suggestion box 

1. keep your eyes peeled, your nose to the grindstone, and your ears, um, not filled with wax: lily's looking for a room july1st. know anyone fleeing the country?
2. brunch. do i really need to sell this crowd on a lazy breakfast with booze? we're all rolling out of bed at three anyways.
3. neville brothers. more please.
4. anyone want to generously donate a little of their time to tell me what's wrong with my laptop?

happy june everybody.


more brownie points 

here's an email from 826nyc:

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. is nearing completion, and we would like to invite
everyone to come see the new space after the June 4th fundraiser. The cape tester
may be in full working order. Hosted by Sarah Vowell, 826 NYC is putting on an evening of music and comedy with They Might Be Giants, David Cross, Todd Barry and People Are Wrong to raise funds
for the tutoring space.

125 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
8:00 pm

Everyone at the show is invited to walk down Fifth Avenue with us afterwards for a
party at 826 NYC to celebrate the opening of our storefront, The Brooklyn
Superhero Supply Co. Tickets for the evening are $50 and can be purchased online at www.ticketweb.com.


down the tube 

The girth commercial is still giving me nightmares, but along comes the Lysol spot to add to my misery. Seriously, did they have to use an actual piece of chicken as a sponge?

And on a sad, personal note, one of the few manly men I've found attractive was that guy from Charmed and Nip+Tuck, Julian McMahon. Then I see him today on Ellen and he was a complete jackass, socially inept and doesn't even have an Austrailian accent anymore. That he was ever married to Brooke Burns should have indicated his intelligence level. Back to booksmart boys with no chest hair.

I told you it was sad.


I just ate a penny on accident. 

polly jean 

not top of my pops, but pj harvey will be playing a rare, small venue show this tuesday at knitting factory. tickets are limited and on sale now.

where in the world is alex dixie? (day 1) 

12:00pm – arrive in Owatonna for lunch at Cabela’s (1 hour stay)
1:00 – depart for National Farmers Bank, Owatonna (5 miles)
1:15 – arrive for tour of National Farmers Bank (designed by Louis Sullivan, 1909) (1 hour stay)
2:15 – depart for Rochester, Minnesota (43 miles)
3:15 – arrive at “Judyland” (home of artist Judy Onofrio, Rochester, Minnesota) (1 hour stay)
4:15 – depart for West Bend, Iowa (161 miles)
7:15 – arrive and check-in at the Park View Inn, West Bend, Iowa
7:45 – group dinner at the Grotto Restaurant
9:00 – evening visit to the Grotto of the Redemption

Today's joke is brought to you by dr. laura 

someone emailed this to me, and because Dr. Laura is one of those people I just love to hate, I'm sharing it with you. letter to Dr. Laura


ogre and out 

Skip the Sunshine this weekend (the theatre, not the golden orb) and see Shrek 2! It's as smart & funny as the first. Film references. Gay references. Drug references. Will be interesting to see if the W.W.J.D. people clue in.

just to break the monotony 

happy tuesday everyone! jac has posted the last 283 posts or so, so i figured i'd break it up a little bit. it's beautiful today. i have tomorrow and the next day off, and mayhaps friday. supposedly the weather will be nice all week. anyone have plans? let's do something outside, parkish. i'm riding my bike across the wburg bridge into the city tomorrow afernoon, so i'll be around. sunny!

tee hee 

luke skywalker charged with indecent assault.


and then mexico... (oh wait, that's just me) 

ambulance, ltd.
june 2 @ rothko

beulah / dios
june 3 @ northsix
june 4 @ bowery ballroom

the decemberists
june 10-11 @ bowery ballroom

franz ferdinand!
june 17 @ webster hall
june 18 @ v o l u m e

adam green
june 18 @ mercury lounge

krock picnic - strokes, yyy, beasties
june 19 @ jones beach

devendra banhart
june 21 @ bowery ballroom

secret machines
june 23 @ bowery ballroom

fall and all 

happy birthday
jac lynn!

