no, not that jose gonzalez,
or this one.

the jose gonzalez i'm selling is the swedish-by-way-of-argentinian-parents guitar plucker responsible for the beautiful track that plays while 250,000 bouncy balls take over san francisco (in the amazing sony bravia commercial).

lots of comparisons to nick drake and tim buckley with a tropicalia twist. i also hear a little simon & garfunkel in there... but it's definitely hushed and lush and you'll probably need to silence your cell phone at the concert:

jose gonzalez (supporting the books) @ bowery ballroom, march 10
tickets on sale now

download these tracks from debut album jose gonzalez veneer

:: heartbeats ::
:: remain ::
:: slow moves ::

(since my flush site is still down, these are yousendit files. click on each one then follow download instructions.)


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