You can vote however you like... 


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you're not my mom 

I know there are a TON of ads out there for the election, for some reason I think this one is really effective. Conceived and created by the Young Girls of America.

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my week. 

what better place to start off than mcdonalds? patrick and james (hey...my brother's name is patrick james. weird.) are questioning their dining decisions, while nghia's checking out some chick mcnuggets.

nghia's chingo bling birthday came around. even though it was the best night of nghia's life, osman and i decided to wear black.

couldn't have said it better, myself.

CMJ was last week, and it was a blast. i was out of town last year, so i made up for it this year by seeing shows every day. jac may have broken her own record for seeing a band on consecutive days. according to sources, she saw her new favorite boy band, friendly fires, four times in four days. the kaiser chiefs are jealous.

we had a few hours between shows, and someone decided to kill the time and brain cells at max fish. jenny got smashed.

we were killing time because the friction show at cake shop didn't start until frickin' 1:00 in the morning. here are the two lead singers of 'best fwends'. worst band name ever.

i call this cherry on the killers. my bike's name is cherry, after a tom robbin's character, and jac and i were discussing whether or not the killers are the greatest rock band ever.

birthday boy and mason listen to me explain how happy endings was dead anywayz. then we got kicked out for a private party.

tony romo is not going to be able to play this weekend because of a broken pinkie. he and jessica look concerned about the cowboys chances against the defending champs.

i know you guys got this via email. but come on out. go josh! we're proud of jew!


monday movie madness with me and charlie kaufman 

Charlie Kaufman has a new movie out. That’s all we need to know. It doesn’t matter who stars in it or what the plot is, all we need to know is that Charlie Kaufman wrote and directed it. (His directorial debut) Seriously, it could be two hours of nothing but a black screen and Bill O’Reilly audio and I can still guarantee that its one of the best movies of the year. And even if I’m wrong, even if by some Chernobyl-like screw up it does happen to suck, it really doesn’t matter because we need to support this man. Consider it a non-tax deductable donation to save an endangered species. In a truly neurotic, classically Kaufman-like fashion the man is threatening to quit screenwriting. (As if he’s going to suddenly pick up a copy of “What color is your Parachute?” and realize he was destined to work in the world of finance.)

From the LA Times:

"I feel embarrassed for even doing this in the world. I put this thing, that is like me, my soul, in the world, and I just feel like its trampled. It makes me feel like I don't want to do this anymore. I certainly don't want to try to sell them, but I don't want to make them anymore either."He insists he's not kidding. "It's not a threat," he says. "It's just me trying to figure out what I'm going to do next. I need a job. I need to figure out what I'm going to do to pay my mortgage."

So while I may not be gainfully employed (sometimes I am, depends on the day!) I would like to make sure that Charlie is. Please join me tomorrow night (Monday) at 6:30 @ Landmark to ensure that movies like “Synecdoche, New York” continue to get produced.



poll dancing perhaps? 

contribute to the New York Times Polling Place Project. oh and go ahead and vote while you're at it, please.

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On a lighter note! 

If I had to dance everywhere, per Elisa's famous Would-You-Rather, I'd dance like this. I'd be tired, but I'd be SLAMMIN'.

Also, go look at Andrew in Time Out New York!


Finally, something distracts me from the election 

...and it's horrible. You can go here to learn more about changing things and go here to donate. There's also a great/horrific article here. If you've read "We Wish To Inform You" you'll have some idea of what to expect.

From today's article in NYT:

"She came to Congo last month to work with rape victims.

'I have spent the past ten years of my life in the rape mines of the world,' she said. 'But I have never seen anything like this.'

She calls it 'femicide,' a systematic campaign to destroy women."



palin around 

I must have a thing for Palin.

This website SHUTS IT DOWN though.

Palin is President.

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i love john cleese 

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me too 

wants for sale.
at this point, also qualifies as a need.

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my week. 

summer '08 is history, and since my last post, there have been two hurricanes, three debates, and one bail-out. even though autumn is upon us, the weather is still lovely. and the only thing breaking my heart is the dallas cowboys. they lost today, so i'm cracking up.

a view of my bridge that you don't see very often. the undercarriage.

didn't we already lose domino?

french bulldog puppies.

i've got the cutest photo blog this side of cuteoverload.com.

dj stillhype, at the hottest friction show. ever. see pat's photos at the friction blog for proof.


you know what they say. you gotta do it yerself if you want it:

i went and saw some art by lambourghini.

then i had to run to the bank.sy.

down and out.

so, this is it?

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chicken dance 

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pop ups! 

shit's popping up everywhere. apparently a special pet store (and charcoal grill) just popped up at 89 south 7th ave., viewable day and night starting NOW! until october 31.

all courtesy of a little known artist you've probably never heard of, no really, don't bother guessing, you'll never get it. he's pretty obscure. goes by a name that rhymes with shmanksy. anyway, hot damn it looks cool. i wanna go right now. anyone still up?

images from wooster collective

(original heads up, pop up, via gothamist)

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She's got my vote! 

soooooooo good!

Pullin For Palin




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