus) @ scenic, insound holiday party
the double @ the delancey

FRIDAY (dec 16)
the earlies @ mercury lounge
the changes @ trash (williamsburg)
we are wolves @ the hook (BFE)

SATURDAY (dec 17)
the changes @ mercury lounge
the brakes @ knitting factory old office
we are wolves @ sin-e

MONDAY (dec 19)
mixel pixel / single frame @ knitting factory tap bar


new adventures in nut huggers | ghostland observatory 

ok, maybe it doesn't take much to get me out to see a band three times in one week or to get nick to break out the electrical tape for a homemade t-shirt. but that doesn't make ghostland observatory any less awesome.

you can check out two tracks from the new GLO album on their myspace page and stream two more here (click listen).

and for a special hump day bonus. watch aaron's package in infamous double time action (oh no!) at the delancey last june:

ghostland observatory : paparazzi lightning releases january 21.



so be good for goodness sake 

Help St. Nick by picking up a letter addressed to the man himself at Manhattan's General Post Office (8th Avenue) or by calling 877-840-0459. Donations are also accepted c/o Operation Santa.

um, caption? 

would you rather die 

like this
like this, or
like this?

what can i say, i watched battle royale tonight.
and i'm feeling sickle.

and in a related note, anyone else creeped out that these people will custom build a torture device for you?


for the ladieees 

yup, that's alex m. and jwahl pre-jessica and way pre-dunzo. and if you have any idea what i'm talking about... then you'll want to click here to ease all LB withdrawal symptoms.

Belle & Sebastian: The Comic Book? 

Actually, "Graphic Novel" is the more appropriate term. Independent artists and writers have created stories inspired by the music of Belle & Sebastian. They will be collected in this Trade Paperback (scroll to a little more than half way down the page).

Whether it'll be good or not, I dunno. But I do know it's a cool idea. Nick and I actually had this thought years ago, for our other brother's band. But it was more superhero. With hippies and exploding drum sticks. I kid you not.


i'm about to pass a kidney stone. how's that for sex on wheels? 

- nick diamond responds to a catcall

while everyone else was busy compiling their best of 2005 lists,
i found a sure thing for my best of 2006 list.

(in case you don't know me that well, 3 times means i really love em. overexcitement mixed with OCD, perhaps.)

i'd heard a few islands songs that were floating around the internet, and i was already sold. but then i went to see them at knitting factory on tuesday night, and now i'm obsessed.

from the deadpan stage banter and the all-white suits to the clarinet love and the turkey in the straw violin solo, they could not have been more my favorite. islands take all the lush, layered, passionate instrumentation of the arcade fire or wolf parade, drop the haunt, and add brilliantly absurdist lyrics and humor - think beta band, beck, uh, unicorns - to create something both giddy and gorgeous.

there were about 7 of them hopping around on stage at any given time. "nick diamond on vocals, piano, guitar and synth, jaime tambeur on drums, jim guthrie of royal city on guitar and vocals, mike feuerstack of wooden stars on lap steel and percussion, patrick gregoire on guitar, percussion, and bass clarinet, patrice agbokou on five-stringed bass, sebastian chow on violin, piano, and recorder, and alex chow ('no relation') on violin and piano." details via pitchfork news.

they played most of their upcoming album return to the sea (the only song i recognized was "don't call me whitney, bobby") and for their encore they covered "graceland" by paul simon. fitting, as they cite the graceland album as one of their influences. apparently some people were surprised and said islands don't normally do encores. but bitches, we got TWO. the crowd just wasn't leaving. everyone clapped and wooooot-ed and ow owww!-ed until nick and jamie came back out and played the second encore of "abominable snowman" for what they said was the first time ever live. i can't believe it only took two people.

let's just say check the balcony at their next show, i predict a david byrne and/or bowie sighting.

some general islands background: the two founders (nick and j'amie) are ex-unicorns. their upcoming album will feature guest appearances by members of arcade fire and wolf parade. they have opened for beck and remixed a song for guerolito. nick was also a co-writer of the vice holiday send-up for charity "do they know it's hallowe'en."

if you haven't already, go download
:: abominable snowman ::
(courtesy of simple mission.)

islands : return to the sea is scheduled for UK release in january. i know what i'll be buying myself for my birthday...




is an art gallery for jacque.

But it's the X-Men 3 teaser trailer for me.

Pics and more at the X3 website.

Let the x-puns begin.


anyone wanna make me a CVS "Disposable" Digital Camcorder? thanks. 

It's looking like you, Mr. Van Every. Details at makezine.



Great post heading when you're working in the lobby of a hotel.

But, it's also the title of MOCA's current exhibition. All about art and drugs. Drugs and art. There are giant mushrooms hanging from the ceiling. I believe I'm stable enough to handle this.


Trying to weasel my way into Comedy Central's Last Laugh taping. If I ain't got my Lohan on (btw, rumored out here to be dating Jake, not Jared) I'll just watch it on TV, December 11th.

misanthropic musings 

I was gonna complain about dead Macs, the whole Christmas/Holiday thing but the sun was shining today in L.A. and we got a blog mention to boot, so...

happy thoughts, happy thoughts.


15 minutes 

coochie coochie coo, who's a famous little blog?

all hail natalie. who not only spread her joy and arcade fire love around the blogosphere a few weeks back, but also apparently single-handedly sold out the bell orchestre show at tonic.



i must've been very, very good this year.

maysles films: five decades
@ MoMA
no penguins, migratory birds or grizzlies for the maysles brothers. albert and david pioneered the concept of direct cinema - fly-on-the-wall documentary filmmaking - and have made some of the most compelling, and most human documentaries in american cinema. each film plays once at the beginning of the month (dec 1-7) and again at the end of the month (dec 24-31).

"hard boiled & in the mood: tony leung"
@ BAM rose cinemas (dec 1-18)
you probably know him as the secret whisperer in in the mood for love or the color coordinated calligraphy rebel in hero, but the "clark gable of hong kong," tony leung, has starred in over a dozen great films whose original titles you can't pronounce. and nearly everything ever directed by tarantino (and jacquie o.) hero wong kar-wai.

paths of glory
@ film forum (dec 2-8)
making the case that the enlisted man is often the biggest casualty of war, stanley kubrick's anti-war WW1 drama unfolds like a greek tragedy and is one of my all time favorite films. can't wait to see it on the big screen.

all thanks to heads up from gothamist


who wants to go to cuba? 

i do

what's left 

Swimming pool, Destin, FL 2005 after Hurricane Dennis.

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