blue moon 



bush la tiene 

yet another B- list star studded fundraiser.

a night of music, comedy and politics to send dubya back to a land far, far away, somewhere over the rainbow and through a wrinkle in time.

yo la tengo. demetri martin (hi. i like you.)
and i guess some other funny people TBA.
thursday, august 12
@ spirit
(yip it's that cheesy sounding nightclub. but they're supposed to have a decent performance stage.)

$35 general admission.
or $100 for VIP/afterparty stuffs. which i might actually consider since it's actually a 100% campaign donation and i haven't made one yet.



a word on leakage. sometimes leakage is good. not like the kind that comes out of people's air conditioners and drips on you when you walk down the street. and not like the kind that sneaks up on you when you've been eating too much sugarfree chocolate or WOW doritos. but like the kind that means you get to hear the whole new interpol album months before it's released.

this is your curiosa edition, part I
and if you drag your happy ass on the ferry with me to randall's island this saturday, you might just get a lick of these delectable melancholi-pops live:

narc and evil
from interpol's upcoming album antics.

>pc people: right click and choose save target as
>mac people: control click and select download to disk

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cue funky guitar with extra wah-wah pedal effects 

i'm shopping for a camcorder to document my drunken escapades with my friends, and primarily for home-made pornos. anyone have any suggestions? where should i shop? which brands are good, which models should i avoid, and which models are easily cleaned and/or stain-resistant? oh, and i'd like it to cost less than a grand, so no DV3000 850 billion megapixel 900x optical gigazoom titanium george lucas signature series deluxe.




7:55 at union square. call if you wanna come.
this is my first time posting.
i need praise.

We have plenty to spare... 

i wish we could give all of new york's clouds to our neighbors. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/nm/20040726/lf_nm/weather_china_rain_dc



The relationship of Jake & Kirsten. I hope Atticus gets some therapy.

The guy that composed The Waltons theme song.

tinkle time 

Demetri Martin with special guests Flight of the Conchords
Friday July 30th
10pm (doors open at 9:30pm) @ Fez under Time

haha heehee hoho

bad case of the monthlies 

so that no one gives me dirty looks or indian-gives the invite to their next soiree, an update:

in the past 4 weeks my baby nephew was in the hospital due to an allergic reaction to fish sticks and milk; i got bronchitis; tom got lyme's disease, and my mom and i were riding the mta when it struck a tree and we had to go to the ER. needless to say we never made it to london and i've taken a liking to ativan.

whomever took out the voodoo doll on me can now place it back in the underwear drawer. i promise to be a nicer person and to vote.

at least i can take solace that britney is a new step-mom. oh the creature comforts of a real home.


Jacquie O: The Blogger Queen 

your highness, the people demand pictures. pretty please?


finally. finally. finally.


Size matters... 

If anyone hasn't seen Spider-Man 2 yet, it is being released this Friday in IMAX theaters.  If yer interested, let me know.  I've only seen it twice, and probably will only once more (don't quote me on that), and it'd be awesome to see it in IMAX.  Happy hour and super-sized superheroes anyone?


best spot ever 


skittles is so hot right now.


Siren Fest 

death cab, tv on the radio, blonde redhead, trail of dead, and more--all playing by the boardwalk today. now-ish, actually... i should probably not be holed up in my apartment, watching back to the future. but i am.
anyway, it's free, so take the F train 'til you can't take it no more, gimme a call, and we'll all get sunburned together.


Breathe a little easier. 

I just signed up for green electricity and it was such a pain in the ass that I realized that part of doing my bit was helping other people do it too. If you follow ConEd, it's complicated, but if you follow mattlow..badaboom, it's a piece of piss: bad, nasty, dirty, filthy, stinking energy into good, clean, renewable, healthy, green energy.

- It'll replace bad energy (oil, nuclear, coal) with good energy (wind, small hydro) on the grid.
- Each person who switches will save about 4,000lbs of carbon dioxide and 27lbs of sulfur dioxide a year being released into the atmosphere.
- Your service continues the same, it just means the grid will draw a little extra from good sources and a little less from bad.
- You still keep ConEd as your supplier, you still call them if you have a problem.
- It only takes 2 minutes to switch.
- It'll piss off Dick Cheney.

You don't actually get the green power delivered to your door (hence your service stays the same), you just replace the amount you use with green power coming into the grid. There are two options in New York.

