jammy awards win award for worst award show ever 

well first, i'd just like to thank god -
that i wasn't there, and that i will never in my life have to hear any of the 36 minute long medlies as performed live by various combinations of the following jammy award winners:

Tour of the Year: Phish
Live Album of the Year: Keller Williams, Stage
Studio Album of the Year: Gov't Mule, Deja Voodoo
Live Performance of the Year: Phil Lesh and Friends, 12/19/04
DVD of the Year: Phish, IT
Archival Live Album of the Year: Jerry Garcia Band, After Midnight: Kean College 2/28/80
Song of the Year: Umphrey's McGee, "In the Kitchen"
Download of the Year: The Dead, Bonnaroo, 6/12/04

winners list via brooklyn vegan


good karma 

My way of making up for all "the face" I've been giving this week.

tech soup helps locate nearby companies who will recycle / refurbish computers and such for non-profits.

Recycle cell phones for charities and sometimes women at risk of domestic violence.

Now don't you feel better?


birthday gifts? 


find ziggy and iggy.

hey ladies 

i spy
something pink.



(a super last minute edition)

FREE concert @ the knitting factory.
w/ calla, the cloud room & seedy gonzales

calla shmalla. i dig em but i've seen em enough times that my head now just bleeds occasionally in memory. the band i'm actually more interested in seeing tonight is called the cloud room.

here are two tracks to help convince you to join me:
the cloud room's hey now now & waterfall

>pc people: right click and choose save as
>mac people: control click and select download linked file as

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and finally 

WNET 13 is airing End of the Century: The Ramones; Joe Strummer Rocks Again on Independent Lens tomorrow night at 10. Somebody got Tivo 'cause I'll be seeing Stars.

more opening receptions 

Contagious Media, of BlackPeopleLoveUs.com fame, explores the "digital equivalent of word of mouth" at The New Museum.

You know, like a satirical look at all those FWDs you get from mom and bored co-workers.

Thursday, April 28
New Museum of Contemporary Art / Chelsea
556 West 22nd Street, NYC

now there's an idea 

In the 70's a bunch of activists took over an abandoned Danish military base and christened it Christiania. Part commune, part hashish farm. Sounds like Utopia except when we visited I think the latter had won out and everything was pretty trashed. Everyone too. Relive the glory days and what might have been at the opening of How to Live in a Free State Tuesday at the Kitchen.

More unborn baby ornaments, etc. and we just might start Christiania, CT.

dia @ dia 

We went on a Sunday so no points.

Go for the space (200,000+ sq. ft.). Go for the grounds overlooking the Hudson. Go for the soba noodles or to browse the gift shop. Or just go and pretend to like the exhibits. The Beacon train stop is across the street.


wireless hot spot and veggie pot pie wraps.

no fingers! s'nice


full download of their sept 11, 2001 show in berlin. also some calexico on there. and nick, don't forget to read the puff piece on your favorite band while you're there.

i'm giving up on humanity. 

y'all are fuckin crazy, ya hear me? crazy. and don't be trying to tell me this didn't come from texas...

via american coprophagia.


if everyone lived like me we'd need 6.3 planets 

find out how much of the earth's resources you're using.

1. recycle. paper (envelopes, magazines, newspapers, printed papers, toilet rolls, boxes, cereal cartons), cans, glass, plastics (with the #1 or #2 recycle logo on), milk cartons, juice cartons, wire hangers, pizza boxes, aluminum products and foil
don't recycle: deli boxes, lids, caps, plastic wrap, styrofoam, take out containers (unless they're foil or plastic #1 or #2)

2. switch to green energy. you get your energy and your bill from ConEd in the same way you always did, but however much energy you use is bought from an environmentally friendly source (wind, solar, hydroelectric). it costs about $15 a month more (2 vodka sodies).

3. say "i don't need a bag thanks" when you buy stuff. plastic bags are made from oil and natural gas (non-renewable resources) and the 240 years it takes for the bag to decompose in a landfill is a long time for that 2 min walk from the deli. even paper bags (made from a renewable resource and fully recyclable) take a lot of energy (2000BTUs) to produce (recylcling them takes more) and in the process, this adds pollutants to the atmosphere (causing smog, acid rain and adding to the greenhouse effect). you only have to reuse a tote bag 11x for it to have a lower environmental impact than disposable plastic bags.

4. buy green cleaning/laundry/washing products. phosphates in regular cleaners get flushed or drained into the water supply and act as fertilizers for algae which then cut off oxygen killing fish and other water organisms. they also contain lots of surfactants which break down into toxic substances and don't biodegrade polluting the water for long periods after their use.

5. eat organic food. it's not just healthier eating, it stops toxic pesticides and fertilizers that are used in conventional agriculture runining the water supply.

today's earth day. dig it.

