this is so far away 

i'm just hoping someone will remind me when it gets closer.
chuck palahniuk
June 5th, 6:30pm
New York, New York
The Strand
Reading & Signing
828 Broadway



i have to say i’m mighty flattered that some of you peops have requested that i describe my recent events + why i've fallen off the face of the earth. its not as cool as sxsw but here is part I of the low down:
about a week and a half ago i popped into a bank to grabs some cash. just as i was finishing my transaction a man (seen here) entered the bank and came up behind me so that i was sandwiched between him and the ATM machine. he told me to act normal and that i was going to get money out and give it to him. at the time it didn’t process that he would only be able to get out the maximum amount allowed, i was thinking he would devour my entire life savings. since i recently quit my job i didn’t see this as a viable option. i had also just purchased some video equipment and feared he would try to run off w/ my B&H bag. i stood there sorta dumbfounded and he again commanded me to get the money out. i slowly dipped my card in hopes to stall long enough that someone would come into the bank, no such luck. i could tell he was all nervous when suddenly it dawned on me that he never mentioned a weapon. at this point i was still trying to figure out how to protect myself and my nest egg so i turned to him and asked if he had a gun. he said, “no, I have a knife” and opened his coat to reveal the handle. now, a knife tucked in a coat was not even close to a satisfactory answer. if i’m going to fork over my shit you better have your weapon drawn and ready to go. so i did what any self-respecting girl would do, i pushed him out of the way and ran screaming out onto the street. lets all keep in mind that this dude was not exactly the michael jordan of the criminal world. not only did he not have a mask on (HELLO?!?! they take your picture at these kiosks!) he also got in his car and drove off, allowing for 2 people to snag his plates. less than 12 hours later things were playing out like a scene from law and order. i spent hours w/ these two detectives (suites and full on NY accents) picked señor crackhead out of a lineup, was questioned by the DA, testified in front of a grand jury so he could be arraigned and was driven to the airport by the five-O w/ full on lights and sirens. (i was leaving town so they sped up the whole process.) they later found the knife and gloves he had on as i had described them. (note to all crimal wanna beeees - if you are going to do something uber illegal try to not have your weapon of choice/clothing be as distinct as nicole's eating disorder.) apparently this dude had been hitting people up at chase banks for a few weeks. i’ll eventually have to go back to court to testify in front of him and a judge but at least he is off the street for a while. i was really lucky that everything turned out amazingly well, the only thing i lost was my voice. stay tuned for part II which includes why the hell i’m still in oregon. thanks for the love.

Let's go see Marilyn Hotchkiss this Weekend! 

So check this out. My brother is in this movie coming out in theaters this weekend called Marilyn Hotchkiss. Long story short, he filmed it years ago as a short and they expanded it into a full length feature film. It screened at the Sundance Film Festival and it's a great movie. It's with John Goodman, Danny DeVito, Sean Astin, Donnie Wahlberg, Marisa Tomei, Robert Carlyle (from Trainspotting), and Mary Steenburgen. Go see it!

For a list of theaters where it's playing check here.

Cash Cab 

Hell, a taxi can take a hint. No visitors or posts in a really long lonely time. So this blog gets the following story instead:

'Best cab ride ever!'
Win money -- or be put out in the rain -- in 'Cash Cab'

NEW YORK (AP) -- Of the 13,000 cabs in New York City, only one pays you.

On "Cash Cab," a Discovery Channel reality game show, people plop themselves into the back of a seemingly normal, yellow van taxi. But then lights on the ceiling begin flashing and the driver turns around to inform the passengers they're on television.

En route to the contestant's destination, comedian Ben Bailey asks general knowledge questions worth $25, $50 and $100. Get three questions wrong, though, and you're out -- on the street, even in the pouring rain, wherever you are.

Despite little promotion, viewers have responded to the charming simplicity of "Cash Cab." Airing twice on weekdays (6 and 6:30 p.m. EST) it has built a loyal following.

Like many TV shows, "Cash Cab" is adapted from a British original. It's been licensed to 25 countries, including France, Australia, Indonesia and Peru. And Discovery says the show will go back into production for new episodes to air later this spring.

