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Mr. November 

The coolest way to support Obama I have seen thus far are these original t-shirts created by The National. 100% of the proceeds go to the Obama campaign. I got mine, get yours before they're gone!

Click Here!

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Democratic National Convention *update* 

Since we've all been too busy Rushmoreing, Haloing, Hard Knocking, and secretly brother visiting, it's been tough to keep up with all the goings-on of the Democratic National Convention. And since it is indeed an historic one, I think it deserves some attention. So here are links to some of the speeches. There are plenty more on YouTube, but I'm just posting the heavy hitters.

Obama accepts the nomination tonight.

Michelle Obama

Edward Kennedy (also, here's Caroline Kennedy's intro and a tribute video for "Uncle Teddy")

Hillary Clinton (and her tribute video)

Bill Clinton

Joe Biden

John Kerry


Al Gore

Barack Obama

And here are two great, short speeches by common folk. Highly recommended:

Barney Smith

Pam Cash-Roper


Lifting it Higher 

I think it's time we take our guitar skills to the next level!

Check it out HERE.

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Documentaries of Dali's visit to NYC 

This will be an evening screening of a batch of short doc's made when Dali visited nyc in the 30's. Anyone for the Wed Sept 10th screening?


insurance for team freelance 

hello, hello.


my week. *summer's flown edition* 

man. where'd summer go? been so busy, i forgot to laugh. er...post. supposedly this is the last year that they're having free concerts at mccarren pool. yeah, right. we've heard that before. what a bunch of liars.

boy, what's happening to bedford?

i like to call this one: "a new tree grows in brooklyn". and thus a new era begins in williamsburg.

one of our favorite sweedies graced us with her grace for three weeks. what a wonderful surprise it was to run into her and matthew on a street corner in carol gardens. i wouldn't have been more surprised if i'd woken up in the morning with my head sewn to the carpet. huh? anyway, photo courtesy evelina nevrous.

lily and john hosted a fabulous barbecue in their backyard. yummy. queso overload. lily shows us how to eat a burger. sexily. with guac.

heavy equipment and heavy drinking don't mix.

i'm giving james this look because i got all dressed up and had nowhere to go. his 'mishap prom' at blvd got closed down, because the venue had too many violations. blvd and crash mansion are both still closed until further notice.

nate's birthday. geezus. is it over yet? er...i mean, happy birthgay, nate!
Nate's Birt'gay

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