I am cool 



and also, kittens and flowers. 

since ps1 was closed yesterday (stupid, stupid museum) instead we went to check out the larry clark exhibit at the ICP.

it's disturbingly impressive, or maybe that should be impressively disturbing, and i highly recommend it. not only are they showing a great collection of his published and unpublished photos, but also some of his personal collages and video clips that draw connections between our societal obsessions and his photography subjects. his films are also covered. they have some original casting sheets and on-set stills from KIDS, and a movie room where you can watch the trainwreck that is bully. there's also a long personal essay on display from teenage lust that is surprisingly compelling. his own little catcher in the rye.

all in all, i have to say, the more semi-erect penises and accidental gunshot wounds we saw the less i thought of him as just some pervy 62 year old dude with a 19 year old girlfriend that likes to film/photograph teens having sex. i mean he also has other interests, like amphetamines and guns and hustlers and stabbing people...


free don't come for free 

these are not the free summerstage shows, they won't announce those for a while. these are the benefit concerts. that help pay for the free stuff.

they ain't half bad. and they go on sale this saturday:

The Killers
Louis XIV
Saturday, June 4th - 5:30pm doors
Tickets: $32.50 advance / $35 day of concert

Modest Mouse
Monday, June 20th - 5:30pm doors
Tickets: $30 advance / $35 day of concert

David Byrne
Featuring the Tosca Strings
Wednesday, June 29th - 4:30pm doors
Tickets: $37 advance / $40 day of concert

Dinosaur Jr.
Broken Social Scene
Thursday, July 14 - 4:30pm doors
Tickets: $37.25 advance / $40 day of concert

An Evening with Lyle Lovett
Monday, July 18th - 6:30pm doors
Tickets: $39.50 advance / $45 day of concert

Elvis Costello & The Imposters
featuring the vocal stylings of Emmylou Harris
Tuesday, July 19th - 6:00pm doors
Tickets: $57.50 advance / $60 day of concert

Death Cab for Cutie
The Decemberists
Thursday, August 18th - 5:30 doors
Tickets: $30 advance / $35 day of concert

i want one 

gimme gimme gimme.

via josh rubin.


suggestion box 

dear bloggarrhea-istsTM -
loose and frequent posting just got easier. look on the right side above the riff raff list. i added a link so you can log in to the blogger site straight from this page.

also from the suggestion box, next i'll add a link about making links.

any other ideas? put em in the comments here.

eternally yours,
the blog maid

days of our freelance lives (a weekly update for the 9-5ish folk) 

team freelance is going to ps1 tomorrow.
anyone else wanna play hooky and come with?

"go big or go home" 

and thus begins the tale of a whirlwind emo romance, and how a couple of joints and some ice water can land you with a permanent shocker.

WARNING: this link contains photos that are still making me a little queasy right now. so you should definitely not scroll more than halfway down the page until you have one hand ready over your eyes. preferably one with all five fingers.


hey can someone come look at my mtv, it's doing something funny 

i was watching real world/road rules challenge and veronica's all "that's so shady!" and flips out on some girl who starts crying and mike's all "this is the best inferno ever!" you know, normal monday night mtv stuff. and then the weirdest. thing. happened. my mtv started trippin.

i can't believe i'm using these words in the same sentence as mtv but trippin is a brilliant, eco-conscious reality/travel show where cameron diaz takes various different celebs (mark hoppus, redman, drew barrymore, kid rock, jessica alba...) around the world to countries under ecological threat and they meet with environmental experts, go on excursions, learn local customs and just generally act respectfully. i swear i even got misty when they were in bhutan and redman hung a prayer flag on the top of a mountain in honor of ODB. i've seen about 3 episodes so far. and man, it's well done. from the graphics to the music to the eco-fact supers. and get this, at the end of each episode they explain that in turn for using up all the resources it takes to create the show, they're donating a portion of profits back into renewable energy sources.

almost as good for society's moral values as that whole nick and jessica thing.

Sex, blogs, and rock n' roll 

I'm probably slow on the draw on this one,
but holy shit, what a good lecherous band.


"milkshake, milkshake i love to feel you sweat,
we don't have to go to the pool if you want me to make you wet."

time drain warning (1) 

music plasma now does movies.


Colorado Vacation 

I'm living in Colorado for a moment, and I'm going to get a 2 bedroom house or apt, so i can do some friend importing this summer. Stay tuned.

Pass the jam please. 

i want one.

Apache Dance! 

drop it like its hot.


happy birthday 

to two of my most favorite-ist people ever:
matthew and thomas

newspeak (1) 

bloggarrhea (n) 1. the inability to refrain from posting everything one sees on the interweb on another interweb site. 2. frequent and loose blog postings.
antonym: blogstipation.

why don't we have any hills? 


holy shit! (2) 

someone beat us to it.


ow, as in woah 

make a little time (yes, even you team freelance), and do this.
it's part of a harvard experiment into prejudices, assumptions and implicit thought.
there are 100 different 'tests' on the site, each taking about 10mins.