(see, we're gonna be ok.)


wha? huh? who?!? 

the summerstage schedule has been posted.


i don't have the new album *cough* *matt* - but all this magnetic fields talk got me waxing nostalgic...

so here are some of my faves off 69 love songs, vol. 1:

absolutely cuckoo
the one you really love
how fucking romantic
i think i need a new heart

>pc people: right click and choose save target as
>mac people: control click and select download to disk

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guess tom's affliction 




Magnetic Fields tonight 

I have 2 tickets $35 each. Who wants?


What I want...what I need.....ohhhhh yeahhhhh 

What I want: to make a website.

What I need: help.

Any recommendations? Software (cheap or free)?

I already know what I want on there, I have just never made a website (I know, I know...) and don't even know where to begin.

Help a brotha out. Dig it.

Nate to the biznatch Dawg

MIA, POW, etc. 

i'll be ready to party soon. and by party, i mean get the fuck out of my apartment and do some mafficking and drinking. c'mon guys, give me something to look forward to this weekend. what's the plan? give me a light at the end of this vitaminwater illustration tunnel. we're almost done. i think.


out today 

go buy them:

* the secret machines now here is nowhere
(or you can save a buck now, regret it generations later and order digitally from the itunes store)

* the streets a grand don't come for free
(order at insound.com and get a 15% discount on your entire order, enter: grand15 at checkout. you're welcome.)

* the fever red bedroom
(order soon at insound.com and you'll receive a fancy fever necklace! whatever that is...)

i just ordered all three from my favorite music store! so... i suppose if you're cheap and lazy and/or buy me a vodka sodie, i can always burn em for you later. you'll know they've arrived when you spot me sporting my fancy fever necklace.

what happens when your email address is @flush.org 

random people you don't know send you stuff like this:

Talking toilet orders German men to sit down

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German inventor who developed a gadget that berates
men if they try to use the toilet standing up has sold more than 1.6
million devices, his business manager says.

German women fed up with a man with a poor aim can turn to the
ghost-shaped gadget, which lurks under the toilet rim and, if the seat
is lifted, declares in a stern female tone:

"Hello, what are you up to then? Put the seat back down right away, you
are definitely not to pee standing up ... you will make a right mess..."

Alex Benkhardt, 46, invented the "WC Ghost" and its creators are in
negotiations to market it in Britain, Canada and Italy.

sure it was a craphole. but for a brief moment in time, it was our craphole. 

the ceilings were swirling
the joints were alight
sometimes bartender was on acid
in the green room or white

the beer bottles went flying
but the kids were aiiight
so to my drunken first year in new york
i bid you good night.

RIP drinkland.
i didn't even know you were gone.

(and now in its place lies this animal print wasteland of humanity. perfect.)

the egg and i 

I love the trio channel, especially
EGG the arts show. Yesterday it featured the Museum of Jurrasic Technology in L.A., which is fantastic in a sensory-deprivation sort of way.

Keep an eye out for it.

back of my neck feeling dirty and gritty 

i love summer in the city.

new additions to the siren fest.
and then there's this krock oddness.


if you read this you'll be disappointed 

I don't have anything to say, I just really wanted Jacque S. and Jacquie O. to be proud of me... you gotta start somewhere, right ladies?

Nick and I are mafficking...wanna join? 

maffick • \MAFF-ik\ • verb
: to celebrate with boisterous rejoicing and hilarious behavior

Whenever anyone wants to maffick, give me a call. Not necessarily today, but whenever. Honestly, I just found that word and had to share the fun.

Nick wants to maffick, too. He's almost finished all his drawings.