Rest of the story here.


movies i want to see:

= the devil and daniel johnston
= drawing contstraint 9
= thank you for smoking
= dave chappelle's block party
= v for vendetta
= brick
= awesome! i fuckin' shot that!



the most beautiful day of 2006 in new york city thus far.

that's all. enjoy it. smile.

Team Lets-Do-This AIDS Walk 

The 2006 AIDS Walk is on May 21. What say we register as a team and try to raise some moo-lah? And if May 21 is anywhere near as nice weather as it is today, it should be fun to all walk outside and do something on a Sunday besides be hungover.

I was about to register just myself, but wanted to see if anyone's up for a team. Post comments for 'yay' or 'nay', and I'll register tomorrow or something.

**EDIT: Here is the link to the NY AIDS walk for more information.


my week. 

Boy, are y'all in for a treat this week. There are a couple special things about this 'my week'. First, there is a special guest host: Me. Secondly, it covers two full weeks. Because Barbara (thanks Nick!), Randy and I all took our first trip to Europe! So let's stop the yappin' and start the foreign! I started off in Berlin. Snowy Berlin.

Before I even saw my hostel room, I went on a four hour walking tour. Probably would have been shorter if we didn't have to walk around some stupid wall that was in the way.

My first evening, I met up with Nick's old roommate and friend, Caeriel. And his satanic dog, Eli.

We went to a party, where I met two other guys, Hendrik and Ringo, who I became friends with and hung out with every night. And put fire nets over our faces.

One night, we went to a party called 'Black Girls Coalition' but it was shut down by the polizei. So afterwards, we went to an underground bar. Literally.

Nothing cures a hangover like "the best currywurst in Berlin."

Berlin was amazing for so many reasons. I saw tons of sites, like the dome at the Reichstag...

...tons of museums, like the Jewish History Museum...

...and saw an old friend and made new ones.

After Berlin, I went to Amsterdam. I was surprised to find more than pot and prostitutes. First I found Nemo.

Then I found out Amsterdam is phallic.

Very phallic.

I even found Jesus.

And finally, among other things in the Torture Museum, I found Jacquie's anal pear. Use your imagination of how it was used.

Finally, I took a short flight to London for a little work. At which I met no other than one of our very own L-D-Ters...Josh! He was pretty in pink.

We drank a lot and went to gay bars.

We also found out who to talk to now for all our paper and printing needs.

And Matt Low, hold your ears. But Brits really are quite queer. Not only do they throw white boxes in the Tate Museum and call it art...

...but they're also celebrating 50 years of mansize strength. For all those manly noses out there.

And on our last night there, after scalping two tickets, we saw Ladytron.

Annnnd...that's hardly it. But that's it for this special, longer than normal edition of 'my week.' You can find many more pictures of several museums, sites, memorials, and fun (even a Randy sighting!) here. Barbara, Randy and I had an amazing time and are already thinking about where we want to go next. Next week, we'll return to our regularly scheduled 'my week.' Ciao!


raconteur on tour 

I won't be here, but no reason you should miss it. The Raconteurs are playing their first North American show at Irving on April 7th.

tickets? This Thursday at noon.

please sign this petition on abortion 

Its only getting worse. i know that its hard to think that one signature on a petition can make a difference, but something has to be done. i don't want to wake up in 8 months and find that my rights are taken away. please sign.

The abortion ban signed in South Dakota two weeks ago was only the beginning. A similar bill is in the Mississippi legislature right now, and the governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, recently said if the abortion ban reaches his desk, he will sign it.

Act now: http://go.care2.com/e/Jeo/jy/QCNv

Ten more states have proposed criminalizing abortion, as well. We need to stop the dominoes from falling. You recently signed our petition to your governor to protest abortion bans - can you help us stand up for the women of Mississippi today? Send a message to Gov. Barbour: Do not sign this dangerous abortion ban: http://go.care2.com/e/Jeo/jy/QCNv

Extremists are open about their strategy: they think the time has come for them to complete their attack on a woman's freedoms.

They want to interfere with a woman's relationship with her medical professional, and roll back our basic reproductive rights. The pro-choice movement has asked them to join us in preventing unintended pregnancies through education and better access to birth control. They've ignored us.