OPTION 1. (you need your ConEd statement for this).
Sign up for ConEdSolutions, ConEd's green company.
You have to sign up for a year, and it's about 0.5c more per KWH (about $15 a month), though the rate I signed up for is lower than my usual rate, so go figure, it could save you money. Even though you personally won't have green energy oozing out of your sockets, for the amount of energy you use ConEd will draw the same amount from green sources.

OPTION 2. (the better option cos it's 100% wind generated).
Just buy units of wind power on your credit card from New Wind Energy.
You can buy as much as you want and it just replaces bad energy with good energy in the grid. If you bought what I used last month (300KWH) it'd cost $7.50 on top of your regular bill to buy the same units of wind power. I know it sounds weird, and it's kind of fucked up that it works this way in the first place, but it's not a donation, you're just paying for good energy to replace bad energy in the grid (it costs more to make good energy). There's no contract, you just buy when you want and what you want.

It won't cure cancer or end world hunger, but it'll make the world a little better.
You know it makes sense.

the blog is busted 


say it like you mean it 



Austin picture time! 

I bring back pictures , and you give me rain for a week?? That's hardly fair.

I had an immeasurable amount of fun. Went swimming almost every day, played softball, volleyball, and football, and did as much as I could outside. Except drinking at bars, which was mostly inside. My batteries are totally recharged, and I feel fantabulous.

More good news, I'm planning on quitting my lovely (is there a sarcasm button on the keyboard anywhere?) job on July 30th. No job lined up, but it's against the rules of life (chapter 8, paragraph 19)to be unhappy during your birthday month. And in this paragraph alone, there are two teaser trailers of upcoming events.



it all depends on the strength of your radio signal  

nader and dean debate tomorrow @ 2:00pm on WNYC-AM: 820.0


jobs at MTV 


MTV ON AIR DESIGN Listed: 07/01/04
1515 Broadway, 10th Floor New York, NY 10036
Contact: Veronica Balta
Company providing graphics & show packaging for MTV/MTV2/
MTVU programming/in-house graphic support to on-air promos
& print needs entry-level individuals to work alongside
senior designers/assist in design & animation of large-
scale & small-scale projects. Must have graphic design
skills/After Effects skills. Mail/email resume/cover letter
/samples to MTVDesignApplicants@hotmail.com.

MTV ON AIR DESIGN Listed: 07/01/04
1515 Broadway, 10th Floor New York, NY 10036
Contact: Veronica Balta
Company providing graphics & show packaging for MTV/MTV2/
MTVU needs senior-level person for design & animation for
show packaging/channel redesigns & rebranding for MTV, MTV2
& MTVU. Must have 2+ yrs. exp. in motion design /After
Effects skills. Mail/email resume/cover letter/samples to
MTVDesignApplicants@hotmail.com. Send email enquiry to
that address for full job description.


Be jealous 

because i have the best friends in the whole world. period. jacquie O, you are amazing. thank you so much for putting on that awesome party. thank all of you for coming out and making it the best 30th birthday a boy could have. i'm getting all weepy now. i'll see you all in two weeks. THANK YOU!


how the hell did we miss this one? 

Channel 101

i'm calling for a scooby-doobie-do brainstorming session. for reals, y'all.

(in case you didn't get the 3 invite emails, or the 7 reply-to-alls that followed) 

it's on my roof. weather permitting.
we've got the food.
just bring yo self, yo friends, and something to imbibe.


but did someone let the dogs out?

With great power comes great responsibility...and the best movie in modern history. 

That's right. Modern history. I saw Spider-Man 2 and it was frickin' amazing. But I'm a Spider-Man, comic book psycho, so don't take it from me. Take it from Rotten Tomatoes.

It has the current rating of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (Academy Award for Best Picture in 2003). I'll keep everyone posted, whether you like it or not, when it deservingly shatters all the box office records (except for that damn Titanic, which no one seems to be able to pass in overall gross).

But seriously...damn good movie. It has my highest recommendation. And to top it all off, you get to laugh....no, no, I'm sorry, you get to MAFFICK at the Catwoman trailer before hand.

Let me know what you think after you see it. No sugar coating. If you didn't like it, I want honest opinions from non-comic book fans. I won't hurt you. beyond repair.

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