Nathan Maffickske


hi my name is jacquie. (ALL: hi jacquie.) i still like the strokes. i think room on fire is a great album. i'm paying money to go see them play at summerstage on wednesday.

and i love this song:
under control (live at UMBC fieldhouse, baltimore)

>pc people: right click and choose save target as
>mac people: control click and select download to disk

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no show 

yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of andy kaufman's death.
yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of andy kaufman's best joke ever.

either way, they threw a homecoming party last night at LA's house of blues, but the guest of honor didn't show.

just like heaven 

curefest also includes interpol, the rapture and some other boys that don't cry. or crap. without checking with robert smith first. (interpol should be previewing material from the new album they've been recording up in the wilds of connecticut. hmmm. wonder if they've been eating at texas tacos? i predict carlos d. and taco lady fall madly in love, do it in a coffin and have lots of goth babies with permanent eyeliner tattooed on... that would be awesome.)

july 31

radio on the tv 

Secret Machines on subterranean tonight. though 2 a.m. is a bit past my bedtime.



this is the 2nd time i've posted this...i blame pc's...

By <> i meant "lots of good-Amerika-caused-this-mofo-monster-with-the-A-bomb-shit".

but now I am going to watch it as an apology for the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

I hate PC's

where do you get off? 

this is from morgen--not margie--just to clarify cause she is a little worried about what i might say.

1. so it is Lone Wolf and Cub. Check it out. If y'all like, i'll host a lone wolf and cub night at chez morgen.

2. For those fascinated with the evolution of my motorcycle fetish, I failed inspection yesterday. Not because of anything i did "to" the bike per se, but certainly because i bought a bike that is 25 years old. I failed to notice a couple of things which will make all of our lives a whole lot safer once they are addressed. Thanks god to the inspectional services. I will try to have it approved by the appropriate arm of the government by the end of May for road trips to Connecticut.

3. get on it: the ORIGINAL GODZILLA is at Film Forum this week with lots of good <> that was cropped out of the initial release. Let's get on it and see this thing before it's too late!!!! You will not want to tell your children you missed it. It ends the 20th.

Are rants allowed? 

Most Blogs are about upcoming events or funny things, but this one is just me posting my thoughts. But if that's illegal, then, um...let's, uh, go drink some day...or something.... There, now it's an official blog.

So, today marks my one year anniversary of graduating from college. Let's take a look at how my life has changed and if college is really worth the expense.

One year ago:
Working on a movie at a respectable ad firm.
In a relationship
Lived in Austin
Lived at home

Working at a stock firm
Living in New York City
Have my own apartment with my brother

Hmm...both have their pros and cons. I miss being able to tell people proudly where I work and what I do. I miss the ranch our house is on. I miss Austin in general every now and then.

I'm happy being single. But actually it might be more being happy that I'm not in that particular relationship. I think it's natural to want to be with someone. I absolutely love having an apartment and my own room and a perfect living situation with Nick and everything. I like paying bills. Sounds weird, but it signifies independence. I really hate my job right now.

So. If I traveled back in time and told Past Nathan, "What's up, dude. Congrats on graduating. In one year from now, you'll be (see above)." What would Past Nathan think? Would he be happy or worried? Optimistic or take a different path? The answer?

I wouldn't have waited until the end of the summer to move; I would have bought a plane ticket immediately. If I had stayed in Austin, I could have lived there the rest of my life. My life would be content, but would have been stagnant. Yeah, I hate my job, but it just makes me realize that I'm meant for bigger and better things than the shit I'm doing now. So fuck it. Bring it on. Let's do this. Where's my Rockstar and vodka?

play time 

I'm not big on the theater, but these two may be worth catching:

The Distance From Here is Neil LaBute's latest. I haven't been too impressed by his recent offerings, but the New Yorker claims it to be his best effort yet. Mark Webber (Scooby in Full Frontal) stars.

In Token of My Admiration is an experimental work by the Axis Theater. Reason to go? My friend David is in it. Well, he's projected. I said it was experimental, people.

We can always skip out at intermission.

mane event 

Hello all you fellow cheapskates. Bumble & Bumble has just opened a location on West 13th street and are offering free haircuts. Sign up is May 17 & 18th between 5:30 & 6:30. 866-7Bumble

can can canada part deux 

1. canadians like to point out how many famous people are from canada. i'd like to point out they all live in the states.