Add your voice to the outcry to protect the women of Mississippi from a dangerous ban. Tell Gov. Barbour that Americans do not support any bans on the right to choose!

And once you've taken action, please be sure to tell your friends about this dangerous new development. Tons of people who have never been involved are joining the fight now. A lot of us thought it couldn't happen, but it is happening. There is no room for complacency anymore.

Thank you for standing up for a woman's right to choose!


Freleng, Fleischer & Felix the Cat 

Sunday at 5 & 8 Anthology Film Archives will host Pioneers of Animation: Early Treasures from the Eastman House, introduced by Tom's friend, the Assistant Curator of Exhibitions, Jim Healy.

another el train excursion 

:: Brave Space

The next Brooklyn Designs show is being held May 12 -14. Nothing like handmade pieces just about the time you're questioning what you did all winter.

it's raining - what else you got to do? 

A disturbing video of Adam Ant channeling David Brent to Save the Gorilla (RIP Stand and Deliver).


Pretend you're Terry Gillam.


now through april, fools 

Film Society of Lincoln Center is sponsoring another New Films / New Directors series with MOMA.

if you're lost 

Tonight @ Galapagos.


sxsw 06 play by play | 1st quarter 

- - wednesday, march 15, the cloud room @ absolute debauchery


1st quarter started early this year. like i said, i had to get down to the convention center around 9:30am to try for a wristband... after which jacob and i grabbed some breakfast tacos and then headed over to emo's to rock out with the arm.

emo's is still one of the best venues in austin. every dollar of the door goes to the artists. they're always booking great acts, local and national. and it's one of the few all ages venues around. they have indoor and outdoor stages, including an outdoor patio for smoking drinkers and drinking smokers. and they've recently expanded into emo's jr. and now emo's IV around the corner. during sxsw they even set up an emo's annex across the road that's basically a white tent in a parking lot. i say if emo's wants to take over the world, or at least the corner of 6th and red river, that's a-ok with me.

anyway, back to the arm. who were on the cover of every little zine around town this month and were getting some major buzz and love... we met up with a bunch of people for their 12pm set at emo's - elisa, her sister ingrid (whose husband alex is the bassist for the arm), her adorable 4 year old nephew asher (who was there to watch his dad rock out with his flock? out), the wright brothers and their friend jesse vain (of missing bedazzled eagle jean jacket fame).

the arm was great, dancey, fun, rockin. jacob especially dug it. i feel like i need to see them again, perhaps after sundown. perhaps after a band-on-band brawl... unfortunately, we missed all their other shows. conflicts? margaritas? but i heard their showcase set at the ritz that night was explosive. and witnessed by all the right (rolling stone mag/record label) people.

so then jacob and i split over to red eyed fly to take advantage of the free bloody marys and watch san diego's castanets. it was a stripped down performance, most of the band wasn't there, but it was just dry and darkly funny enough to complement our free, spicy bloodies. another band i'd like to check out again.

we popped back into emo's for a quick minute of gil mantera's party dream performing a fleetwood mac cover, then headed over to emo's annex across the street to watch phosphorescent. they sounded great. sort of the vocals of clem snide over the big horns of calexico. jacob and i debated for a few minutes about whether the singer was just wearing gigantic rhinestones on his shirt that kept catching the sunlight or if they were in fact blinking electrical lights. then we saw the giant cord hanging out the back. i totally want one, preferably cordless.

after that we tried to catch single frame who were playing at jackalope but we got there during the very last song. good thing there was plenty of free lone star to ease our dismay. word must've circled fast, because minutes later josh, matt, jesse, rebecca and her friend christie, a few of jacob's friends, and NICK! all showed up to partake.

nick slammed a few to catch up, and then he and i headed over to the convention center to meet his brothers' friends who were hooking us up with a wristband. whew. after that it was back to emo's outside to see i love you but i've chosen darkness where we found crackers nghia (already feeling the sparksburn), paul and justin. and ran into lio (aka DJ oil from crashin' in and kanine records). meanwhile josh and elisa and those guys were over at red eyed fly watching calla for the... 83rd? time. just a guess... ha. heard it was great though.

