photos, beer, girls. 

The legendary japanesse photographer YONE will be having his first solo NYC exhibition tomorrow at the reed space. RSVP required.


ho ho ho 

Good Karma

spider-man? i hardly know her, man. 



my week? czech. 

Barbara is really racking up those frequent flyer miles. Last week, she was my travel companion (along with Josh, and co-workers) to Prague, and this week, she's with Nick in Tex-Ass. Before Nick documents their adventures in the Lone Star State, allow me to share with you our journey to the only-recenly un-communist country, the Czech Republic.

On our first day there, we czeched (get used to it) into our hotel, czeched our jet lag at the door and jumped right into some sight-seeing. When a simple watch won't do, czech (it's starting to hurt, isn't it?) out the Astronomical Clock.

But hey now. We didn't fly and drive thousands of miles to see the sights. We came here to shoot our new spots. Time to get serious.

Guys, quit playing around. Shoot days are long, we're all tired and stressed, but we really need to buckle down and do our jobs.

Am I the only one who pays attention around here?

Oh well, I guess the client did tell us to take the piss out of it.

And that's a wrap. Time for more fun. Hey look, it's the Kafka Museum. And Nate and Josh. And Nate. And Josh. And Nate and Josh. And...

Overall, Prague was really great. Although the city was smaller than I thought it'd be...

...the architecture was mad twisted, yo.

On a final note, you know what they say in Slovakia...for a Happy Day, Czech out Prague.

Remaining pics here.


overheard on ichat 

nathanpm1981: brb. with wet clothes.

(some names have been changed to protect the innocent)


happy thanksgiving 

here's hoping your turkey didn't put up a fight.


art imitates life 

i spose there isn't really a need to go online and watch a sitcom about 20 something year old williamsburg hipsters when you either live amongst them or gassssp, might possible be one! but this online sitcom is worth a quick peep.
this episode is about myspace and the "cool ironic, funny because its not" idea. LTD should make a show, maybe after the prom...


miracle on 77th street 

for those who aren't getting out of dodge for turkey day come w/ me to watch the balloons get blown up wed. at 7PMish. food and drinks to follow.

77th Street and Central Park West


there's always room 4 J-E-L-L-O!!! 

I'm telling you about this early so you can clear your schedule waaay in advance. Sunday, December 10th atArlene's Grocery(95 Stanton Street)8pm show - 6:30pm "Wrestle Lesson"Admission - Free if you Wrestle $3 for girls who choose not to wrestle. $7 boys who come with girls.$15 for single guys (Get it? Bring a girl.)


my week *micah p. edition* 

cmj may have been over, but that didn't stop me from going to see music. on the last night of cmj, we went to see 'oh no! oh my!' at northsix. that's where micah p. cancelled the previous night.

wonder twin powers, ACTIVATE! form of....a wet wrist! the old lick-the-stamp trick didn't work, but nate still got in.

then the main event on friday night. micah p. hinson at the mercury. he's one of my current favorites. maybe because he's from texas, or maybe because he's just real good.

here he is performing 'beneath the rose'.

then monica and theo had a party on friday. did i say party? i meant parteeeeeeeee! it was T.E.B.W.A.V.M.G.K.N.O.I.X.L.L.L.U.Q.R.S.P.O.I.U.Y.M.X.N.V.A.!!

on saturday, jac'n matt'n i ventured across the hudson to maxwell's in hoboken. i'd cross two rivers to see micah play. that's how good he is. meanwhile, the search for pappy continues.



drawing with john 

Printed Matter presents the book launch of John Lurie's (Stranger than Paradise, Down by Law!) Learn to Draw.

Saturday, November 18
3:00 - 4:00 PM



November 16th
@ Plumm (246 W 14th St 7th/8th)
get in free 'til midnight with comp drinks from 10-11


god i love google 

in their own words,
one of the five new features just launched on gmail:

Embarassment-reducing new message notifications
Ever replied to a message only to find out that someone sent a better, smarter reply right before you? Now, if someone sends a reply while you're in the middle of reading a conversation (or replying to it), you'll get a notification that a new message has arrived. Click "update conversation" to see what you’ve missed.

i spy 

the new christmas window for louis vuitton.

created by danish/icelandic artist and lampmaster olafur eliasson - maybe best known for his weather project at the tate modern.

this holiday windows project entitled eye see you is totally his speed. of light. "Essentially, what I have created is a lamp shaped like the pupil of an eye looking out of the window, but which, at the same time, is a mirror. When you stand in front of the window, you see a reflection of yourself looking into this eye."

maybe not a sole reason to brave midtown again... but pretty fucking cool nonetheless. on view now, through the holidays.



234 N 7th is having a little shin dig this Friday night in honor of Spidey leaving us for Texas. Come one, come all. Bring cheer and beer. We're thinking around 10pm. See you there:)


my very educated mother just plop plop fizz fizz-ed 

i hate to totally cop boing boing when i'm already pulling the link from their site, but i just don't know how to say it any better than they did:
"This experiment alone was worth the entire cost of the space program"
(it's all great. but make sure you get to the last 45 seconds or so.)

and while i'm out pillaging...
also from the boingers:

the election quote of the day
"Karl Rove is not Aleister Crowley, Severus Snape, Darth Vader or Satan. You can kill him by ensuring your vote is counted and being vigilant at your polling station."

and palindrome pandemonium!
including instant manske classics like: "Dog sex at noon taxes God."



am i missing something? 

cansomeone help me understand what she's saying? and then tell me why.

my week. *c.m.j.v.i.p. edition* 

cmj was this week. and so was halloween. and boy are my livers tired. where were you when the rapture occured?

i was in the vip. (thanks for the vip, nat, and thanks for the pic, jac)

mattlow is green.

you don't need to see what's in my poland springs bottle.

on tuesday we went to annex. no ghosts allowed, and what better way to take out a drunk ghost...

hottttt chip. again, thanks to nat for the vip.


Erection Day. 

Tuesday, November 7th is Election Day (duh). And your friendly neighborhood Drrrty Election guide is here to help.

I live in New York. Democrats will win anyway. Why should I vote?
It's not just about voting for Hillary and Eliot. It's about voting for your local Representative. Find out who your Representative is, who they're running against, and what they want to do for you by entering your ZIP (needs all 9 digits; just look at some mail) at this nonpartisan voters guide site.

I can't find my cell phone, keys, or virginity. How am I supposed to find my polling station, where I vote?
Nice and easy.

You think we'll win?
Yup. My prediction (based on keeping up with the polls) is that we'll win 4 Senate seats and between 16-18 House seats. That prediction is in no way professional, statistical, or, based on my 2004 prediction, any reason to get excited.

But that polling site says the Dems will with more than your prediction.
Yeah, but you have to factor in Republican scandals.

You sound bitter.
I am. And that's even more reason to vote. The stronger a victory in New York, the stronger message we send to Washington. Let's do this.


Let's Brunch! 

sunday morning! you know, coffee, french toast, eggy-weggies, something fruity, something cheesy (::coughmanskescough::). anybody interested? jacsquared?

is the onion really done pulling our leg? 

or is this just another gag? apparently (claims adweek.blog) "in New York, one of their eight markets, the Onion will switch to a real-news format starting Nov. 9. The switch is “an experiment, which if successful will result in the gradual transition of all eight regional publications and the Web site to a real-news format.” The reason? Overwhelming competition in the fake news category. “Let’s face it, everybody in America who wants a laugh at the expense of the president or one of his cronies or at just about any cultural phenomenon of the moment turns to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show,” says editor in chief Scott Dikkers."


messiaen complex 

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