2. there is an ad there on constant rotation for hotdogs. the tagline? 100% Meat.
no beef. no pork. but meat.

3. speaking of celebrities, there were two in our hotel: faith ford and mike o'malley. wow, why ever travel to l.a. with stars of that caliber in toronto?

4. definately the highlight of my trip: the convention center was nearby and they were hosting "the largest anti-aging conference" in north america. as you kids know, i'm getting up there (for those who don't know, i'm 32 on may 24th. hint, hint). sidenote to jacquie - i ain't scared. anyway, so i went over to see what was up and hopefully snag a goodie bag full of lotions and potions to keep me young and fresh faced.

the giant poster of joan rivers at the entrance should have tipped me off.

it was a conference on anti-aging alright, just not of the natural sort. silicone boobies laid out on tables. live botox demonstrations. body fat measurements and laser hair removal. scopic blood screening and face threading - which is the most frankensteinish thing i witnessed. they actually sew your face up and tie it off under your scalp. a so-called non-surgical facelift.

thinking i'll just stick to sunscreen and leafy greens.



RJD2 live DJ set
@ virgin megastore/union square


dear franz,
i know you ironically named yourselves after the archduke whose assassination sparked WWII. but can you just make sure not to actually get shot before i get to shoot your video. ok? thanks. goodbye franz. i love you...

ow ow ow. in the interest of this (developing!) super hot powderkeg feud (see my post below)...
i give you:

franz ferdinand shopping for blood (live in seattle)
eminem and dre kill you (live from brixton academy)

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franz vs. eminem's bodyguard 

so awesome.


in-decision time 

nyc-palooza tickets go on sale this friday.
(presale @ krockradio.com thursday at 10am)

randall's island
august 16 & 17
see my previous lolla-post for more hott line-up details. pixies are definitely in. but no secret machines, sorry.

$50.00 for one day pass.
$90.00 for two day pass (must buy in advance).
$250.00 for special VIP pass

hmmm. how should we do this?

reading rainbow 

Forgot to mention I finished Everything Illuminated. I'm on the fence about it. Clever structure but it wears thin towards the end, which is unfortunate because that's when the best actual writing occurs. Linguistic play ala Burgess, but again, doesn't remain consistent. Fairly interesting characters with playful quirks (a grandfather who says he's blind yet reads and drives a car), and magic realism conjuring Marquez. Never take on the masters - though Foer perhaps anticipates this criticism by having "the hero" speak about imitation. All in all, entertaining and I'd recommend it if you want a leisurely read. It'll make you laugh, cry - you know the drill.

can can canada 

so when your computer blinks on and off, restarts itself and makes pixelated blocks all over the screen, something is wrong, yes? or should i say, eh?

mixed bag here, i'm in the business centre working on an ibm. there are 1,768,452 places i'd rather be, so:

1) a moment yesterday
MAN with twitching face on street: i got these things (broken speakers) from my brother and they're heavy. what should i do?
ME: why don't you go in one of those stores and ask for a big bag.
MAN: a bag? oh yeah, okay. a bag. can you wait here with my stuff while i go find a bag?

you can guess how i responded.

2) too many places serving sushi. and they're getting giant so that you poke your eye out with soft shell crab legs or cucumbers. like a damn bloody mary. and, they don't fit in your mouth in one bite.

3) there is still a huge goth scene here. and the 80's thing is very popular. so, no cute shoes back from this trip. great vintage stores, however.

4) couldn't get tix to sondre lerche, but i did go in the horseshoe tavern early and saw him set up. works for me.