at that point we'd been out drinking for over 6 hours already, and the nighttime showcases hadn't even begun. let alone the afterparties. and the hotel lobbies. so we knew we had pretty much no other choice but to put on our DRINK STRONG bracelets and rally. we headed over to jacob's place on the easside, holla. dropped off our stuff, picked up a 6 pack, then hit (now) infamous sam's BBQ for some handy grub. more on that later.

first up jose gonzalez at eternal. the venue kind of sucked for that kind of performance. but he sounded unbelievable. just jose and his guitar. i think when he made the album they must've just put him in the sound booth, hooked up a few mics and said go. the songs sound perfect live. untouched. he played a surprisingly short set that included the lovely "crosses," "heartbeats," and "remain," and ended with a cover of joy division's "love will tear us apart."

after that we booked it over to brand new beauty bar to meet up with JAC!, todd, and dawn for our favorite austin treat - ghostland observatory! talk about a total 180 after jose. aaron bumped and grinded his way through a lot of their new songs, and a few of our old faves. and even added a little pole dancing into his repertoire. always good times.

we walked over to stubb's to pick up the last wristband we needed and decided to stay for a bit of belle & sebastian. jac, todd and dawn skipped out and headed over to the afterparty - austininst/gothamist's absolute debauchery - to see the cloud room, the grand national, and ¡forward russia!. jac said the cloud room were fun as always, but ¡forward russia! were by far their favorite. big burst of energy. i'm bummed i missed them.

meanwhile, back at the stubb's... jacob and i decided to head east and try our luck at the blender/VH1 party so we left nick there for a few hours to watch the end of belle & sebastian and mogwai who he said totally blew him away. and his ears. and everyone's ears within a 2 mile radius.

when we got to the party at the guerrero produce warehouse, security was intense. as was a trend with a lot of the parties this year, we'd gotten an email confirmation but our names still weren't "on the list." bitches. so i did a little pouting and a lot of bullshiting and eventually they let us in the door. i heard a lot of the same from everyone we ran into inside - elisa's brother in law alex had just walked up to the front of the line and said "excuse me, i'm in there" until he was mistaken for a member of spoon and about 5 of them walked right in. sure, it's all a little silly, but the space was amazing. the tequila was free and freeflowing. and the bands playing were tapes 'n tapes, spoon and echo & the bunnymen. so hi, we'll suck it up.

we drank us some delicious margaritas, enjoyed the music and hung out with justin, paul, elisa, ingrid, alex and friends... and goddamn if jacob doesn't know people everywhere we go. i lost him like 4 times. we also ran into sarah and her friend josh and that's where i first met andrew's awesome SF crew, rowdy robbie & piper. ha.

we left right before echo & the bunnymen came on (i know!)... swung by to pick up nick at stubb's then headed over to meet up with jac and them at the absolute debauchery party. at the last minute they had moved the party to the austin design center, which was a cool space. jac and her bro were having so much photo fun with the light fixtures (and free tito's vodka) that at one point they got told "no more touching."

rumor had it, actually more than just a rumor had it, that the flaming lips would be doing a secret perforformance there. but alas, no luck. we even stuck it out through the DJ's entire motown collection in hopes... but eventually even the DRINK STRONG gave up.

after a quick champisky stop at jacob's. we finally checked into our hotel, er motel 6, for the first time at around 4:30am. and... that's first quarter folks. i think we're up by a few vodka red bulls.

(for another perspective on day 1, and some great pictures from the blender/VH1 party check out justin's recap)

- -

sxsw 06 | the pre-game



Calling all yall Drunkards!!! 

this is just too funny. anyone know anyone in dallas?

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Reuters) - Texas has begun sending undercover agents into bars to arrest drinkers for being drunk, a spokeswoman for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission said on Wednesday.

The first sting operation was conducted recently in a Dallas suburb where agents infiltrated 36 bars and arrested 30 people for public intoxication, said the commission's Carolyn Beck.