Why the FUCK do i owe taxes??? 

why why why?


cupcake count for this post: 3, gratuitous cupcake count: 3 

this post is especially close to my heart because as most of you know, i love cupcakes, tasty little round specimens that they are. check out johnnycupcakes.com and pay homage to the mvp of the dessert family. i'm looking into making the cupcake and crossbone the official symbol for team freelance.
mmm, cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes.


about time 


online gaming 

good ol' texan ingenuity: live-shot.com

i wish i'd found this last week 

holy shit! 

now when my friends in england ask me why i live in america, i can show them this.

if you haven't already, don't ... 

forget to go see it's all gone pete tong.
yeah, it's about dance music, and yeah, it's about ibiza, but it's not really and you'll love movie even if you hate techno-techno-techno (like me). you might even like the music, there are some songs by beta band on the soundtrack.
and it's worth going to see just for one of the best drug visual analogies ever. have i sold it enough yet?
opens next friday.


caption competition 

it's been a while, but i think you know how it works.

how did i happen upon this particular image? chelsea's latest craze.


days of our freelance lives (6) 

and if that's not your taste, how about the tribecafilmfestival.
yuppie membership has its priviledges and amex card holders can buy tix before they go on sale to the rest of the rabble.

i wanna see:
2046 the new wong kar wai (he did in the mood for love which, if you haven't seen it already, you should).
plus others...

who's in?

days of our freelance lives (5) 

anyone up for any of the encore matinee screenings at the genart filmfest? they're only $5. $5. for a short and a feature.

i wanna see:
up for grabs (best doc at the l.a. film fest) on friday at 5.
and four eyed monster on monday at 5.

who's in?

days of our freelance lives (4) 

on a day when the sun is out and the temperature is in the 60s and you have nothing to do, you don't want to waste it going outside, you want to play simon.

Current TV (aka Gorevision) 

Too tired to write a long post.

Al Gore's long-awaited (what do you mean you haven't heard of it?) TV channel is finally here.

Sounds cool. Make your own videos, and that's all that airs. I think. I read it really quickly. Enjoy.


happy birthday 

mr. labounty


Front v3.0 (aka very cool thing) 

A girl at my work helped create this thing called Front v3.0. I'll try to explain it, then I'll copy and paste a clip from the website.

You attach this little suit thing to you with a voice activater doohickey. As you yell (as if you were attacking someone), an airsack on your arm inflates to aid you in your attack. However, the other persons suit hears your voice, and automatically inflates a defense airsack around their shoulders and head. And vice versa. The louder you yell, the more the sack inflates. It's not for practical use. It is art, and has a very interesting concept behind it. Be sure to check it out. Now for a clip of their description:

"FRONT consists of two lightweight wearable suits that have both offensive and defensive inflatable air sacs. Attendants assist participants into the suits, securing the suit over their shoulders and over their clothes. A microphone in each suit picks up the wearer's voice. When their voice exceeds a certain volume, small fans cause their own offensive sacs to inflate, along with the other participant's defensive sacs. If both players are above the volume limit, both suits will be entirely inflated. When both players are below that level, the fans suck all the air out of the suits."

Be sure to watch the little video, too. I want one.


I recently read an article about a retirement home in L.A. for freethinking elders called Sunset Hall. That would make a good doc I thought. And it did. Saw it last night on public television. It's called Sunset Story and it will break your heart while making you laugh. Apparently most the residents now have Alzheimer's but the filmmakers focused on two best friends, Lucille and Irja. They're hilarious. One is 95, the other 80. They get weekly manicures and attend protests. Irja even makes some sex references, including, "I'm not closed for business." So awesome.



since most of us are freelancers and don't have the luxury of the condescending IT guy to fix our computers, here's an idea next time your computer takes a shit. there's a band of dudes called the geek squad and they're around 24/7 to come to your house and undo whatever you did. here's the info., easy to remember 1-800-geeksquad or geeksquad.com.
i'm dying to make a D&D joke but i won't. or did i?


since i've already emailed my face off today. i'm just gonna go with - here are some songs that make me happy. enjoy.

the go! team : huddle formation
(from brit import thunder, lightning, strike)

mobius band : starts off with a bang
(from city vs. country EP)

four tet : smile around the face
(from new album everything ecstatic out may 23)

>pc people: right click and choose save target as
>mac people: control click and select download to disk

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April 1 jokes. 

Wanna laugh at other people falling for April Fool's jokes? Here are some hilarious ones, pics included.

And don't try to trick me with anything. My mom has gotten me every year since 1955 or so. So I'm prepared...

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