5) i miss cheese thundercloud subs with chow chow.


is the number of words i've poured directly out of my soul for this blog. i've written 61 of the total 111 posts. sad, really. (no i didn't actually count. it's all in my profile.)


hey jacquie, when are we doing poker night? 

hey jacquie, when are we doing poker night?

people who are smarter than you (aka I.T.P.) 

the interactive telecommunications grad program at nyu (ITP) is putting on their spring show TODAY and TOMORROW. it's kind of like science fair except with stuff you might actually care about. "student artists and innovators host an exhibition of their work including multimedia installations, physical computing and interaction design, sound and video design projects" (aka some cool ass shit).

just as an example: the whole dodgeball phenomenon (aka phonester) was one student's project that came out of this program.

and keep an eye out for the mega-multi-media-talented shawn van every (aka karen's hubby) who will be walking around with his interactive tele-journalism thesis project... and coordinating some kind of high-tech-y concept fashion show.

today and tomorrow
(may 11-12)
@ tisch school of the arts
721 broadway, 4th floor

go early if you can. it gets pretty crowded.

caption this photo: 



what's your sign? check out this citysearch roundup of bars based on your deep-seated astrological needs. and while we're speaking cosmically... don't worry, nat has assured me that this last reign of mercury retrograde terror is over... for now...

your 2'x2' spot awaits 

the bryant park film festival schedule has been announced. eh.

days of our freelance lives (3) 

i killed a good few hours on here today.
it's almost as fun as this.

don't be scared 

of course. right when a few more people start to post, blogger has to go and redo their site. still the same general idea though... like riding a bike.


almost as good 2 

feel the sun on your face, feel your kidneys vibrate, feel someone stepping on your toes. ladies and gentlemen, live from coachella, it's...
death cab for cutsie
the repixies
da rapture


almost as good as my phone-in appearances... 

download these entire live sets as mp3s.
somebody loves me. and you.

radiohead live at coachella
the pixies live at coachella

tonight, tonight 

birthday extravaganza begins sometime bt 9 and 10 at Lansky Lounge 104 norfolk, bt. rivington and delancey....goes from there.....



there's pretty much only one way to get me to the park slope.
hello clinic. and their only nyc show.
see you saturday in your sexy surgical masks. and even though i find them sort of annoying, i think it wise to heed the lessons of KISS and never take them off.

kimberley (live at WFMU)

this track thanks to flux blog - one of the OG mp3 blogs - who's creator, matthew perpetua, has been interviewed for NPR and other recently blog obsessed media.

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happy birthday yesterday 

to lily the lush.

days of our freelance lives (a weekly update for the 9-5ish folk) 

it's true. believe it or not, i do wake up before 10.

i'm lovin the BK 

first the subservient chicken, then their homage to "the office" and now ugoff and his hot pouches. have you seen them yet?? so great. almost makes me want to eat there. (probably round the same time i start actually drinking rheingold.)

in a related story, apparently some people can find offense in pretty much anything. ha. what a sad sack. er, see you at the next meeting...

in another related story, mickey d's gets a super-sized smackdown in the new doc super-size me.


Dirty's 15 microseconds of e-fame 

No one probably cares, but my favorite website is Superherohype.com which has all the latest news on superhero movies. So, I saw some Spider-Man marketing news (all that bullshit about spidey 2 advertising on baseball bases...I love spider-man, but that's too much...). Anyway, go look at my name published on my favorite website!!

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Alright. I'm gonna put this out there. What do you people think of picking a topic and each doing something with it: a story, 1 minute film, art piece, photo, someone off the street to talk about it, whatever. Then we decide on a date, like a month from now, and throw a party where we show and tell. After getting sufficiently hammered to remove all insecurities, of course.

I know suggesting this on the blog is risky bizness, as I don't want it to end up being like three people. So, if you've got daring friends without the "let's do this" invite, egg them on too.

happy cinco de mayo 

we're going to

slow on the draw 

finally heard the new beasties. fuck yes!

This is a contest my magazine is offering 

It's is a section called "True STories"
All you do is send in a travel story with a photo (photo optional). Make it up, make it good. I see shit ones winning all the time.