Being in a bar does not exempt one from the state laws against public drunkeness, Beck said.

to keep reading this ...whatever you call this... go to Reuter's Odd.

sxsw 06 play by play | pregame 

ow owwww! so THE 2nd ANNUAL HERKIE AWARDS (with photos) are still in progress... but in the meantime, i'm gonna start off with a little quarter by quarter recap of our sxsw adventures.

first, a little inside-joke background. nick coined the term "champisky" at about 3:30 am wednesday night when we were standing in jacob's living room debating about whether we should raid his supply of whisky and champagne (and grandma's homemade tortillas). nick (who must have been body snatched that night) advised that maybe we should save it for tomorrow and call an end to the night - reminding us that we were "only in the first quarter of the game." thus launching a million football (and champisky) references for the rest of the weekend.


i'll spare you all the details but wristbands were a total bitch to get your hands on this year. especially because nick and i were sans car until wednesday afternoon. jacob had gotten one through a friend who works at the convention center. nick got one tuesday night after being alerted by an official sxsw text message about them releasing more. i went down to the convention center at 9:30 am wednesday morning to try my luck, but wound up having to beg badge holders in line to punch me one (yes it was as humiliating as it sounds.) i eventually found one on craiglist - thanks to jacob - which went to andrew. we got another wednesday afternoon through these awesome A&R friends of nick's brother. thank you thank you. and the last one though another text message alert wednesday night that there were 100 more on sale at venues stubb's and la zona rosa. whew.

as i'm sure you've heard everywhere, this was the most chaotic and hyped up sxsw yet. when jac and i first started going 4 years ago, the wristbands didn't sell out at all, and there were only a modest number of day parties, no invites necessary. this year just the DAY party list alone printed out at 30 pages, 10pt type, single spaced. and we had an entire email thread going with the crackers about all the rsvp/invite only parties around town that topped out around 70 emails.

but for the record, i have to say that unlike some other people's experiences we ran into down there, i really don't feel like we missed anything. i mean, of course we did. we missed ridiculous amounts of stuff. but we knew before we went that it was going to be impossible to do everything - to go to even a third of the parties we had rsvp-ed for, or get in to every showcase we wanted to see. and so we went in with that attitude. and we got into pretty much everything we wanted to - including sneaking into a badge only beastie boys show through the bathroom door and me bullshitting my way into the blender/VH1 party. and in the end, i can't think of a thing i would've done differently. even taking that cab to trudy's. ha. too bad nick.

this year's all-star players of SXSW 06 include:
me, jac, nick, andrew, jacob, elisa (and sis ingrid and crew), the killing fields (aka josh, matt and jeff), nghia, justin, theo, paul, christian, rebecca, robbie & piper (and crew), jac's brother todd and his wife dawn... who am i forgetting? and lots of cameos by other new york folk you know from around town.



you down with prince? 

hot chip are. we are. you should be.

my feet are sore but




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amusement parks on fire love jet blue too - 

they were on my flight back from austin last night.

i don't know what you cracker faces were thinking planning something so close on the heels of SXSW. but since nghia's either still too hungover to post this, or else still in line for the bathroom at the factory people party. i thought i'd do the honors.

FRICTION @ rothko, $8

UPDATE from wayward nghia:
"I just got back from Texas and boy does this NYC weather suck. The only cure for this indie holiday hangover is tonite's hot FRICTION with Nottingham, England’s Amusement Parks on Fire, local heroes, The Diggs and The Secret Life of Sofia."
more info here.

like pb&j 

Wayne (of The Flaming Lips) should always be rolling down 6th Street in a giant bubble.

This is why you should always attend sxsw, kids.



more fun with kats 

any video that has a cat, online dating and bronson pinchot gets an A+.


perfect pussy 

now that i have your attention, if you are allergic to kitties and like the way our sci-fi world is headed than this cats for you. this isn't exactly new news but what can i say? i'm behind the times. its hip to be square. i wasn't on the blog a year ago.


A Good Idea Stolen - Found in Mountains 

It was a heckuva' of a party / benefit for KDNK Public Radio.
Here are the pics.


The Results Are IN! 





Her skulls was 25cm in circumfrence and
she weighs about 1.1 lbs right now.

Her due date is July 10, so she'll probably be a Cancer.

And her name is:




Helena is pronounced (Huh-lay-nuh) and
Sol is like cerveza sol, but that's NOT what she's named after.