Because this is the July/August issue—a double issue—we’re announcing two prizes at once. The first one is for the best response of the ones we receive for the October issue. If your response is the best one we receive between June 15, 2004 and July 15, 2004, you’ll win a six-night package trip for two to London from OffPeakTraveler.com. You get round-trip flights one Virgin Atlantic from any of the airline’s U.S. gateways (New York/JFK, Newark, Boston, Washington/Dulles, Miami, Orlando, San Franscisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas), six nights superior first class accommodations in London, based on twin or double occupancy, at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury or the Millenium Baileys, full breakfast daily, and all hotel and airline service charges and taxes. Valid for departures July 10, 2004 to December 15, 2004 and December 28, 2004 to March 15, 2005. Package subject to availability at the time of reservation. For information on other trips offered by OffPeakTraveler.com, see www.offpeaktraveler.com.
And if your response is the best one we receive between July 16, 2004 and August TK, 2004, you’ll win a 10-day trip to Peru from Marnella Tours. Machu Picchu and the Amazon.

To be honest, the odds of your letter being included improve if you also send photos that relate to your story. (We can’t return them, though.) E-mail: truestories@afbtmag.com. Mail: True Stories, Budget Travel, 530 Seventh Ave., 2nd Fl., New York, NY 10018. For guidelines, go to www.budgettravel.msnbc.com.

bush block 

disney is trying to block the miramax release of michael moore's new documentary about the pre- and post- 9-11 hijinks of goofy (bush) and donald (rumsy) and friends... entitled FARENHEIT 9/11. the film links bush and cohorts with powerful saudi families including the bin ladens. if you don't already know, disney owns miramax. and florida "owns" disney. and right now another bush "owns" florida. in other words, major tax breaks are at stake here people. most likely, miramax will do this one KIDS-style and just create a separate arm of distribution that's unaffiliated with disney to release the movie. or maybe disney will decide it's time to defrost ole walt to get them out of this sticky pickle. either way, the film will debut later this month at the cannes film festival. and should be at a theater near you by mid-summer. go see it. (this one's for you gimpy)


um, hi 

i'm new here.

where's the ms.? 

dude. it's pacmanhattan.

link (i think) via gawker/stereogum



"who's this loretta lynn chick anyway?"
- many a stripes fan at their hammerstein show last april

after much adoration, adulation and some homemade chicken and dumplings... jack white has produced (and performs on) loretta lynn's new album, van lear rose. he convinced her to write all her own lyrics again, stripped down the vocals, recorded them in one take, and laid down some garage-rockin' arrangements. some say career revival on par with johnny cash/rick rubin.

either way. white on. right on.
proving that when jack says jump, you should always say how high.

have mercy and lynn/white duet portland, oregon.

>pc people: right click and choose save target as
>mac people: control click and select download to disk

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lollapa-loo-za : rock of ages 

we were stuck in so much traffic, i jumped out of my own car (that i was driving) and went door to door asking people if i could use their bathroom. they all said no. so i peed in a ditch. i have no idea how i found my friends at the gate. or my car later that night. ahhh. sweet seventeen. those were the days.

oh yeah, and the bands were: red hot chili peppers, ministry, ice cube, soundgarden, the jesus and mary chain, pearl jam, lush...

we'll be stuck in so much traffic, i'll jump out of the rental car (that i'll be driving) and go door to door asking people if i can take a short nap on their couch. and they'll all say no. and i'll pass out in a ditch... cause by now i must be far too freaking old to go to lollapalooza again.

oh yeah, and the bands will be: morrissey, PJ harvey, sonic youth, the flaming lips, danger mouse, the von bondies, the walkmen, the string cheese incident, modest mouse, le tigre, gomez, BRMC, the polyphonic spree, broken social scene, the datsuns, bumblebeez 81, the secret machines, the thrills, the killers, sahara hotnights, the datsuns, sound tribe sector 9, elbow, wheat, the coup, dresden dolls, and perry farrell as DJ peretz.

hi. so that works. still waiting for NY dates. but 2 day lawn passes will cost just $50.

holy crap your pants fantastic UPDATE!! the ny dates are august 16-17. the location is randall's island. the newly confirmed guests for the 17th are the pixies.

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