An Oldie but a Goodie 

Jacs, this one's for you! Does Anyone Have a Tissue?

SXSW For You ipod 

Download this software to your ipod for listings by venue, band and days. Only a few more days kids!
SXSW ipod


Got AYDs? 

Check out this commerical from 1982:



swsw (this might be the longest post ever) 

i'll be much further west (oregon to be exact) while all you kids are deep in heart of TX rocking out but i'll be thinking about you. i'm sure your schedule is PACKED OUT but here are a few suggestions. i'm not including all of my selects (that would take forever) just some of my favorites that you might have overlooked. my top pics are alaska!, goldenboy and hockey night. sure there are about 500 other amazing venues happening but still...

wed. 3/15 @ the velvet spade patio
goldenboy (not to be confused w/ the golden boys) is an incredible band. shon sullivan the lead singer was given the name "goldenboy" when he toured w/ elliott smith back in the day. elliott did backup for the song "summertime" which you can listen to on their myspace page. another song "for the winter long" is also pretty kick ass. to say shon, the lead singer, is gifted would be an understatement. matt sharp (formerly of weezer) joined the band for a while but not sure if he is still w/ them. shon and byran (yeah, thats really how they spell their names) are also the kids from moonwash.

and how convenient that they are playing w/ NY's very own hockey night!! three cheers for HN. i'm friends w/ paul the singer so if you go give him a big bear hug for me. check out what spin.com had to say about them.

thursday 3/16 @ Buffalo Billiards (201 E 6th St)
we all heart earlimart and how lovely that they are playng with the cloud room.

kevin devine (shaolin represent) is also playing on thursday. i would be surprised if he's on your list of shows to hit up but a girls gotta back her people up. he gets a hug too.

friday, 3/19 at 9:00 p.m.at austin music hall (208 Nueces St)
Alaska! is another wonderful LA band (part of the earlimart, goldspot, goldenboy music scene). these are only samples not whole songs of Alaska! the quality is poor but this band is def. creating interesting, new sounds. imaad wasif and russell pollard (formerly of sebadoh) also play in lou barlow's folk implosion.

i left off like 5 million other bands and now i need a nap...



the say hi to your mom show was rather splendid. they could have done w/ some level tinkering but all in all a good show.
here was one of jax favorite songs of the evening.
if anyone is interested they will be at sxsw and even though i won't be attending i'm still gonna show some love and make a few suggestions.


life imitates bart 


via: coolhunting




As some of you may know, my sister -- Erin Elizabeth Smith -- and her fiancee -- Sean Robert LaBounty -- are having a baby! And tomorrow afternoon, we discover if the little creature inside her has a penis or a vagina!!! Stay tuned to find out!!!

Congradulations, Erin and Sean! You're both in my thoughts. We're all bending our brainwaves for a happy, healthy baby!


Unless somebody wants to spring for the opening night gala.


Impeach Bush 

Read the Investigative Status Report of the House Judiciary committee Democratic staff, then go here to push John Conyers' HR 635.

There's also a call for an investigation into domestic wiretapping. On Byrd's site (ignore the bad graphics) you can sign a petition.

Just watched a Harper's panel on C-SPAN 2 and it got me all riled up. There is so much evidence to throw him out for High Crimes and Misdemeanors! The man has declared himself above the law and needs to be reminded otherwise. Now!

Then we can get back to the fun stuff.

FRICTION March 8th at Rothko 

Yee-haw!!! We got another FRICTION event for you this Wednesday. Say Hi To Your Mom + The Head Set + herMajesty + A Brief Smile plus Rachael of Underrated on the decks.

March 21st: Amusement Parks on Fire + the Diggs + The Secret Life of Sofia plus DJ set by The Gorgeous Undertow
April 6th: RAHIM (record release party) + Foreign Islands + Other Passengers + El Jezel

homage to andrew 

for your post i denied,
my intentions were not,
to make you feel bad,
or act like a snot.
my comment was rude,
your software was great,
accept my apologies,
or is it too late?
misconstrued was my message,
no harm did i intend,
your post was so perfect,
can we still be friends?
queen of the blog is still jacquie O,
again i'm so sorry, i just didn't know.

andrew, your 1st post was so lovely, i didn't mean to make it seem unworthy.


what happens when you throw a pot of boiling water into the air on a -40c day: 

probably the only upside to living in saskatchewan.

(via boingboing)

don't try this at home. it has to be below -20 or -30c for it to work.
here's why it does.



mp3some *bonus part 1* 

the i've downloaded way too much music recently edition.
these are some of my newer very favorites. for reals.
download (yousendit files) and enjoy:

tim fite :: a little bit
i've already told nick this song will be our sxsw anthem.

tim fite is a paradox tucked inside a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. things i know about him: all his samples come from records he found in the dollar bin. his bio claims he's one of the small number of babies born between 1975 and 1983 without any blood. his music sounds like the kind of magic you felt when you first heard beck.

tim fite's upcoming shows:
march 16 SXSW schubas day party @ yard dog gallery
march 17 SXSW showcase @ antone's

rahim :: 10,000 horses ::
aaaaand... now you love rahim too.

i have a few rahim tracks, but truth be told, i only needed to hear this one. i plan to see them play at sxsw. and to pick up their new album ideal lives at their april 6 record release party put on by our favorite cracker friends. in other accolades, they've been compared to fugazi and les savy fav live and oh my rockness big hearts them.

rahim's upcoming shows:
march 16 SXSW VICE day party @ victory grill
march 16 SXSW @ soho lounge
april 6 FRICTION @ rothko, along with foreign islands and the diggs (fucking awesome line-up nghia) buy advanced tickets

fiona apple :: tymps (the sick in the head song) ::
proving again, she never has to jump an octave or tug a heartstring to create a most moving, emotional song.

in spite of my normal "i hate girl singers" policy - i actually have a huge girl crush on fiona. i wore out my copy of tidal in college (uh, not quite in that porn sounding kind of way). since then, she's been doing some experimenting of her own - with lyrical structure, vocal rhythm and sound arrangement. and on new album extraordinary machine it all pays off in a beautiful carnival of sound. if you didn't already hear the free fiona fiasco - her record label had completely shelved the album (first recorded with producer jon brion) for two years, deeming it unmarketable... idiots.

(on a side note, that reminds me... anyone know what the fuck happened to paul thomas anderson? not a peep since punch drunk love...)

the liars :: the other side of mt. heart attack ::
clearly they've traded in the caffeinated post-punk of their first album for the other, more european, kind of "coffeeshop."

each liars album has been such a different experience. i loved their first oh-so-spazzy-and-clever one. i kinda dug the second witch-themed one, but didn't ever really get as into it. this one. i'm psyched. from the tracks i've heard so far this album is gonna bloom into something big... melodic yelps over sonic soundscapes. turns out moving to europe to get over karen o. must really agree with angus.

the raconteurs ::store bought bones ::
as brilliant and effortless as you would expect from the man in red (and white.)

the raconteurs is jack white's new band - with brendon benson, jack lawrence and patrick keeleryou. while there are still undercurrents of the blues-y stripes sound, "it's a whole new band - a dual attack with dual guitars, dual vocals, and dual songwriting." their debut album broken boy soldiers releases this may. only two tracks have leaked so far, this one and "steady as she goes." i can share or you can also hear both on the media section of their site. (either way you should definitely check out their DOS-esque website for a little journey back in computer time.) no word on a u.s. tour yet.

i haven't even made a dent.
more soon.


christopher walken for prez 

there is hope for the future of america! christopher walken for president.



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There's a new reality TV show/contest coming out called "Who Wants to be a Superhero?"

All you’ll need is an original idea for a Superhero, a killer costume, and some real Superhero mojo. The winner of this six-week competition will walk away with their Superhero immortalized in a new comic book created by Stan Lee himself. It gets better! The winning character will also appear in an original Sci Fi Channel movie!

Don't make me do this by myself. Who's in?

hi andrew! 

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jesus is so holywood 

jesus christ has been laying low for the past 1,974 years, but apparently with his film career on an upswing he's giving interviews.
cinemocracy caught up with the big man himself, poolside at the roosevelt hotel, to ask the resurgent messiah about his recent box office success. just in time for lent!

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